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Linux News for Dec 23, 2002

  • ZDNet: Mono & .Net: The Odd Couple (2002-12-23 23:30:00)
    "That they were following Microsoft's lead doesn't matter at all to de Icaza. 'Lots of people interested in .Net as technology don't care that it was invented by Microsoft. All kinds of problems are directly resolved by .Net,' he says..."

  • LWN.net: The LWN.net 2002 Linux Timeline (2002-12-23 22:00:47)
    The venerable LWN timeline has been released for non-subscribe on that site: "For the fifth straight year, we at LWN have gone over the year's news and picked out the most significant events. This is version 0.9 of the 2002 timeline..."

  • The Seattle Times: Free Linux Operating System Wins Some Big-Name Fans (2002-12-23 20:30:19)
    "In lieu of Microsoft, which makes the industry's dominant operating system, the store's technicians turned to Linux, which was free. They installed the system by themselves and added internal e-mail, Web access and spreadsheets — which they didn't have before..."

  • LinuxPlanet: Tolerating Fault in an Intolerant World (2002-12-23 19:00:31)
    "In the world of clustered computers, you have your high-performance machines and your high-availability machines. But while clustering is a great way of getting HPC for not too much cost, it may not be the only solution for HA computing. A very hardened and redundancy laden Linux server from NEC has the capability of performing in the HA arena--and at a price point that won't blow the IT budget..."

  • Red Hat Announces New Beta, PHOEBE (2002-12-23 17:30:34)
    Announcement, mirror links within.

  • ZDNet UK: IBM Plans Open-Source Storage Strategy (2002-12-23 16:00:00)
    "The collaborative approach around IBM's 'Storage Tank' technology is the most recent example of IBM trying to capitalise on the momentum of the open-source movement..."

  • CNET News: Linux Maker Mandrake: We Need Cash (2002-12-23 14:30:39)
    A follow-up article on Friday's announcement from MandrakeSoft: "The company, based in Paris but drawing much of its revenue from North America, needs $4 million to pay debts and cover expenses in order to attain profitability. It's the second time this year the company has sought help from its customers..."

  • CrossNodes: Mac & Linux On the Horizon For GroupWise (2002-12-23 13:00:44)
    "Over the nearer term, Novell is now working with partners to spur Macintosh, Linux and RIM Blackberry applications for the integrated collaborate environment (ICE), which competes against Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes..."

  • Ocean Park Software: Using ssh with Public Key Authentication, AgentForward, and Keychain (2002-12-23 11:30:31)
    "This means you can securely ssh around the net to hosts on which you have accounts without entering your passphrase when you connect, yet all connections and authentication occurs securely..."

  • Linux.ie: Using the ps Command (2002-12-23 10:00:57)
    A brief tutorial on a very useful line command from the Irish LUG.

  • developerWorks: Guide to Python Introspection (2002-12-23 08:30:39)
    "Introspection reveals useful information about your program's objects. Python, a dynamic, object-oriented programming language, provides tremendous introspection support. This article showcases many of its capabilities, from the most basic forms of help to the more advanced forms of inquisition..."

  • Embedded.com: Linux-based USB Devices (2002-12-23 05:30:45)
    "The Universal Serial Bus is a useful communications interface and more popular than ever. Here are three approaches to adding USB support to an embedded system running the Linux operating system..."

  • Release Digest: KDE, December 22, 2002 (2002-12-23 05:00:30)
    This weekend's KDE apps: KHdRecord 7.4, Kaspaliste 0.92, SigmaPi Neural Network Simulator 1.1, KickPIM 0.4.3, Qtella 0.5.4, KAvi2svcd 0.5.3, KBudget 0.4, Retail Auto Auction 1.3.1, LibChipCard 0.7beta2, and KDE 3.0.5a.

  • Release Digest: GNOME, December 22, 2002 (2002-12-23 05:00:00)
    This weekend's GNOME apps: Straw 0.14, gjots 0.7, gdcalc 2.13, gnotime-2.0, GtkGLExt 0.6.1, gThumb 1.107, GARNOME 0.19.5, GLib-2.2.0, Pango-1.2.0, ATK-1.2.0, and GTK+-2.2.0

  • GNOME.org: Charity Begins @gnome: An Annual Appeal (2002-12-23 03:00:55)
    Community Roundup: "To have more impact next year, GNOME Foundation needs the support of individuals such as yourself..."

  • PostgreSQL Weekly News - December 18th 2002 (2002-12-23 01:00:12)
    Community Roundup: The latest news from the PostgreSQL Project.