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Linux News for Aug 28, 2002

  • blender3d.com: Open Blender Project Outlined (2002-08-28 23:30:42)
    The Blender fundraising efforts have been very successful, and now the Open Blender project is outlining its future plans.

  • Raleigh News & Observer: Linux's Star is Rising (2002-08-28 22:00:52)
    "The operating system, once the province of hobbyists and geeks, is going mainstream. A case is building that open-source software, freely modifiable and subject to constant improvement by a global community of coders, can pay off in savings and efficiency..."

  • The Register: Internet Anonymity for Linux Newbies (2002-08-28 20:30:32)
    "One of the most attractive things about Linux is the number of installation options one is presented with and how tempting it is to customize. But for a newbie, in terms of Web security and PC hygiene, that's also the worst thing about it..."

  • Galeon: Plans Proceed on Galeon 2 (2002-08-28 19:00:08)
    "While all may seem quiet in galeon world, we are working hard on Galeon 2, a new major version based on Gnome 2..."

  • CRN: Dataquest: U.S. Server Shipments Rising, Linux Coming On Strong (2002-08-28 17:30:52)
    "Of those servers, the Linux-based market segment grew the fastest, Hewitt said. Total Linux-based IA-32 server revenue for the quarter was $220 million, up from $170 million in the same quarter of 2001..."

  • Debian GNU/Linux Advisory: python (2002-08-28 16:57:20)
    "Zack Weinberg discovered an insecure use of a temporary file in os._execvpe from os.py. It uses a predictable name which could lead execution of arbitrary code..."

  • Red Hat Linux Advisory: mailman (2002-08-28 16:55:04)
    "These updates close a cross-site scripting vulnerability present in mailman versions prior to version 2.0.12..."

  • The Dallas Morning News: Lagging Job Market Affects Linux Pros, Too (2002-08-28 16:00:13)
    "Linux is pushing into the corporate world as an inexpensive alternative to Microsoft's Windows operating system, but experts say the job market for Linux professionals, like the market for all tech workers, is lagging..."

  • LinuxDevices.com: Two Suggested Revisions of the GPL (2002-08-28 14:30:07)
    Two articles have been posted on LinuxDevices.com that focus on the GPL, where it stands now, and how it could be changed. Links to both PDF whitepapers within.

  • modemnet.net: Finally, Linux for the Desktop? (2002-08-28 13:00:09)
    "Lycoris Desktop/LX, formerly known as Redmond Linux, has seemingly done what all other Linux distributions have tried for years to accomplish. To create a reliable desktop operating system that is unbelievably easy to use and includes a wide array of software to accomplish any task you might have..."

  • Linux Journal: Installing Red Hat 7.3 on a Compaq Presario 711CL Laptop (2002-08-28 11:30:59)
    "The configuration I recently bought from Costco.com includes too many features to list here, but it has more than two times the power that my desktop system has and includes a FireWire port and an 8x DVD drive. The pre-installed version of Windows XP wasn't a big selling point for me, though; I wanted to use Linux on my new laptop..."

  • HindustanTimes.com: "Open Source" Solution to Expensive Software, Piracy (2002-08-28 10:00:21)
    "Soaring software prices, tightening anti-piracy laws and even the ethical edge it promises is pushing Indian campaigners of 'open source' software to lobby for its greater use..."

  • ZDNet: Sun Bets Its Future on Java (2002-08-28 08:30:49)
    "Sun's recent moves towards supporting Linux might feel like a warm embrace for the open source movement. But it has much more to do with supporting anything that will enhance the Java ecosystem..."

  • Debian Weekly News - August 27th, 2002 (2002-08-28 07:00:37)
    The latest news from the Debian project.

  • Release Digest: GNOME, August 27, 2002 (2002-08-28 05:00:00)
    Today's GNOME apps: Metacity-Setup 0.7, 0.7.1 and netspeed_applet 0.4.

  • Freezer-Burn: The Future of the Linux Desktop (2002-08-28 03:00:53)
    "But now I can't help but wonder about the future of Linux on the desktop with the emergence of another UNIX-based operating system that, to me, is the desktop that Linux should have been. It may well be this in the future, but that future is here now..."

  • Linux and Main: QliTech Announces Choice of Linux Preloads on Apple Machines (2002-08-28 01:00:56)
    "An Illinois company that has shipped Linux preloaded on PCs since 1998 now offers a choice of four Linux distributions on Apple machines, the company has announced..."

  • The Register: MS Plays Volume Licensing Upgrade Card Against Naked PCs (2002-08-28 00:00:40)
    "However, it appears that the people who thought they'd been buying two licences per machine are largely mistaken, and the ones who thought they'd been saving money have actually been stealing Microsoft's. Just you wait for the audit, all you dirty software pirates running the IT departments of major corporations..."