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Linux News for Dec 29, 2002

  • Debian Weekly News - December 24th, 2002 (2002-12-29 23:00:54)
    Community Roundup: The latest news from the Debian Project.

  • Kernel Cousins Wine #149 & #150 by Brian Vincent (2002-12-29 21:00:15)
    Community Roundup: The latest message traffic for Wine development.

  • Gentoo Weekly Newsletter: December 23rd, 2002 (2002-12-29 19:00:12)
    Community Roundup: The latest news from the Gentoo Linux project.

  • Python-URL! - Weekly Python News and Links (December 23) (2002-12-29 17:00:55)
    Community Roundup: This week's news from the Python-URL! Project.

  • AbiWord Weekly News #122 and #123 by Eric A. Zen (2002-12-29 15:00:13)
    Community Roundup: "A couple of chunks of eye-candy just waiting for you in this issue--the greatest of these is the OS X font clean ups. Frank does quite a bit of work in html, xhtml, phtml...one might say, award winning work, but I don't get to say that..."

  • Kde-cvs-Digest for December 20 & 27, 2002 (2002-12-29 13:00:08)
    Vacation's over! Community Roundup: Security Audit Continued and Concluded, comments on Kroupware, bugfixes and lots of new features in Kdevelop, Konqueror Kdeprint, Kig, the Accessibility capabilities of KDE, Kmail merge problems, bugfixes and lots of new features in Kate, Kig, Gwenview, Krdc, kgpg, Konstruct, Kopete, Cervisia, Kdevelop, Koffice, and Kalzium.

  • Gentoo Linux Advisory: cyrus-sasl (2002-12-29 00:05:39)
    "'Insufficient buffer length checking in user name canonicalization may allow attacker to execute arbitrary code on servers using Cyrus SASL library...'"

  • Debian GNU/Linux Advisory: typespeed (2002-12-29 00:04:40)
    "A problem has been discovered in the typespeed, a game that lets you measure your typematic speed. By overflowing a buffer a local attacker could execute arbitrary commands under the group id games..."

  • Conectiva Linux Advisory: cyrus-imapd (2002-12-29 00:03:25)
    "Timo Sirainen discovered a remotely exploitable pre-login buffer overflow in cyrus imapd. The problem resides in the way memory is managed (an integer overflow can cause less memory than needed to be allocated)..."