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Linux News for Nov 27, 2002

  • OSNews: The Top 5 Misconceptions About LindowsOS (2002-11-27 22:00:26)
    "A lot has been said about Lindows. We will talk about some of these issues here and debunk them..."

  • Japan Today: Microsoft to Promote Open-Source Software in Japan (2002-11-27 20:30:41)
    Microsoft is countering the Japanese government's new interest in open-source technology by pushing its Shared Source Initiative program. But will Tokyo settle for half measures?

  • Canopener.ca: Government of Canada Funds Open Source Business Opportunities Study (2002-11-27 19:00:43)
    A joint Industry Canada, Public Works and Government Services Canada, and Treasury Board Secretariat request for proposals has gone out for a study on Open Source Business Opportunities in Canada. Link to mailing-list announcement within.

  • CNET News: Microsoft Targets Defectors with Discounts (2002-11-27 17:30:47)
    "Microsoft said it plans to offer smaller companies a more lenient licensing plan intended to stem defections to Linux or other open-source software..."

  • NewsForge: MandrakeSoft CEO is Glad to Learn about Open Source (2002-11-27 16:00:35)
    "When asked why he thought MandrakeSoft picked him to be the new helmsman, Bancilhon does a verbal double-take. 'Why did they pick me? Well, because they needed a professional manager that had the experience of starting new companies in Europe and the US, and they needed somebody to take the company to the next stage of development...'"

  • Mozilla.org: Mozilla 1.2 Released (2002-11-27 14:30:36)
    Just in time for the US Thanksgiving holiday, Mozilla 1.2 has been announced. Links to Release Notes, Download Page within.

  • Linux and Main: First LUG in Burkina Faso (2002-11-27 13:00:51)
    "The reach of Linux grows more and more as time goes on. We receive word, now, of a new Linux user group in a country not normally associated with high-tech, at least in the minds of those who have never been there..."

  • LinuxMedNews: AMIA Announces Open Source 'Exploratory Initiative' (2002-11-27 11:00:04)
    LinuxMedNews has a short blurb on the American Medical Informatics Association's recent decision to explore "Open Source activities in the interests of health care system development..."

  • Codewalkers.com: Monty Widenius [Interview] (2002-11-27 09:00:05)
    "Yes, we have are very interested in a close collaboration with the PHP people. In fact, we already work closely with them to ensure that the MySQL interface that is included with the latest PHP versions are kept up to date..."

  • OSNews: Review of Xandros Desktop 1.0 (2002-11-27 07:00:35)
    "Linux users might be a little surprised that during boot up Xandros doesn't have kernel or init messages scrolling up the screen... It's just one of the touches designed to bring Linux a little closer to the Windows experience, kinda like the little flare music as the desktop opens and closes..."

  • Business 2.0: SimCode? (2002-11-27 05:30:23)
    "Open-source folks--and the rest of us--will learn a thing or two from massive multi-player games..."

  • Release Digest: GNOME, November 26, 2002 (2002-11-27 05:00:00)
    Today's GNOME apps: gnometab-0.7.1, meld-0.6.2, Gnome Clipboard Manager 2.0.2b

  • Release Digest: KDE, November 26, 2002 (2002-11-27 05:00:00)
    Today's KDE apps: Renamer 0.95, Kgpg :: Kicker Applet 0.1.2, Kgpg 0.9.3, Scribus 0.9.3, and KVocabulary 0.2.5.

  • LinuxLookup: Mandrake 9.0 Review (2002-11-27 03:00:44)
    "As I have been working with this release, I have had this reoccurring thought--'This looks like YALR (Yet Another Linux Release)'. There is little to distinguish this product from the other distributions that I've installed in the last three years..."

  • Update: Siliconvalley.internet.com: DVD De-scrambling Poster Avoids Liability in Calif. (2002-11-27 01:32:22)
    ""The California Supreme Court ruled this week that a Texas programmer accused of publishing DVD decryption software on the Internet would not be forced to stand trial in California..." [Original story link has timed out; a new link to the story from an alternate media source has been established. -ed.]

  • Update: Alan Cox: Linux 2.5.49-ac2 (2002-11-27 01:14:53)
    Changelog, link within. [-rc2 released on same day as -rc1; original story updated. -ed]

  • LinuxDevices.com: A Developer's Review of Qplus, An Open Source Embedded Linux Toolkit (2002-11-27 01:00:40)
    "The pure open source options for embedded Linux toolkits have been few in number, perhaps because constructing a usable system from scratch using the freely-available sources is not difficult for an experienced Linux user, or one with some time to invest in learning how..."