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Linux News for Jan 28, 2003

  • InformationWeek: Langa Letter: Linux Has Bugs: Get Over It (2003-01-28 23:30:46)
    "Fred Langa contends that some Linux proponents harm their cause by hiding from the facts--it's just as buggy as Windows XP..."

  • Tonight Live: Son of "Hack Our Guest" the Next Generation (2003-01-28 22:00:00)
    "In particular, Red Hat & the EOL (End of Life) for their currently supported products, does anyone find this a tad annoying? PLUS: WorkSpot's Cute VNC application, More on the HP religious conversion..."

  • Business 2.0: A Big Test For Linux (2003-01-28 20:30:20)
    "Will the licensing efforts of a key patent holder derail Linux's corporate growth?" Business 2.0 gives its two cents on the SCO Group patent brouhaha.

  • AP/Boston Globe: Programmers Try to Build Bridge Between .Net, Linux (2003-01-28 19:00:49)
    "A lot of people are watching Miguel de Icaza, a young Mexican programming whiz behind an unusual project he named 'Mono,' Spanish for monkey..."

  • NewsForge: Dept. of Homeland Security Site Switches to Linux from Windows 2000 (2003-01-28 18:00:33)
    "Experts say that it is unlikely the change is a reaction to 'Slammer,' the MS SQL server worm that rocked the Internet last week..."

  • Xandros.com: Xandros Desktop Standard 1.0 Released (2003-01-28 17:00:08)
    "The new release is built upon the same code base as the original Xandros Desktop 1.0, now known as Xandros Desktop Deluxe, and shares much of its older sibling's power, compatibility, and ease of use..."

  • Sydney Morning Herald: The Geek Behind the Penguin (2003-01-28 14:30:30)
    "The 33-year-old is probably the closest thing the geek world has to a folk hero... the man who, as a student at Helsinki University 12 years ago, wrote a world-class computer operating system and set it free..." Interview with Linus Torvalds within.

  • MandrakeSoft Bankruptcy Plan Gets Court Approval (2003-01-28 14:30:00)
    A small but meaningful step in the bankruptcy lawsuit of MandrakeSoft passed yesterday when the French courts approved the company's fiscal plan to return to normal operations.

  • KDE.org: KDE 3.1 Released (2003-01-28 13:00:40)
    KDE 3.1 is officially out and about. Details, links within.

  • DesktopLinux: Debian Tops Poll, Project leader Bdale Garbee Discusses Surge in Interest (2003-01-28 11:30:26)
    "DesktopLinux.com talked to Bdale Garbee, Project Leader for Debian and got his impressions during a year that Debian saw commercial products based on it reach the market..."

  • Larry McVoy on BitKeeper, Linus, and Perens (2003-01-28 10:00:03)
    "The story of how BitKeeper has come to be Linus Torvalds' (and many other kernel hackers) tool of choice in maintaining the Linux development tree is worthy of a book. Here's the Cliff Note's version of McVoy's contribution to Linux kernel development, BitKeeper, and countless hours of flaming on the role of open source and proprietary software..."

  • GhanaWeb: Copyright Law May Aid Open Source in Ghana (2003-01-28 08:30:55)
    "Open source advocates here at the conference argued that the government, which most likely also uses pirated software, can make some savings on licenses if it adopts open source software such as Linux..."

  • NewsForge: Voila! Workspot Linux is Instant and Portable "Magic" (2003-01-28 07:00:52)
    "Workspot is an online Linux desktop. You go there in any browser (java-enabled is better), login, and start up Red Hat Linux within that browser. It is so cool, I really want it to be something that people go for. I want it to succeed..."

  • EE Times: Japanese Manufacturers Back Off Proprietary OSes (2003-01-28 06:00:57)
    "Japanese consumer electronics manufacturers are backing away from efforts to push proprietary operating systems into wider use and are turning instead to open-source OSes, specifically Linux..."

  • Release Digest: GNOME, January 27, 2003 (2003-01-28 05:00:00)
    Today's GNOME apps: GNOME-Applets 2.2.0, GNOME-Sensors 0.9a, gtk-doc 1.0, gThumb 2.0.1, Quick Lounge 1.1.2, orbitcpp 1.3.2, gedit 2.2.0, and XML Security Library 0.0.12.

  • KernelTrap: Linux: Anticipatory I/O Scheduler (2003-01-28 04:00:15)
    "With his recent release of 2.5.59-mm5, Andrew Morton explained the anticipatory I/O scheduler that he has recently merged from Nick Piggin. The resulting thread is an informative read, explaining how and why this noticeably increases performance..."

  • The Register: Red Hat Intros 12 Month Only Support on 'Consumer' OSes (2003-01-28 03:00:37)
    "However, if Linux is being used in a commercial environment then IT managers are not going to be particularly enthusiastic about even the possibility of having to upgrade to a new version every 12 months. Red Hat's current death list EOLs RH 7.1-8.0 at the end of this year..."

  • CNET News: Red Hat Boosts Service Subscription Plan (2003-01-28 02:00:04)
    "Red Hat is bolstering its service subscription plan with technology the Linux seller gained in its acquisition of NOCpulse in 2002..."

  • CNET News: Commentary: The Way of Linux (2003-01-28 01:00:56)
    "In 2003, Linux and open source will go mainstream as cost-sensitive IT executives discover the compelling economics of Linux on Intel processors. Smart CIOs will set aside the religious wars to see the truth: Open source is good enough for many data center tasks..."

  • Mandrake Linux Advisories: msec, fetchmail (2003-01-28 00:58:07)
    Two security advisories from MandrakeSoft.

  • Reuters: Sun in Good Shape for 2003, CEO Says (2003-01-28 00:00:25)
    "But the Sun chief disagrees. "It's conventional wisdom, which isn't actual wisdom, that the high end gets clobbered and business is going to Intel, Microsoft and Linux. It's just not the case," [McNealy] said..."