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Linux News for Nov 23, 2002

  • The Financial Express: Close Encounter Of Bill & Dick (2002-11-23 08:30:20)
    "It was a unique circumstance which saw, for the first time, both Bill Gates and Richard Stallman in the same city at the same time in India..."

  • InternetWeek: Report Rekindles Open Source vs. Microsoft Security Debate (2002-11-23 07:00:46)
    "CERT believes Aberdeen drew too much from its numbers. The organization doesn't draw any conclusions from its advisories on the vulnerability of open-source software vs. Microsoft or any other seller of proprietary applications..."

  • tecChannel: Review: United Linux 1.0 (2002-11-23 05:30:20)
    "A couple of days before the offical launch of United Linux 1.0, SuSE provided us with a sample of SLES8 i368 RC5. These discs, according to the guys from Nuremberg, are identical with the SLES8 production version..."

  • PalmStation.com: Impressions of the Zaurus 5600 (2002-11-23 04:00:21)
    A brief review of the Zaurus 5600 handheld.

  • InfoWorld: The Disaster of Success (2002-11-23 02:30:40)
    "These companies are too busy milking profits from the old wired infrastructure to invalidate it through massive deployment of a wireless infrastructure. The net result is that these companies are reaping profits while the rest of the world passes them--and us, their customers--by..."

  • ZDNet UK: Public Get a Say on DMCA (2002-11-23 01:00:26)
    "The US Copyright Office is now accepting comments from the public about a section of the controversial copyright law..."