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Linux News for Apr 28, 2003

  • osOpinion: Microsoft Embraces Linux! (Sort Of) (2003-04-28 23:00:02)
    "Porting to Linux allows Microsoft to get its digital-rights management software into the consumer device market. This puts Redmond in a position to be a gatekeeper for Hollywood and the music industry, a role that could be highly profitable for Microsoft..."

  • I, Cringely: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished (2003-04-28 22:00:20)
    "We can easily just dismiss the creaking parts of Open Source by bunching them in the 80 percent we ignore... But ignoring them does not make those parts go away, and here is where we'll find Open Source's vulnerability..."

  • LinuxWorld: Getting Frugal: Red Hat Network's Low-Cost Upgrade to Red Hat 9 (2003-04-28 21:00:20)
    "I decided to put my Red Hat Network subscription to greater use. I normally use RHN to run up2date at least weekly so I can keep up with the latest security fixes and updates. This week, I decided to download the iso images of 'shrike' (Red Hat's code-word for its new release) and upgrade my desktop from Red Hat 8 to Red Hat 9..."

  • LinuxPlanet: Microsoft Users, Partners Add Linux To The List (2003-04-28 20:00:01)
    "Jacqueline Emigh visited the New York Windows 2003 launch event and learned that many long-time Microsoft users are still evaluating Linux as an alternative platform. Reasons cited by IT administrators range from cost savings to 'an anti-Microsoft boss.' Meanwhile, many of Microsoft's partners in the launch already offer products for both environments..."

  • ZDNet/Gartner: Myths of Linux on the Desktop (2003-04-28 19:00:59)
    "This piece is not intended to be negative toward Linux on the desktop. The appropriateness of Linux for a population of users will have a lot to do with the incumbent environment, including the types of users and architectures of the applications in use..."

  • Alan Cox: Linux 2.4.21-rc1-ac3 (2003-04-28 18:57:42)
    Changelog, link within.

  • IBM: Nicholas Petreley on What Linux Developers Really Want (2003-04-28 18:00:39)
    "To get some perspectives on what the survey tells us about Linux developers' likes and dislikes, we caught up with Nick and asked him what it was all about. Here's what he had to say..."

  • Times of India: Oppn Soft on Linux, Wants No Windows (2003-04-28 17:00:52)
    "The government, they said, should not insist on proprietary software while issuing tenders for computers, since open source software is available at one-tenth or even one-twentieth the cost of proprietary software like Windows..."

  • Seattle Times: Area's Linux Lovers Laud Computing 'Democracy' (2003-04-28 16:00:09)
    "Linux is alive in Western Washington, demonstrated at Saturday's LinuxFest Northwest. About a thousand people traveled to the Bellingham Technical College to show off products, talk technology and hear an address by Jon 'Maddog'" Hall..."

  • Python.org: Python 2.3 Beta 1 Released (2003-04-28 15:00:42)
    "This is a beta release. We request widespread testing of this release but don't recommend using it for production situations..."

  • ZDNet UK: Red Hat Eyes 32-Bit Itanium Software (2003-04-28 14:30:53)
    "The top Linux seller may take advantage of upcoming technology that allows Intel's 64-bit chip to run 32-bit software with greater performance..."

  • Computerworld Singapore: MySQL Grows Up (2003-04-28 13:00:33)
    "Recently, MySQL AB launched its first user conference in San Jose, California, to promote its open source database as a viable, more affordable alternative to databases from heavyweights such as Oracle and IBM..."

  • ServerWatch: Pogo Linux StorageWare 3800: An Affordable Terabyte (2003-04-28 11:00:41)
    "Rackmount servers are relatively common, and even servers preconfigured for Linux are easy to find today. So how does Pogo Linux distuinguish its rack-mount StorageWare 3800 from the rest of the crowd? By combining an affordable price with an expandable platform..."

  • Memphis Business Journal: Landmark Grant Latest Prize for Institute (2003-04-28 09:00:33)
    "This is the first entirely Linux-based exploration and production software grant to be awarded by Landmark and it allows students and researchers at the university to engage in research not previously possible..."

  • KDE Traffic #48 by Russell Miller (2003-04-28 07:00:10)
    Community Roundup: The latest traffic from the KDE development mailing lists.

  • Release Digest: KDE, April 27, 2003 (2003-04-28 05:00:30)
    This weekend's KDE apps: Boson 0.8, KWappen 1.1.4, KnowIt 0.8beta1, KMPlayer 0.7.4a, krename 2.6.1, Gwenview 0.17.0pre2, and KRelais 0.1.

  • Release Digest: GNOME, April 27, 2003 (2003-04-28 05:00:00)
    This weekend's GNOME app: gnome-sensors-0.9c.