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Linux News for Sep 25, 2002

  • Christian Science Monitor: OneWorldTV Gives a New Meaning to Reality TV (2002-09-25 23:30:03)
    "Now, OneWorld International (a community of over 1,250 non-governmental organizations working for social justice) has brought the open source concept to the documentary form, and OneWorld TV may well bring a whole new definition to the term 'reality television...'"

  • LinuxDevices.com: uClinux: World's Most Popular Embedded Linux Distro? (2002-09-25 22:00:03)
    "Despite claims to the contrary, uClinux may well represent the world's first, most mature, and most commercially successful embedded Linux distribution..."

  • MandrakeSoft: Mandrake Linux 9.0 (Dolphin) Available (2002-09-25 20:45:49)
    "MandrakeSoft today announced the release of Mandrake Linux 9.0 (Dolphin)..." Press release within.

  • ITNews: NOIE to Host Linux Hoedown (2002-09-25 20:30:10)
    "Growing demand from government CIO's for critical Linux information has prompted Australia's peak IT advisory body to step in with plans to conduct a government sector Linux seminar by the end of the year..."

  • OSNews: A Look Into LindowsOS 2.0 (2002-09-25 19:00:08)
    "As details became available, the skepticism of the community grew and with the LindowsOS general release only months away, no one is quite sure what to make of Lindows.com and their product, LindowsOS..."

  • NewsForge: Less of RMS, More of Your Freedom: FSF's Digital Speech Project (2002-09-25 17:30:58)
    "Used to be that rounding up Free Software developers to complete a non-proprietary operating system was job one. Now other things are more urgent, like fighting digital rights management (or digital 'restrictions' management, as Richard M. Stallman puts it), and enforcing the GPL..."

  • Apache Releases Next Version of Apache 2.0 (2002-09-25 16:00:53)
    "This newest release is primarily a bug fix that includes updates to the experimental caching module, the removal of several memory leaks, and fixes for several segfaults, one of which could have been used as a denial-of-service against mod_dav."

  • Red Hat Linux Advisory: Zope (2002-09-25 15:59:33)
    "Zope is a python-based application server. A number of security hotfixes have been made available for Zope..."

  • CNET News: IBM Sells Linux to Retailers (2002-09-25 14:30:59)
    "IBM has made some progress in its effort to spread the Linux operating system far and wide, selling thousands of high-tech cash registers to two sizable customers..."

  • ZDNet UK: Start-up Banks on Hack-Proof Linux (2002-09-25 13:00:28)
    "Guardian Digital unveils a new operating system distribution that it says will stay beyond the reach of hackers. But Red Hat and other Linux giants are already racing into the same territory..."

  • Help Net Security: Interview with Marcel Gagné (2002-09-25 11:30:42)
    "I'm not a 'RTFM' guy. Forcing people to learn by intimidation is not my way. System administration is no more magic than anything else--I've always believed that people want to learn this stuff and that the person who has been put in charge of the system isn't stupid..."

  • Portazero.info: Linux Firewall on Out of Date Hardware: Kernel 2.2 or 2.4? (2002-09-25 10:00:24)
    "This week we are publishing [a] performance test, trying to understand what kernel is best suited for a Linux firewall based on an out of date PC..."

  • O'Reilly.net: Linux Laptop Sound Configuration (2002-09-25 08:30:33)
    "In other words, setting up sound on a Linux laptop can quickly become an unwanted exercise in patience and frustration..."

  • OWASP.org: A Guide to Building Secure Web Applications, Version 1.1 (2002-09-25 07:00:22)
    "While this document doesn't provide a silver bullet to cure all the ills, we hope it goes a long way in taking the first step towards helping people understand the inherent problems in web applications and build more secure web applications and Web Services in the future..."

  • SEUL.org: Linux in Education Report #79 (2002-09-25 05:30:23)
    The latest news from the SEUL/edu Project.

  • Debian Weekly News - September 24th, 2002 (2002-09-25 05:00:30)
    The latest news from the Debian Project.

  • GNOME Summary: September 15-21, 2002 (2002-09-25 05:00:00)
    The latest compilation of news from the GNOME Project.

  • Linuxguru.net: An Introduction to GNU Privacy Guard (2002-09-25 04:00:15)
    "An article targeting users new to GnuPG on GNU/Linux (and UNIX) systems, and how it can play an important role in their personal and business lives in inceasing the security and communication of digital medium. The article explains some of what GnuPG can do, the very basics in using it, and why it can be so important in becoming a valuable utility in anyone's toolbox, both personally and professionally..."

  • Linux and Main: Climbing the Family Tree: Linux Genealogy Applications (2002-09-25 02:30:28)
    "The Web is a tremendous source of information, and can prove highly satisfying to the armchair researcher-cum-detective. But as you gather information, what can you do with it...?"

  • The Times of India: A Linux Lining on Corporate Clouds (2002-09-25 01:00:56)
    "Linux seems to be the right choice not only communication gateway makers but also for Indian smaller companies developing services and application for offices..."