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Linux News for Feb 01, 2003

  • Update: BBC: Internet Beams Out Into Space/CNN: Columbia Shuttle Breaks up Over Texas (2003-02-01 15:07:35)
    The Space Shuttle gets on the 'Net with some help from Tux. [Editor's Note: A developing story is coming out Saturday morning that communications with the Columbia has been lost as the craft was on final re-entry. As the shuttle was the topic of discussion here on LT yesterday, I have included updated links from various news outlets to the story. -ed.]

  • Globe and Mail: Romancing the Pengiun (2003-02-01 07:00:06)
    "It's been a source of some embarrassment that it took me so long to jump into the penguin pool with the rest of the Linux crowd... This all changed over the past few weeks..."

  • ExtremeTech: Missing in Action at LinuxWorld (2003-02-01 05:30:03)
    "We promised in our coverage of LinuxWorld to follow up on the companies that were missing in action. Among the missing were Mandrake, Lindows and KDE. There was also one big company that everybody knows that wasn't there but should have been--but we'll leave that for last..."

  • eWeek: Answering Open-Source Questions (2003-02-01 04:00:26)
    "One question that hit my in-box late last week was 'How do you get support if anyone can modify the code?' I was tempted to reply, 'How do you get support if you can't modify (or even see) the code...?'"

  • MobiliX Loses Trademark Case Appeal to Obelix Publisher (2003-02-01 02:30:34)
    After winning the initial judgement in a trademark suit, the German software firm MobiliX may have to give up its name after all to the publishers of a similarly-named comic book character.

  • Linux Orbit: Debian Linux Logo on Virtual Terminals and Network Logins Mini-HOWTO (2003-02-01 01:00:00)
    "This Mini-HOWTO is something purely for fun, for those who are proud of which GNU/Linux distribution is on their box..."