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Linux News for Jan 31, 2002

  • VNUnet.com: Sun Drags Heels on iPlanet Linux Deployment (2002-01-31 22:07:24)
    "To date, Sun has only offered selected elements, including Forte for Java integrated development environment (IDE) and iPlanet message queue and content generation."

  • Chicago Tribune: Use Linux to Build a Network (2002-01-31 21:30:32)
    The author covers some of the basics of getting a small network's clients talking to each other using Linux-based tools.

  • Xandros Launches Beta Program for Former Corel Linux: Xandros Desktop 1.0 (2002-01-31 21:03:31)
    "Xandros announced today the launch of its first Beta Program designed to finalize the stability and usability of Xandros Desktop 1.0... The full release of Xandros Desktop 1.0 is slated for May 2002."

  • SuSE Announces Enterprise Server 7 for eServer iSeries, pSeries (2002-01-31 21:00:02)
    The latest efforts of SuSE Linux and IBM have resulted in a new version of SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 7.

  • Computerworld: Ellison Says Oracle's 'Whole Business' to Run on Linux (2002-01-31 20:38:56)
    "Oracle Corp. is about to replace three Unix servers that run the bulk of its business applications with a cluster of Intel Corp. servers running Linux, Oracle Chairman and CEO Larry Ellison said yesterday."

  • Linux Gazette: Why I Wrote Install Kernel (ik) and How It Works (2002-01-31 20:30:41)
    "In December 2000, after four years of using Linux, compiling and installing kernels became a waste of my time. I chose to write my own kernel installation and setup script called Install Kernel, because no other scripts existed at the time, and I needed something that would install the Linux kernel and automatically setup my bootloader configuration file with no user intervention."

  • Linux Weekly News for January 31, 2002 (2002-01-31 20:00:22)
    This week: LWN.net becomes independent once again; Patch penguins; the Linux Standard Base is complete; and more.

  • Alan Cox: Linux 2.4.18pre7-ac2 (2002-01-31 19:35:52)
    "This is just a standing still release. Most of the work was actually done by Arjan van de Ven."

  • NewsForge: Some Good Reasons Not to Use Linux (2002-01-31 19:30:25)
    "Some people can use Linux, and some can't. No matter how many Linux zealots talk nasty about Windows or Mac users or say that Linux is wonderful, not everyone can do their work in Linux."

  • GNOME 2.0 Desktop Alpha 2: "Mr. Nilsson Sheds a Tear" (2002-01-31 19:17:02)
    The GNOME 2.0 Desktop Alpha 2 release, "Mr. Nilsson Sheds a Tear," has been released. Links and information within.

  • ZDNet: IBM: Linux Can Take on the World (2002-01-31 19:00:07)
    "IBM, having embraced Linux, now is on a mission to convince others that the operating system is worthy of real-world use."

  • New Scientist: The Great Giveaway (2002-01-31 18:30:16)
    From Linux vending machines to Open Source soft drinks: OpenCola, the first Open Source consumer product, has been out for quite some time now. In an effort to explain the philosophy of Open Source, the New Scientist has opted to show by example with a copylefted article on OpenCola.

  • FOSDEM.org: GNUStep with Adam Fedor and AES with Vincent Rijmen (2002-01-31 18:01:42)
    FOSDEM has released two new brief interviews with GNUStep Project Leader Adam Fedor and Advanced Encryption Standard Co-Creator Vincent Rijmen

  • LinuxGames.com: Loki's Details on Closing Down (2002-01-31 17:15:01)
    At 12 noon PST today, Loki Software's online storefront will close its doors. Read more about the details of the end in this report posted at LinuxGames.com.

  • Eclipse.org Project Pushes C/C++ Development on Linux (2002-01-31 17:00:29)
    "...Eclipse.org on Tuesday shipped what it believes is the first beta of a fully operational C/C++ Integrated Development Environment (IDE) on Linux workstations."

  • LinuxHardware.org: Pogo Linux Altura Review (2002-01-31 16:30:38)
    "Are you looking to buy a shiny new Linux workstation but would really prefer to get some support along with it? As weird as it may sound, not everyone likes to go through the "hassle" of building their own system. This is where a company like Pogo Linux comes in."

  • Kernel Cousin Wine #114 by Brian Vincent (2002-01-31 16:00:57)
    Wine is a free implementation of Windows on Unix.

  • LinuxOrbit: Galeon: Speeding up Mozilla and More for GNOME Users (2002-01-31 15:27:23)
    "Recently, while upgrading several packages via Red Carpet under Ximain GNOME, I installed the latest version of the Galeon web browser (1.0.2). As a steadfast Mozilla user, I thought I'd give Galeon a test drive. I was quite surprised and pleased with the results."

  • ZDNet: 2002 Goal for GNU/Linux Version of .Net (2002-01-31 15:00:36)
    "A year after Australia's one-man army started pounding out code for GNU/Linux's version of .Net, he's looking to double the quarter of a million lines of code already written before done, and hopes to do so in six months if he can convince some new 'code demons' to sign up to the cause."

  • InternetNews.com: LWE: E*TRADE Goes Linux with IBM (2002-01-31 14:30:47)
    "E*TRADE Group Inc made a splash at LinuxWorld Conference and Expo Wednesday as it revealed that it will migrate its entire customer-facing financial services platform to an open Linux environment..."

  • ZDNet: HP to Support Mandrake Linux on Desktops (2002-01-31 14:00:02)
    "The HP deal aims to address some of the problems that have prevented desktop users from adopting Linux, such as the lack of technical support."

  • LinuxPlanet: Linux World Expo Turns Businesslike (2002-01-31 13:39:20)
    Dennis Powell braves the new and somewhat subdued Linux World Expo and sends in this report from the convention floor. Has big business taken over the Linux community? Or is the community changing to meet the needs of its long sought-after success?

  • LinuxPR: Caldera Volution Manager 1.1 Begins Shipping in February (2002-01-31 08:00:51)
    New version extends secure, Web-based management to OpenServer, Open UNIX, and latest major Linux distributions with greater management, monitoring, and updating capabilities

  • Sony Announces Linux for PlayStation 2 (2002-01-31 06:16:12)
    Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. announced today that it is set to release "Linux (for PlayStation 2)" Release 1.0, targeted toward the Linux development community in North America. The release has been available in Japan since this past Fall.

  • Debian Weekly News - January 30th, 2002 (2002-01-31 04:03:31)
    This week: Outdated Netscape packages, a package tracking system, and the debate on the Desktop Entry Standard versus the Debian Menu System.

  • Linux-2.5.3 Released (2002-01-31 00:15:41)
    Changelog and links within.