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Linux News for Sep 26, 2002

  • The Register: The Red Hat, IBM Pitch for Linux in the Enterprise (2002-09-26 23:30:10)
    "Red Hat has been involved with IBM for some considerable time, IBM has been talking the Linux talk for some considerable time, but it is the perception of The Register (which in its turn, has been hanging around IBM for a not inconsiderable time) that much smoke and little light has emanated from the Blue Behemoth..."

  • Economist.com: Linux Gets a Break (2002-09-26 22:00:58)
    "For the first time in years, Microsoft's unassailable lead in computer operating systems is being challenged by manufacturers offering Linux software. Even a puny challenge is better than none..."

  • The Guardian: Waking Up to Open Source (2002-09-26 20:30:02)
    "The LibDems stressed a strong commitment to open source politics in Brighton this week..."

  • NewsFactor: The State of Linux in 2002 (2002-09-26 17:30:54)
    "Tech giants are pouring money into Linux development because when users buy Linux, they also buy hardware, software and services that the companies can sell at a profit..."

  • Wired: Open-Source Tug of War Heats Up (2002-09-26 16:00:49)
    "Legislation advocating government use of open-source software is un-American, anticompetitive, bad for business, and hell on the economy and taxpayers, according to the Initiative for Software Choice..."

  • Vnunet: Revenue Considers Ditching Microsoft (2002-09-26 15:30:14)
    "The Inland Revenue is considering replacing its Microsoft PC software with an open source alternative..."

  • The Toronto Star: Corel Remake Still 'Early Stage' (2002-09-26 14:30:27)
    So whatever happened to... Corel Corporation? A look inside the Canadian software firm. [Link repaired.-ed.]

  • CNET News: Web Leak of Linux lets Hat Out of the Bag (2002-09-26 13:00:31)
    "Parts of the newest version of Red Hat's Linux software slipped onto the Internet Wednesday, nearly a week before the operating system's official release date, giving glimpses of a product with a new focus on mainstream computer users..." Also, a KDE developer resigns from Red Hat, dissatisfied with the way KDE has been developed for this new RH version.

  • Help Net Security: Advanced Linux Networking [Book Review] (2002-09-26 11:30:05)
    "You've read Marcel Gagne's excellent book Linux system administration--A User's Guide and even Multitool Linux--Practical Uses for Open Source Software and still feel a bit clueless?... If any of these answers are positive, well, I have good news for you. A new book is available, and if you read on, you'll find out more..."

  • ZDNet: Standards Chief Caught in Patent Storm (2002-09-26 10:00:10)
    An interview with Danny Weitzner of the W3C, which delves into patents and open source.

  • Linux Orbit: theKompany Releases Free (As in Beer) Ogg Ripper (2002-09-26 08:30:18)
    "theKompany released today a free (as in beer; no charge for the download) Ogg Vorbis format CD ripper. Binaries for several Linux and a few MS versions are available..."

  • ZDNet Australia: Open Source for Government: More than Just Free Beer (2002-09-26 07:00:54)
    "In response to a recent article questioning the motives of governments that use open source technology, Australian commentator Con Zymaris hits back at Andrew Parsons' anti-open source stance..."

  • Community Digest: September 25, 2002 (2002-09-26 05:00:30)
    Today's event announcement: Call For .Org Booth's at Think-Linux: The Solutions Show, October 30-31.

  • Release Digest: GNU, September 25, 2002 (2002-09-26 05:00:00)
    Today's GNU app: GnuPG 1.2.

  • Marcelo Tosatti: Linux 2.4.20-pre8 (2002-09-26 04:09:25)
    Incremental changelog, link within.

  • LinuxWorld: Balancing Your Books? GnuCash is the Answer (2002-09-26 03:00:33)
    "I've been remiss in not writing about GnuCash earlier. With all the wailing and gnashing of teeth I've done over the years about the lack of personal/small-business accounting software for Linux, there is no excuse for not having taken a good, long look at GnuCash before now..."

  • OpenP2P.com: Internet Radio the P2P Way (2002-09-26 01:00:02)
    "Two P2P clients, PeerCast and Streamer, are exactly that. Without the need to have your own dedicated server, these programs let you stream audio files to other users on a P2P network. Essentially, you can run your own Internet radio station whenever you start up your computer and get online..."