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Linux News for Jan 16, 2003

  • InfoWorld: Let the Battle Begin (2003-01-16 23:30:39)
    "I have one basic prediction for open source in 2003: The competition between Microsoft and the open-source world will become fierce..."

  • ZDNet: Evolution of the Data Center OS (2003-01-16 22:00:06)
    "During the next five to 10 years, tight budgets, better utilization, and more effective demand management will slow server growth and drive a dramatic shift in the data center's operating system capacity mix. Windows and Linux will be the big winners..."

  • LinuxPlanet: A New Day, a New Certification: Red Hat Certified Technician (2003-01-16 21:00:35)
    "Need to pickup a certification for Linux, but don't want to run the LPI or RHCE marathons? Red Hat's latest cert, the Red Hat Certified Technician, is part of a new 'journeyman' approach by the North Carolina software company to get needed technicians into the workplace..."

  • Microsoft Watch: Microsofties Don Their LinuxWorld Expo Flack Jackets (2003-01-16 20:00:49)
    "Like Microsoft did at the August LinuxWorld show, Houston says, the company will highlight four Microsoft technologies that it believes developers will find of interest..."

  • CNET News: Intel Software Fine-Tunes Linux Code (2003-01-16 19:00:53)
    "Intel announced on Tuesday new software to help programmers speed up Linux programs running on Intel Xeon and Pentium 4 processors..."

  • OfB.biz: Desktop Dreams in the Wake of MandrakeSoft's Bankruptcy (2003-01-16 17:30:59)
    "Linux's dreams for the desktop died today with Mandrake's bankruptcy filling. Yes, it was a worthy cause, and we fought hard, but now it is time to admit it--it is over. No more. Finished. Done. Kaput. GNU/Linux's true place is on the server, and its time for everyone to recognize that. Is everyone with me...?"

  • PC Advisor: Dell Boss Still Interested in Linux on the Desktop (2003-01-16 16:00:41)
    "Despite pulling out of the Linux desktop market, Dell boss Michael Dell appears to believe the Microsoft alternative could still have a chance at success, although it is unlikely to make much of an impact in the next few months..."

  • Red Hat Linux Advisories: dhcp, vim (2003-01-16 15:52:41)
    Two security advisories from Red Hat Linux.

  • Two on Microsoft's Government/Open Source Plan (2003-01-16 14:30:52)
    Wired has a more in-depth, tongue-in-cheek analysis of Microsoft's new plan: "The company's new Government Security Program will be far more akin to a peep show guarded by aggressive bouncers than a full-blown open-source orgy." And the Associated Press has a widely distributed article on why this new venture is being greeted with skepticism--even a brief comment from Peruvian congressman Villanueva.

  • DesktopLinux.com: A Senior Citizen's Introduction To Linux (2003-01-16 13:00:38)
    "Terry Hatfield introduced Linux to a Senior Citizen in response to her ongoing Windows system woes. Hatfield proves that Linux can be used successfully by anyone wanting to perform simple tasks--in this case browsing the Internet, using email, and playing solitaire. After a one month trial, Hatfield asked the elderly woman if she wanted Linux removed from her system, and she affirmed that her new OS of choice was Linux..."

  • ZDNet UK: Grid Software Gets Business Connection (2003-01-16 11:00:01)
    "Open-source developers have released an alpha version of the Globus Toolkit that incorporates Web services technology..."

  • iTweb: Govt Steps Up Open Source Pace (2003-01-16 08:00:38)
    "The State IT Agency (SITA) [of South Africa] is committed to transforming open source software from a niche product into a mainstream tool for delivering government services, SITA CIO Mojalefa Moseki said yesterday..."

  • Release Digest: KDE, January 15, 2003 (2003-01-16 05:00:30)
    Today's KDE apps: KCheckers 0.4, Celestia 1.2.5, Taruli 0.1, and QtSharp 0.6.

  • Release Digest: GNOME, January 15, 2003 (2003-01-16 05:00:00)
    Today's GNOME apps: guinstaller 0.2.0 and gnocl 0.5.5.

  • InfomaticsOnline: Sun Urges UK Schools to Try StarOffice (2003-01-16 04:00:21)
    "Over 400 schools have registered for a free StarOffice licence in the past three months and Sun Microsystems claims that if every school switched from Microsoft Office they would save £48m..."

  • NewsForge: OpenEMed Helps Detect Epidemics--And Bioterrorism (2003-01-16 02:30:27)
    "Its objective is to aggregate data from clinics, emergency rooms, pharmacies, and individual physicians so that epidemics or bioterrorism attacks can be rapidly spotted and, hopefully, stopped before they affect large numbers of people..."

  • It World Canada: Sun, Beonix Open Linux Facility (2003-01-16 01:00:00)
    "Touted as one of the first such facilities in Canada, Sun Microsystems of Canada Inc. and Belleville, Ont.'s Beonix Technology announced Friday the opening of the Sun Linux Competency Centre..."