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Linux News for Aug 29, 2002

  • Red Hat Linux Advisory: ethereal (2004-03-31 15:53:47)
    "Updated Ethereal packages that fix various security vulnerabilities are now available..."

  • iTnews: Weatherman Likes Linux (2002-08-29 23:00:13)
    "The [Australia] Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) has joined the growing number of Federal Government departments to embrace Linux, moving its Web servers over to a Linux cluster and exploring a roll out of the open source OS to a portion of its 50 Unix servers.

  • SF Gate: Open-Source Government (2002-08-29 22:00:02)
    "One thing most technology experts can agree on is that California's state government has squandered billions on ill-conceived information-technology (IT) projects in recent years... California desperately needs a more workable IT plan."

  • Conectiva Linux Advisory: kde (2002-08-29 21:52:56)
    "This is a full update of the KDE desktop to the 3.0.3 version, the latest release by the project[1]. Besides containing several bugfixes and enhancements, this update also fixes two security vulnerabilities..."

  • Mandrake Linux Advisories: gaim, hylafax (2002-08-29 21:48:56)
    Two security advisories from MandrakeSoft.

  • Linux and Main: KDE and Red Hat--Growing Pains, or Something More? (2002-08-29 21:00:15)
    ""Disagreements between the developers of KDE and Red Hat are poised to burst into a full-grown feud following remarks made by Red Hat employees, changes made to KDE in the latest Red Hat beta, and what KDE developers see as the leading Linux distributor's general disrespect for the KDE development effort..."

  • Developer.com: How Open Source Has Been Good for Software Companies (2002-08-29 20:00:45)
    "However, I am glad to report that things are not as they seem. After working with many smaller software companies, I found that open source has actually been a boon for many of them as well as their bigger brethren..."

  • Red Hat Linux Advisory: ethereal (2002-08-29 19:29:05)
    "Several security issues have been found in the Ethereal packages distributed with Red Hat Linux 7.2 and 7.3..."

  • NewsForge: Thomson Multimedia says 'MP3 has never been free' (2002-08-29 19:00:41)
    Has there been a licensing change of MP3 by Thomson? According to this story, they say no...

  • LinuxPlanet: CrossOver Office: Cutting to the Quicken (2002-08-29 17:30:41)
    Codeweavers' CrossOver Office is a front-runner in a slew of WINE-based applications designed to get Microsoft Windows applications running on a Linux platform. Previous versions of this app were built to run MS Office, and now the company claims version 1.2.0 can run Intuit's Quicken. Brian Proffitt reviews CrossOver Office to find out if this is true and see what else CrossOver can run.

  • The Register: SCO and Co. Shore Up UnitedLinux (2002-08-29 16:00:03)
    "Efforts to shore up the UnitedLinux effort continued yesterday, with big names joining SCO Group Inc to preach against fragmentation of the open source operating system..."

  • Reuters: AOL to Launch Next Version of Netscape Browser (2002-08-29 14:30:40)
    Now it's official: "America Online, the Internet unit of media behemoth AOL Time Warner Inc. said it plans to launch its new Netscape Web browser on Thursday, marking its latest effort to challenge the dominance of Microsoft Explorer as the standard tool for surfing the Internet..."

  • Linux and Main: Thanks, Thomson Multimedia! (2002-08-29 13:00:28)
    "Thank you for the unbelievable amount of free publicity we have received in the wake of this announcement. If it weren't for the change in mp3 licensing, there's a very real chance that the continued adoption of our open standards may have slowed down..."

  • PCWorld: An Easy-to-Use Linux PC (2002-08-29 11:00:28)
    "Lindows.com comes up with a low-cost, Linux-based system that anyone can run immediately, but there are catches."

  • VectorLinux.org: New SOHO Edition (2002-08-29 08:00:15)
    "VectorLinux is proud to announce the release of the SOHO Edition of their Linux distribution." Announcement within.

  • Release Digest: General, August 28, 2002 (2002-08-29 05:00:00)
    Today's General apps: Open Kylix 3, Open Webmail 1.71, OpenController, eBdesk Corporate Portal for Linux, Privoxy 3.0.0, and Latexss.

  • Release Digest: GNOME, August 28, 2002 (2002-08-29 05:00:00)
    Today's GNOME apps: DiaSCE 1.1, gedit 2.0.4, Yelp 1.0.5, and gnome-games 2.0.4.

  • Bangkok Post: Control Your Own Computing Experience with Linux (2002-08-29 03:00:30)
    "The simple answer is that Linux lacks a central marketing organisation. And with several distributions available, the waters get very murky indeed. Despite this, Linux is gathering more adherants as they discover the power it gives users to control of their computing experience..."

  • DesktopLinux.com: Revenge of the UNIX Nerds: McBride Shoots, Will He Score? (2002-08-29 01:00:22)
    "It is the story of a company born deep within Novell, a giant which ignored first the rise of Windows, then the rise of Linux, while in its executive corridors and on the street, the voices calling for a revolution began in whispers, and ended in a riot of Linux distributions..."

  • Marcelo Tosatti: Linux 2.4.20-pre5 (2002-08-29 00:15:16)
    Incremental changelog, link within.