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Linux News for Mar 22, 2002

  • Trademark Trouble: Asterix versus MobiliX (2002-03-22 23:30:57)
    Tux, it seems, just can't get a break. Another round of legal blows has been traded in the German trademark infringment suit against one German open source company who's name is alledgedly too similar to that of a comic book character's.

  • ZDNet: Mandrake Linux Policy Angers Members (2002-03-22 21:05:24)
    "Days after MandrakeSoft launched a controversial "club" to boost its bottom line, the Linux distributor has angered many in its user community by changing the rules of the Mandrake Club program..."

  • Red Hat Security Advisory: PHP (2002-03-22 20:51:42)
    "Updated PHP packages are available to fix vulnerabilities in the functions that parse multipart MIME data, which are used when uploading files through forms."

  • LinuxLookup: RAV AntiVirus v8.5 for Linux Review (2002-03-22 20:30:40)
    "This review covers a basic introduction to RAV AntiVirus and may continue to update as our real-world testing continues. RAV AntiVirus v8.5 for Linux Mail Servers, Servers, and Workstations is flexible and scalable, allowing independent configuration of the scanning module, fully independent from the Mail Server."

  • Linux Journal: Seal It or Hack It? (2002-03-22 19:00:24)
    "Should embedded Linux devices be 'sealed' or 'hackable'? One reader says the developer or manufacturer 'needs to be able to control products. The following is a response by Sean Lamont to Seth Schoen's letter suggesting that the customer should have control over embedded Linux devices..."

  • Wired.com: Anti-Copy Bill Hits D.C. (2002-03-22 17:30:51)
    Formerly known as the SSSCA, this new bill, if passed, will have strong implications on the environments that Linux works with, both in the computer and embedded device arenas.

  • Mandrake Linux Community Newsletter -- Issue #35 (2002-03-22 16:00:17)
    This Week's Summary: Mandrake Linux 8.2 Available; A Note from the Developers; 8.2 PPC Status Report; Latest MandrakeClub Activities; Mandrake in the News; Business Case of the Week; Security-related Software Updates; "First Look" at Mandrake Linux 8.2; Headlines from MandrakeForum.

  • Open for Business: Getting Started with GNU Privacy Guard (2002-03-22 14:30:27)
    "This how-to hopes to remove some of these barriers for those interested in using the open source Gnu Privacy Guard tool ("GPG" or "GnuPG" for short), which is a popular PGP-compatible encryption software package..."

  • Linux and Main: Ximian GNOME on a Low-Resources Machine (2002-03-22 13:02:29)
    "It's true that we have all kinds of nifty desktops and applications. This is great. It is also, sadly, true that as the capacity of hardware has increased -- bigger drives, more memory, faster processors, an actual reduction in price -- coding has fallen slack..."

  • IT-Director: Linux Gets Even More Friendly (2002-03-22 10:54:40)
    "The one area of news that, to a degree at least, derives from a subtly different background is to be found in developments arising from the open source community. Latest to make the news are new releases of the well-known SuSE and MandrakeSoft Linux distributions..."

  • Financial Times: Free Programs with Strings Attached (2002-03-22 08:00:12)
    "Some software industry experts believe that by integrating open source software into their infrastructure, companies are wandering into a legal minefield..."

  • Programmazione: First Italian Open Interview: Andrea Arcangeli (2002-03-22 04:58:46)
    Programmazione.it, ZioBudda.net, and WiredUp, three main Italian on-line communities dedicated to Open-Source world, has announced an open interview with kernel developer Andrea Arcangeli.

  • NewsForge: Linux Certification Training for Everyone from Newbies to Nerds (2002-03-22 03:00:24)
    "Caldera's education wing launched OpenLearning this week. It's a new package of Linux curriculum based on the 2.4 kernel. It's customizable, you can take the courses online, and you don't have to be a geek to do well..."

  • LinuxDevices.com: Linux Scheduler Latency (2002-03-22 01:00:00)
    "In this whitepaper on Linux Scheduler Latency, Clark Williams of Red Hat Inc. compares the performance of two popular ways to improve kernel Linux preemption latency -- the preemption patch pioneered by MontaVista and the low-latency patch pioneered by Ingo Molnar -- and discovers that the best approach might be a combination of both."