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Linux News for Oct 30, 2002

  • NewsForge: Richard Stallman Runs for GNOME Board Again (2002-10-30 23:30:25)
    "'I've been working for GNOME since years before there was a GNOME.' So says the father of Free Software. We already knew of his visionary qualities, but apparently GNOME was a twinkle in daddy's eye way back in 1983..."

  • Siliconvalley.internet.com: AMD Preps for Hammer, Opens Developer Center (2002-10-30 22:00:24)
    "AMD said the fact that it is making SuSE's x86-64 Linux distribution available now is no coincidence. The company said the beta release was expected to coincide with the first shipments of AMD Athlon processors based on Hammer technology..."

  • LinuxWorld.au: Westpac Tightlipped on Secret Penguin Business (2002-10-30 21:00:10)
    "Only a week after Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer hit Australian shores to appease twitchy customers, IBM has jetted in its chief Linux salesman John Vitkus in a concerted effort to open the hearts, minds and wallets of Australian banks and financial institutions to penguin-flavoured solutions..."

  • Siliconvalley.internet.com: Getting Linux Out of the Box (2002-10-30 20:00:18)
    "Transmeta and... MontaVista Software Tuesday struck a deal to develop Transmeta's family of Crusoe microprocessors for MontaVista Linux software with the intent of putting them into portable audio, multimedia and personal entertainment devices..."

  • Rebuttals to Oz "Open Source Legal Warning" (2002-10-30 19:00:00)
    Two rebuttals to the Australian IT article "Open Source Legal Warning" posted earlier on LT.

  • Debian GNU/Linux Advisory: krb4 (2002-10-30 18:33:18)
    "Tom Yu and Sam Hartman of MIT discovered another stack buffer overflow in the kadm_ser_wrap_in function in the Kerberos v4 administration server..."

  • Two on Red Hat, Dell Cybersecurity Conference (2002-10-30 16:00:26)
    PCWorld and GovExec.com have filed two stories on the events of yesterday's security conference in Washington DC. Excerpts, links within.

  • CNET News: Betting the Farm on Open Source? (2002-10-30 14:30:19)
    "If the parallels between RealNetworks and Netscape Communications were once suggestive, they became flagrant Tuesday as the struggling streaming-media company followed the defanged browser pioneer in releasing its source code to the world..."

  • ArabNews: Open Source Movement Getting Popular (2002-10-30 13:00:17)
    "At GITEX, Arab News met with Dr. Khaled A. Al-Ghoneim, chairman of the Saudi Computer Society's Board of Directors. Al-Ghoneim is an outspoken supporter of the open source movement. Here's what he had to say on a variety of topics relating to IT in the Kingdom..."

  • Australian IT: Open Source Legal Warning (2002-10-30 11:00:57)
    "Many developers and users of open source software were exposing themselves to legal threats and vulnerabilities yet to be tested under Australian law, an expert has warned..."

  • LinuxDevices: Wind River's Fiddler on the Advantages--And Disadvantages--of Linux (2002-10-30 09:00:40)
    "Wind River's chairman and cofounder Jerry Fiddler has written a whitepaper about the strengths and weaknesses of Linux relative to use in embedded systems and devices..."

  • OSNews: The Very Verbose Debian 3.0 Installation Walkthrough (2002-10-30 07:00:03)
    "Some people complain about the Debian installer not being easy, user friendly, graphical, and so on. This tutorial does not attempt to debate those views, but rather attempts to walk people new to Debian through the installation process; a hand-holding into the world of Debian if you will..."

  • Release Digest: KDE, October 29, 2002 (2002-10-30 05:00:59)
    Today's KDE apps: Gwenview 0.15.1, KFish 2.01, K ISDN Watch 01.00.05, K ADSL Watch 01.00.00, kHddLED Applet 1.0b, KmusicdB 0.9.2, KSendFax 3.0.1, Knob 0.4, kOctave3 0.6, and REBECKA 0.9.7.

  • Release Digest: GNU, October 29, 2002 (2002-10-30 05:00:30)
    Today's GNU app: GnuPG 1.2.1.

  • Release Digest: GNOME, October 29, 2002 (2002-10-30 05:00:00)
    Today's GNOME apps: Elysium User Interface Library 0.2.0 and GTK-Lsof 0.9.7.

  • The Register: Trustix Clinches China Secure Linux Deal (2002-10-30 03:00:32)
    "Trustix... has scored something of a coup with this deal with Langchau, which is the largest native server manufacturer in China with a 15% share of the market behind only US giants IBM Corp and Hewlett-Packard Co..."

  • ARNnet: Analysts Join Microsoft on Linux Cost Warning (2002-10-30 01:00:59)
    "But analyst organisation Meta Group has come to the defence of its commercial vendor sponsors, claiming that Linux may be 'free' but it certainly comes at a price..." Just in time, it seems, to squelch recent efforts by the Australian government to deploy Linux.