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Linux News for Jun 16, 2003

  • CNET News: HP Sets Up Separate Linux Unit (Jun 16, 2003, 23:00)
    "Hewlett-Packard has broadened its Linux effort, establishing a separate division to house its business interests in the open-source operating system..."

  • IBM Comments on SCO, AIX Press Release (Jun 16, 2003, 22:42)
    Breaking News: IBM has issued its own press release regarding SCO's retraction of the AIX licenses. It's short, sweet, and to the point: "IBM's Unix license is irrevocable, perpetual and fully paid up..."

  • Tectonic: South Africa Approves OSS Strategy (Jun 16, 2003, 22:00)
    "In her speech Fraser-Moleketi said [the South African] Government is 'looking forward' the many benefits of open source software..."

  • IT-Analysis: Linux in Europe (Jun 16, 2003, 21:00)
    "Following the recent decision by the City of Munich to opt for Linux on the desktop, it is worth taking stock of the progress of Linux in government circles across Europe..."

  • LinuxPlanet: SuSE Delivers Business Desktop Linux (Jun 16, 2003, 20:00)
    "SuSE has been planning their business around business-class Linux servers for years so it should come as no surprise that when they finally offer a Linux just for the desktop, SuSE Linux Desktop, it comes targeted at enterprises. This is a desktop Linux for CIOs, not individual users..."

  • SCO: SCO Officially Cuts Off AIX, Seeks Injunction (Jun 16, 2003, 19:30)
    Breaking News: "The SCO Group (SCO) today announced that it has terminated IBM's right to use or distribute any software product that is a modification of or based on UNIX System V source code..." Full press release within.

  • AP/Seattle Times: Intel, Linux Darken Power of Sun (Jun 16, 2003, 19:00)
    "Sun is deep in identity crisis as its executives try to reinvent the company. There's been loose talk of Sun as a possible takeover target, and some analysts are wondering whether it will ever return to the days of strong revenue growth and record profits..."

  • Reuters: SCO Shares Slump After IBM Lawsuit Deadline Passes (Jun 16, 2003, 18:42)
    Breaking News: "Shares in SCO Group Inc. fell as much as 10 percent on Monday after International Business Machines Corp. did not respond to SCO's claims that the world's largest computer company illegally used parts of its Unix software..."

  • Forbes: The Limitations Of Linux (Jun 16, 2003, 18:00)
    "... [O]ne might come away with the impression that Linux is an elixir that solves myriad business problems, and that it is always cheaper than alternatives. But like a lot of technologies before it, Linux has, to some degree, been overhyped..."

  • Computerworld.NZ: SCO Not Disturbing AIX Users Yet (Jun 16, 2003, 17:00)
    "The IT community is eagerly awaiting the latest chapter in the SCO-IBM soap opera, but local AIX users appear unconcerned at the prospect of IBM losing its Unix licence..."

  • The Inquirer: Linux Kernel Coder Puts SCO on Notice (Jun 16, 2003, 16:00)
    "SCO, that pariah of the IT industry, has received what might turn out to be legally damaging return fire from a Linux kernel developer. An email presenting SCO with formal notice alleging copyright infringement was sent to the firm this weekend..."

  • ZDNet: SCO CEO: Why We're Suing IBM (Jun 16, 2003, 15:00)
    "McBride spoke with CNET about the origins of the IBM dispute, the side effects and what comes next..."

  • CNET News: SCO May Expand Linux Case Soon (Jun 16, 2003, 14:00)
    "The SCO Group soon may open another front in its legal battle against Linux by filing suit against a major hardware manufacturer in North America, a company executive said..."

  • NewsFactor: Linux: Catalyst for Server Consolidation (Jun 16, 2003, 13:00)
    'Linux on Intel is probably the optimal solution for server consolidation,' said Ted Schadler of Forrester Research. 'It can handle the workloads of Web servers, file and print, and database storage,' he told NewsFactor..."

  • InfoWorld: JBoss Developers Meet in the Shadow of JavaOne (Jun 16, 2003, 11:30)
    "Developers of the open source JBoss application server held their own conference this Wednesday, literally in the shadow of Sun Microsystems' JavaOne event in San Francisco..."

  • NewsForge: One-day Linux Project Brings Internet to Disadvantaged Miami Kids (Jun 16, 2003, 10:00)
    "And now, thanks to volunteers from two Florida Linux user groups and hardware donations from local businesses, Liberty City Learning Center can add computer and Internet training to its curriculum..."

  • ILUG-CAL: A First Sight Review of Slackware 9.0 (Jun 16, 2003, 08:30)
    "And all these questions can be answered in one word --'Simplicity.' Perhaps that is the single most important factor that makes people care and in turn make Slackware 9, one of the standout distros of early 2003..."

  • Tux Reports: YALAX: Yet Another Look At Ximian (Jun 16, 2003, 07:00)
    "When I first read about Ximian Desktop 2, also referred to as XD2, I wondered if it was all that it was cracked up to be. Is Ximian Desktop 2 a polished product or is it just hype...?"

  • GNUe Traffic #84 by Arturas Kriukovas and Peter Sullivan (Jun 16, 2003, 05:30)
    Community Roundup: The latest news from the GNUe project.

  • Wine Traffic #174 by Brian Vincent (Jun 16, 2003, 05:30)
    Community Roundup: The latest message traffic for Wine development.

  • Release Digest: KDE, June 15, 2003 (Jun 16, 2003, 05:00)
    This weekend's KDE apps: QuickRip 0.7, Gambas 0.58, and KAvi2svcd 0.6.1.

  • Release Digest: GNOME, June 15, 2003 (Jun 16, 2003, 05:00)
    This weekend's GNOME apps: gtranslator R 0.99, orbitcpp 1.3.6, gedit-2.2.2, and Quark 2.2.