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Linux News for Feb 01, 2002

  • LinuxPlanet: The StartX Files: Between the Sheets with Quattro Pro (2002-02-01 22:15:06)
    "Xandros, accrording to its Web site, is planning on releasing the first version of their Linux distribution sometime in the first quarter of this year. The beta program for Xandros Desktop 1.0 for just launched earlier this week, in fact. But something is conspicously absent from the terms of the sale: Corel, it seems, has kept the licenses and the code for the WordPerfect Office for Linux suite to itself..."

  • Survey Provides New Insights Into 'Hacker' Culture (2002-02-01 21:30:53)
    The Boston Consulting Group has released their findings of a survey that tries to dissect the mind of the average Open Source community member. Full press release within.

  • Lobbying for GNU/Linux in the German Bundestag (2002-02-01 20:45:35)
    Citizens of Germany have their own battle with Microsoft and their government to wage. Specifically, German Free Software Users are urging their fellow citizens to lobby the German Parliament to adopt Linux as the official government software. Their position statement and petition may hod interest for citizens of all nations.

  • ELJonline: Using GTK+/X as an Embedded GUI (2002-02-01 20:00:03)
    X Windows and GTK+ are not the bloated monsters you think they are. Chuck Groom explains how you can modify GTK+/X to build your device's GUI. Create graphics for devices that span widgets, space-saving text fields, and more by customizing the freely available GTK+ toolkit.

  • NewsForge: Geodesic Pitches Diagnostic Tool for Linux Software; Try the Demo, Not the Download (2002-02-01 19:15:39)
    "The Mozilla project -- long derided by critics as buggy, bloated and behind schedule -- might be an easy target for the debugging demo, but [Michael] Spertus, CTO of Geodesic insists that the ongoing demo is a way for Geodesic to give back to the Open Source community as it releases its Great Circle tool for Linux."

  • The Register: US mulls Linux for World's Biggest Computer (2002-02-01 18:30:24)
    "A bid is being prepared to provide the computing power behind the US government sponsored Project Purple, which will pool a vast server farm to the three leading US research labs, which is scheduled to come on stream by the end of 2004."

  • LinuxGames.com: A Loki Timeline (2002-02-01 17:45:34)
    Matt Matthews, with the help of the LG staff and some ex-employees of Loki, has put together a Loki timeline. The timeline is an attempt to document every major event in Loki's past, starting with the announcement of SDL and the Launch of the Loki Website through yesterday, when Loki officially ceased operations.

  • Evolution 1.0.2 Released (2002-02-01 16:57:29)
    Changelog, links within.

  • GARNOME Preview 1 "Grym Liten Hattgubbe" Released (2002-02-01 16:15:15)
    A new distibution of GNOME, based on the upcoming GNOME 2.0, has been released. Information and links within.

  • LinuxDevices.com: What's Up with Agenda and the VR3 Linux PDA? (2002-02-01 15:30:45)
    "The Agenda developer community is said to be continuing its work on current projects, but some developers have now switched to other projects such as the Sharp Zaurus."

  • Wired News: Breakthrough for Penguin-Heads (2002-02-01 15:15:09)
    "'The Rosetta Stone of Linux has been forged," said Free Standards Group Executive Director Scott McNeil. "With written guidelines, test suites and build environments, the LSB and Li18nux will give application developers the tools they need to easily reach users worldwide.'"

  • osOpinion.com: Linux and PS2 - A Marriage Made in Heaven (2002-02-01 14:45:26)
    "Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, Sony announced the availability of a Linux for PS2 option. For an additional $200, you get a 40 GB hard drive, a 100 Base-T Ethernet card, a computer monitor adapter and a keyboard and mouse. You also get the Linux operating system, compilers and programming tools..."

  • NewsForge: LWE Paris: Optimism About Linux Growth, But Office Suite Still Catching Up (2002-02-01 14:00:43)
    "Two years ago, Paris held its first Linux Expo and the hype then had Linux equaling or surpassing Windows on the desktop within five years. This year, the predictions have changed just a wee bit and few believe those predictions, but many say they see, at least in Europe, that Linux is gaining significant ground, especially in the business world."

  • Computerworld: LWE: CA Responding to Customer Calls for Linux IT Answers (2002-02-01 13:25:22)
    "As part of its Linux push, CA today unveiled 23 new software products that are ready for Linux, including 17 available today, for use by large businesses within their infrastructures. Among the products are network and systems management packages, storage management products, databases, portal software and security applications."