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Linux News for Mar 25, 2002

  • Trolltech Unveils Qtopia (2002-03-25 23:30:18)
    "Trolltech... today unveiled Qtopia, a Linux -based application environment that brings the power of desktop computing to mobile embedded devices..."

  • UniNet: InfoSec--First Virtual Information Security Conference (2002-03-25 22:00:01)
    "The InfoSec conference gives security researchers, professionals, and hobbyists an opportunity to share information together in an informal, friendly atmosphere. (Consider it a good method of speaking to many people without leaving your chair.)"

  • Netscape: Netscape 6.2.2 Released (2002-03-25 21:37:13)
    Release notes excerpts within.

  • Vnunet: Open Source wins Java Rights (2002-03-25 21:15:42)
    "The open source community won the rights to free implementation of the Java platform last week, weakening Sun Microsystem's iron grip on the development platform..."

  • ComputerWorld: Red Hat Exec Back on Stand at Microsoft Remedy Hearing (2002-03-25 20:31:38)
    "If Linux is a true threat to Microsoft's desktop Windows monopoly, then Red Hat Inc.'s chief technical officer, Michael Tiemann, is one of the nonsettling states' most important witnesses..."

  • MandrakeSoft Releases StarOffice 6.0 to Club Members, Responds to Recent ZDNet Article (2002-03-25 19:30:41)
    "The much anticipated StarOffice 6.0 for Linux is now available for download to Mandrake Linux Club Members. We are proud to announce that Club members will be among the first Linux users to have the privilege of using the newest version of this premiere Linux Office Suite. Since StarOffice 6.0 has a new licensing model (it is no longer free as were previous versions), MandrakeSoft is currently offering the download service to MandrakeClub 'Silver' members (and above)..." MandrakeSoft also has a response to the recent story regarding Mandrake Club pricing that appeared on ZDNet.

  • ZDNet: SuSE Infuses Blue Blood into Linux (2002-03-25 19:00:12)
    "Can I walk into a datacenter, find the mainframe's CD-ROM drive, and install Linux off my Red Hat CDs? Can I go to eBay, pick up a big honkin' S/390 for a few hundred bucks, load StarOffice, and have the fastest word processor in the world? Would that make me some sort of freak?"

  • LinuxPlanet: Case Study: Clusters and Image Processing, Part II (2002-03-25 17:30:55)
    ImageLinks, Inc. had identified a need to migrate their high-end image processing servers from SGI machines to Linux boxes. Having devised a plan for implementation, it was now time to actually put the plan to work. In Part II of this Case Study, Dee-Ann LeBlanc examines the real-world solutions used by the ImageLinks team in their quest for this goal.

  • Washington Post: Makers of PCs Fear Wrath Of Microsoft (2002-03-25 16:01:17)
    "Many computer makers are so fearful of possible retaliation from Microsoft Corp. that they have refused to even discuss configuring machines with a competing operating system known as Linux, according to testimony of an executive of Red Hat Inc., a Linux provider..."

  • Nautilus 1.1.11 Released (2002-03-25 14:30:22)
    "A new version of Nautilus, the Gnome file manager has been released. This version is targeted towards Gnome 2, as as such it is considered unstable."

  • Ximian Announces Availability of Ximian Connector for Microsoft Exchange 2000 (2002-03-25 13:15:23)
    Ximian is having a busy start of the week. A new version of Evolution as well as the gold release of Ximian Connector, a product that is tailor-made for integrating Linux into the corporate environment. See the press release within.

  • Ximian: Evolution 1.0.3 and Ximian Connector Released (2002-03-25 12:49:19)
    Over the weekend, Ximian announced the release of the newest version of their e-mail client Evolution. Release notes excerpts for Evolution 1.0.3 are within.

  • Kernel Cousin KDE #36 by Aaron J. Seigo and Timothy R. Butler (2002-03-25 11:00:40)
    KDE is a powerful Open Source graphical desktop environment for Unix workstations. It combines ease of use, contemporary functionality, and outstanding graphical design with the technological superiority of the Unix operating system.