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Linux News for Nov 04, 2002

  • Linux and Main: The Linux Kernel as a Periodical Publication (2002-11-04 23:30:10)
    "In this post, Rob Landley responded to a suggestion that the kernel is like the Washington Monument, owned by the people, not by those who maintain it. It's more like a publication, and Linus more like an editor, he explains..."

  • The Guardian (UK): Knowledge is Power (2002-11-04 22:00:32)
    "When Sun Microsystems realised how much they were paying arch rivals Microsoft for software, they set about creating a free, downloadable office system. Ben Hammersley explains how they did it..."

  • CIN: IBM's Open Source Plan to "Eclipse" .Net (2002-11-04 21:00:18)
    "Eclipse--the open source architecture for software development launched by IBM earlier this year--is starting to gather momentum..."

  • Linux and Main: Eben Moglen on the Microsoft Decision and Its Ramifications (2002-11-04 20:00:02)
    "Friday's ruling in U.S. v. Microsoft is not good news for free software, according to Columbia Law School Profrssor Eben Moglen, general counsel to the Free Software Foundation. In an interview with Linux and Main, Moglen reacted to the ruling, pointed out how it can hurt free software--and that the FSF hopes to be able to do about it -- and even gave a glimpse into how its having cleared the decks for proprietary protocols and 'trusted computing' is likely to figure into the next major version of the General Public License..."

  • Sydney Morning Herald: Scratching an Itch: a KDE Developer Speaks (2002-11-04 19:00:25)
    "Sirtaj Singh Kang is one of the many developers. Taj, as he is better known, is one of two people who are nominated as official KDE spokespeople in Australia..."

  • Alan Cox: Linux 2.5.45-ac1 (2002-11-04 18:56:46)
    Changelog, link within.

  • Debian GNU/Linux Advisory: apache (2002-11-04 18:55:03)
    "According to David Wagner, iDEFENSE and the Apache HTTP Server Project, several remotely exploitable vulnerabilities have been found in the Apache package, a commonly used webserver..."

  • LinuxPlanet: Red Hat 8.0: Past the Hype and Under the Hood (2002-11-04 17:30:21)
    We've all read the reviews about how nifty/weird/wonderful/bad the new Red Hat desktop looks; we've all read about how well it installs. But what's the distribution really like? Carla Schroder has spent quite a bit of time actually using Red Hat 8, and files this report on how an everyday Linux user reacts to the latest Red Hat release.

  • CNET News: Is Microsoft Losing Ground to Linux? (2002-11-04 16:00:11)
    "Open-source software gave Microsoft a one-two punch this week, with the European Union and an African nonprofit educational organization showing preference for Linux systems..."

  • Three on Friday's Microsoft Ruling (2002-11-04 14:30:57)
    The Microsoft settlement ruling has certainly been plastered all over the media outlets, so doubtless you've read or heard all about it. But what does the ruling mean for Linux specifically? Three analysis/opinion articles on how the ruling is bad--and perhaps even good--for Linux are within.

  • Washington Post: Europe's Microsoft Alternative (2002-11-04 13:00:17)
    "Luis Millan Vazquez de Miguel, a college professor turned politician, is succeeding where multibillion-dollar, multinational corporations have failed. He is managing to unseat Microsoft Corp. as the dominant player in the software industry, at least in his little part of the world..."

  • developerWorks: Introduction to EVMS (2002-11-04 11:00:51)
    "In the multi-part 'Advanced filesystem implementor's guide', Daniel Robbins shows you how to use the latest filesystem technologies in Linux 2.4. Along the way, he shares valuable practical implementation advice, performance information, and important technical notes so that your new filesystem experience is as pleasant as possible. In this article, Daniel introduces the Enterprise Volume Management System (EVMS) for Linux. He explains what EVMS is, why it is so desperately needed, and why it will very likely transform the way storage is managed on Linux systems..."

  • LinuxSecurity.com: Remote Syslogging - A Primer (2002-11-04 09:00:40)
    "The syslog daemon is a very versatile tool that should never be overlooked under any circumstances. The facility itself provides a wealth of information regarding the local system that it monitors..."

  • Computerworld.NZ: BMC Looks at Easing Linux Migrations (2002-11-04 07:00:14)
    "BMC Software's Calvin Guidry expects to see Linux running mission-critical applications sooner rather than later..."

  • Release Digest: KDE, November 3, 2002 (2002-11-04 05:00:30)
    Today's KDE apps: Psi :: QSSL Plugin 1.0, Psi 0.8.7, KuickShow 0.8.4, Video4Linux Grab 0.2.1, KBiff 3.6.2, KickPIM 0.3.3, KMyFirewall 0.9.4, and KDown 0.2.0.

  • Release Digest: GNOME, November 3, 2002 (2002-11-04 05:00:00)
    This weekend's GNOME apps: gob2 2.0.3, Gnumeric 1.1.11, Genius 0.5.0, Gnome Media 2.2.1, gnome-vfs-2.1.3, intltool 0.23, orbitcpp, libzvtmm 2.0.0, GTK+-2.1.2, Pango-1.1.3, gjots 0.4, apotheke 0.2, gnome-applets 2.1.1, and gnome-vfs-extras 0.99.6.

  • Mandrake Linux Community Newsletter--Issue #66 (2002-11-04 03:00:47)
    Community Roundup: This Week's Summary: What's Cookin' at MandrakeSoft?; 9.0 Documentation Now Online; MandrakeClub Transgaming Discounts; Mandrake in the News; Spotlight on the OpenRouter Project; Website Watch; Mandrake Linux Users Survey; more.

  • Debian Weekly News - October 29th, 2002 (2002-11-04 01:00:06)
    Community Roundup: The latest news from the Debian Project.