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Linux News for May 16, 2002

  • Caldera Linux Advisory: OpenSSH (2002-06-28 14:17:49)
    "Several vulnerabilities have been reported in OpenSSH if the S/KEY or BSD Auth features have been enabled, or if PAMAuthenticationViaKbdInt has been enabled..."

  • LinuxPR: CodeWeavers Release CrossOver Plugin 1.1.1 (2002-05-16 23:30:39)
    CodeWeavers has released a new version of CrossOver Plugin, which adds Macromedia Flash 6 support and fixes a number of bugs.

  • Red Hat Linux Advisory: mpg321 (2002-05-16 23:22:09)
    "Updated mpg321 packages are available for Red Hat Linux 7.2, which fix a buffer overflow in the network streaming code as well as other bugs..."

  • Mandrake Linux Advisories: fileutils and tcpdump (2002-05-16 23:21:12)
    Two advisories from Mandrake Linux regarding fileutils and tcpdump.

  • SuSE Linux Advisory: shadow/pam-modules (2002-05-16 23:20:02)
    "The shadow package contains several useful programs to maintain the entries in the /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow files. The SuSE Security Team discovered a vulnerability that allows local attackers to destroy the contents of these files or to extend the group privileges of certain users..."

  • Internet Product Watch: Netscape 6.2.3 Released (2002-05-16 22:00:42)
    "Based on the open-source 'Gecko' browser engine, the browser boasts improved performance in a lighter (5.5mb - half the size of Navigator 4.8) download. Additionally, the browser also claims full standards compliance with multiple Internet protocols, including XML, HTML 4, CSS1, and W3C DOM Level 0 and 1..."

  • PR: Turbolinux Announces Release of New Linux Workstation Environment (2002-05-16 22:00:11)
    "Turbolinux Inc. today announced availability of Turbolinux (TL) 8 Workstation..." Press release within.

  • Help Net Security: Securing Linux (2002-05-16 20:30:52)
    "To keep it short and simple, here are some good pointers to enhancing your system's security. But remember, there's no absolute security, so keep your eyes open, subscribe yourself to good sec-related mailing lists, and keep your software up-to-date..."

  • BusinessWeek Online: Linux Goes Mainstream (2002-05-16 19:00:58)
    In a special report posted today by BusinessWeek Online, no less than five articles review and analyze the successes and challenges for Linux in the corporate arena and postulate what it will take for Linux to be a continued success. An excerpt from one of the articles, "Giant Steps for a Software Upstart," is within.

  • Three from ZDNet: "Replacing Microsoft Office" (2002-05-16 17:30:13)
    Three articles from ZDNet that make up the bulk of a new mini-series from that media outlet: "Replacing Microsoft Office." Two articles cover OpenOffice.org 1.0 and the third the upcoming StarOffice 6.0.

  • CNET News: Microsoft Casts .Net into Upcoming Office (2002-05-16 16:00:19)
    Mirroring yesterday's reports on the creation of a minimized .NET-based Web server to combat Linux, information is now being gathered that Microsoft will be implementing the same .NET technology into the next version of Office--in the hopes of pulling departing customers away from StarOffice.

  • SuSE Linux Advisory: lukemftp, nkitb, nkitserv (2002-05-16 15:58:41)
    "Lukemftp (ftp(1), /usr/bin/ftp, /usr/bin/pftp) is a comportable ftp client from NetBSD. A buffer overflow could be triggered by an malicious ftp server while the client parses the PASV ftp command. An attacker who control an ftp server to which a client using lukemftp is connected can gain remote access to the clients machine with the privileges of the user running lukeftp..."

  • Lindows.com: Judge Denies MS Reconsideration on Previous Lindows Injunction Ruling (2002-05-16 15:28:24)
    "In the latest ruling, the Court found that it 'did not err in either its legal or factual analysis when it denied Microsoft's motion for a preliminary injunction' against Lindows.com.." Press release within.

  • Mark Mitchell: GCC 3.1 Released (2002-05-16 14:30:00)
    "We have continued to improve the standards conformance in the C, C++ and Java compilers, added support for profile-directed optimizations, improved support for many chips used in embedded systems, added an Ada compiler, and added support for the x86-64 architecture..."

  • Caldera Linux Advisory: OpenSSH (2002-05-16 14:00:07)
    "A buffer overflow exists in OpenSSH if KerberosTgtPassing or AFSTokenPassing has been enabled in the sshd_config file. A malicious user, possibly remote, could use this vulnerability to gain privileged access to the system..."

  • ZDNet: Bugs Zapped from Linux Outlook Clone (2002-05-16 13:00:14)
    "The open-source Ximian project has released a new version of Evolution, the Microsoft Outlook clone for Linux, fixing a glitch that can crash the software. Evolution 1.0.5 also fixes a list of less serious bugs..."

  • VNUNet: Sustainable Computing Consortium Attacked (2002-05-16 11:00:46)
    "The aim of the [Sustainable Computing Consortium], backed by players such as Microsoft and Nasa, is to develop quality, dependable and secure software, but on a proprietary level. The move has immediately incensed the open source community..."

  • NewsForge: Is Geodesic's Free Gift Helping Mozilla Development? (2002-05-16 09:00:39)
    "Michael Spertus, of Geodesic Systems, has set up a free online demo version of his company's Great Circle software, a real-time error detection and code diagnosis tool, specifically for Mozilla developers. He says Mozilla leaders have been 'supportive,' but he has no way of knowing just how helpful Great Circle has been to the Mozilla development process..."

  • Debian Weekly News - May 15th, 2002 (2002-05-16 07:00:09)
    The weekly update from the Debian Project.

  • Release Digest: KDE, May 15, 2002 (2002-05-16 05:00:05)
    Today's KDE apps: Marble Madness 0.1.2, xpAnime Splash 1.1, Conectiva Crystal beta3, Asterix Splash 0.1, Opera 6.0, TreeLine 0.3.4, MAMECAT 0.44.b38, Gambas 0.24.

  • Release Digest: GNOME, May 15, 2002 (2002-05-16 05:00:00)
    Today's GNOME apps: gcompris 1.0.4, DiaCanvas2 0.6.0, GTablature 0.3, Gnome Pilot Conduits 0.9, GNet 1.1.4.

  • LinuxPR: the Kompany Releases SQL Project 2.1.0 and Advanced SQL Editor 2.1.1 (2002-05-16 03:00:10)
    theKompany.com is pleased to announce the release of SQL Project version 2.1.0 and Advanced SQL Editor version 2.1.1.

  • VARBusiness: Why We Love Linux (2002-05-16 01:00:12)
    "Critics and Linux supporters alike formerly believed that most enterprise customers had already settled on their infrastructures and weren't willing to rip out and replace their Unix or Windows systems in favor of experimental, open-source software, especially in these uncertain times. They were mistaken..."