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Linux News for Dec 18, 2002

  • NewsForge: New MandrakeSoft Licensing Scheme Similar to Trolltech's, Says V.P. (Dec 18, 2002, 23:30)
    "Rumors of MandrakeSoft 'stepping back' from Free Software are not true, says Gael Duval, v.p. of the Paris, France Linux distribution company..."

  • Linux for the Masses? (Dec 18, 2002, 22:00)
    "You don't have to do Windows. Linux, long the techies' darling, is becoming accessible to average users who can cope with a bit of a learning curve..."

  • O'Reilly: Vanishing Features of the 2.6 Kernel (Dec 18, 2002, 20:30)
    "However, some developers may first notice what doesn't work anymore. Some techniques and APIs have been removed, and existing device drivers and modular plugins may no longer work..."

  • PCWorld: Is Linux Ready for the Living Room? (Dec 18, 2002, 19:00)
    "Sony and Panasonic are working on a version of the open-source OS that will power consumer electronics devices..."

  • CNET News: Mixed Fortunes for Embedded Linux (Dec 18, 2002, 17:30)
    "Companies selling Linux for embedded devices such as set-top boxes took one step back and one forward Tuesday as Motorola agreed to acquire once-hot Embedix, formerly called Lineo, and Toshiba invested in MontaVista Software..."

  • Andago Survey Predicts Heavier Use of Free Software in Spanish Companies (Dec 18, 2002, 16:00)
    Technology consultant Andago has released their findings on the use of open-source technology in Spain. Press release, and link to the report within.

  • CNET News: Red Hat Reports Slim Profit (Dec 18, 2002, 14:30)
    "It's the first time Red Hat has reported a profit using Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), according to the company. In the year-ago quarter, it posted a net loss of 9 cents per share on revenue of $21.2 million..."

  • Australian IT: Linux Taking Over at Uni (Dec 18, 2002, 13:00)
    "At the University of Wollongong, which has about 1700 computer science students, machines in first-year labs that used to boot from either Windows or Linux have been changed to Linux only..."

  • Network World Fusion: Open Source Packs Free IP Telephony (Dec 18, 2002, 11:30)
    "Open source IP telephony software packages are helping users move away from the traditional world of proprietary office phone systems, PBXs with closed operating systems and expensive specialty components..."

  • SecurityFocus Online: OpenAV: Developing Open Source AntiVirus Engines (Dec 18, 2002, 10:00)
    "'What we currently have is a set of toys to play with - nothing we would consider using in a production environment (or at least not without prior extensive testing). All these toys are in a very early, mostly pre-alpha state. No one serious about the security of their systems will honestly use OAV as the only means to protect them. It's just made public for testing and further development.' - extract from the Open AntiVirus Project Web site..."

  • If It Ain't Broke See If It's Fixed (Dec 18, 2002, 08:30)
    "Attackers are still compromising servers with well-known attacks. General awareness can assist the busy administrators and users to protect their systems from these kinds of attacks. SANS provides a list of the Top 20 most common security vulnerabilities, how to identify each, and what can be done to protect against these vulnerabilities..."

  • Help Net Security: Security Year in Review: Honeypots (Dec 18, 2002, 07:00)
    "This has been a great year for honeypots, finally this method of collecting security information got its deserved place under the spotlight as more people began to realize the benefits that a honeypot, deployed in their organization, brings..."

  • eServer Developer Domain: Advantages of OpenMosix on IBM xSeries [Parts 1-3] (Dec 18, 2002, 05:30)
    "By the end of this three-part series, you'll have your own openMosix mini-cluster up and running and will be ready to use it effectively to accelerate your computing tasks..."

  • Release Digest: KDE, December 17, 2002 (Dec 18, 2002, 05:00)
    Today's KDE apps: SIM 0.8.1, Scribus 0.9.4, KHeiseReg 0.7, KmusicdB :: libdbmusic 0.6.0alpha1, KmusicdB 0.10.0alpha1, Direct Connect 4 Linux 0.2rc3, and KMouth 1.0beta2.

  • Release Digest: GNOME, December 17, 2002 (Dec 18, 2002, 05:00)
    Today's GNOME apps: acme 1.99.12, Bug Buddy 2.2.99, GLib-2.1.5, GTK+-2.1.5, Pango-1.1.6, COnfigurator for Gnome 0.5.1, gnome-mlview 0.0.3rc2, Anjuta 1.0.1, and GneleMixer 3.0.

  • Two Book Reviews on Wireless Security and Crackproof Software (Dec 18, 2002, 04:00)
    Wondering what to get the geeks in your live for the holidays? Try a good book to curl up next to a warm CPU. LinuxLookup and Help Net Security have two book reviews on hot IT topics.

  • Linux Orbit: FooBillard 2.0: Not Just "Balls and a Stick" (Dec 18, 2002, 02:30)
    "Pool is one of the most recognizable games that most everyone knows how to play, and it just makes sense for there to be a open source version of this game for our favorite operating system..."

  • Computerworld: Sydney Supercomputer to Battle Bushfires (Dec 18, 2002, 01:00)
    "The University of Western Sydney has unveiled a cost-effective supercomputer, for which they have plans to develop a bushfire modelling system and a virtual baby for medical training..."