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Linux News for Apr 12, 2003

  • BBspot: Which OS Are You? (2003-04-12 08:30:47)
    BBspot has a little quiz to take to determine what operating system matches your personality. Something fun for the weekend...

  • ZDNet: Solaris on Course to Merge with Linux (2003-04-12 07:00:11)
    "Said [Sun chief engineer Rob] Gingell: 'Five years from now, when all the tribes intermarry, who is going to know what's Solaris and what's Linux, and who's going to care...?'"

  • Federal Reserve Board: Market Economies and Rule of Law (2003-04-12 05:30:03)
    US Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan has his own concerns about the impact of intellectual property on the economy, in a speech delivered to the 2003 Financial Markets Conference of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta on April 4.

  • Blue Oxen: An Introduction to Open Source Communities (2003-04-12 04:00:53)
    "Open source software communities are one of the most successful-and least understood-examples of high-performance collaboration and community-building on the Internet today. Other types of communities could benefit enormously from understanding how open source communities work..."

  • OSNews: Red Hat Linux 9: A Step Closer, But Still With Some Annoyances (2003-04-12 02:30:01)
    "[The] Only new additions are the cursor theme for XFree86, a few cleanups on the system and some bug fixes. Also, a lot has been said in other reviews on the web about the installation and the feel of the OS. This mini-article will only focus on what's missing, or what's not there yet..."

  • ZDNet UK: Itanium Gets Revamped Linux Supercomputer Software (2003-04-12 01:00:12)
    "Researchers at the National Partnership for Advanced Computational Infrastructure have built full Itanium support into software that can be used to assemble supercomputers out of clusters of Linux computers..."