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Linux News for Jul 28, 2003

  • eWeek: NetApp Readies Upgrades for SAN Systems (Jul 28, 2003, 23:00)
    "After a decade of criticizing the complexity and high price of storage area networks, Network Appliance Inc. officials finally shipped their own SAN products last fall--and promptly found out that it's not so easy..."

  • Encompass: The Future of UNIX--A View from HP (Jul 28, 2003, 22:00)
    "What goes around, comes around: the emergence of two youthful--a mere decade-old--operating systems, Linux and Windows, has a large number of press and analyst pundits declaring UNIX dead. As you'll see, nothing could be further from the truth..."

  • Computerworld: SCO's Shell Game (Jul 28, 2003, 21:00)
    "Trying to make sense of The SCO Group's threat last week to sue any Linux user who doesn't buy a Unix license? Forget the threat. Instead, look at the announcement SCO made the following day..."

  • The Register: MS Mounts Two-Pronged Attack on Linux Server Market (Jul 28, 2003, 20:00)
    "We could mention that IBM could, probably will if it feels it needs to, shoot Microsoft's SCO fox in a similar fashion, but we doubt you'll hear anything like that from the Microsoft salespeople..."

  • LinuxPR: Xandros Releases Xandros Desktop 1.1 (Jul 28, 2003, 19:30)
    "Xandros, Inc. has released a 1.1 edition of Xandros Desktop Deluxe..." Press release excerpt within.

  • The Open Group: An Open Source Strategy for the Open Group (Jul 28, 2003, 19:00)
    "We must now fully integrate Open Source into our operation. If not, it's time to change the name of our organization..." A draft for comment on the direction of The Open Group.

  • LinuxPlanet: VERITAS: Then and Now (Jul 28, 2003, 18:00)
    "The name VERITAS has a familiar ring to most people in the computing world, even if they can't quite remember why. After all, VERITAS is no startup. It's been around since 1989, and if you're an enterprise-level company that is moving seriously to Linux, VERITAS has a heavy commitment to the open-source operating system, as Dee-Ann LeBlanc discovered..."

  • The Jem Report: Comparing Server OSes: Why SCO UNIX Is A Bad Idea (Jul 28, 2003, 17:00)
    A detailed overview of many of the *NIX and *BSD flavors, including Linux. The conclusion will be heartening to Linux users: "In short, the company stinks, their products stink, and you'd be insane to buy one of their operating systems for any environment, let alone a corporation with sensitive and important data. SCO may be the 'true' Unix, but it's also the weakest..."

  • Datamonitor: SCO: Facing a Challenge (Jul 28, 2003, 16:00)
    "However, rather than buying into SCO's new Linux licensing scheme, many Linux users--especially those who are big name vendors--are likely to challenge these copyright infringement claims in court..." [Link repaired. -ed.]

  • CNET News: Analysts Mixed About SCO Actions (Jul 28, 2003, 15:00)
    'SCO appears to be attempting to extort funds from the Linux market without substantiating its claims in ways that allow users to respond....'"

  • ZDNet: Linux Wars: Big Blue Strikes Back (Jul 28, 2003, 14:00)
    "IBM has launched a counterstrike against SCO Group's attack on Linux users, arguing that SCO's demands for Unix license payments are undermined by its earlier shipment of an open-source Linux product.

  • CNET News: Asian Linux: Some Keen, Others Cool (Jul 28, 2003, 13:00)
    "Asia could leapfrog Western countries in the development of Linux-based applications, but some governments are not latching on to this opportunity, says a senior IBM executive..."

  • Oracle 9i on Linux vs. Windows 2000 Server (Jul 28, 2003, 11:30)
    "I recently performed a technical, head-to-head comparison of Oracle 9i release 2 running under out-of-the-box versions of Red Hat Linux 7.2 (kernel 2.4.7-10smp) and Windows 2000 Server Edition, on identical Pentium-based hardware..."

  • Hindustan Times: MP Brings Computer-Enabled Education to Rural Schools (Jul 28, 2003, 10:00)
    "'In the second phase we have used open source technology in which the main programme coding is available to all for modification, customisation and improvement. We are optimistic about its success too...'"

  • eWeek: New Storage Solution Previewed at Linux Symposium (Jul 28, 2003, 08:30)
    "IT professionals may soon have a lower-cost alternative to expensive storage area networks (SANs), according to a presentation by self-described Linux 'kernel hacker' Ben LaHaise at the Ottawa Linux Symposium..."

  • SearchEnterpriseLinux: Linux Routers, Part 3 (Jul 28, 2003, 07:00)
    "In this, the final installment of a three-part series of interviews with Mancill, [author Tony Mancill] describes the well-tailored Linux network..."

  • developerWorks: Best Practices for Programming in C (Jul 28, 2003, 05:30)
    "Although the C language has been around for close to 30 years, its appeal has not yet worn off. It continues to attract a large number of people who must develop new skills for writing new applications, or for porting or maintaining existing applications..."

  • Release Digest: GNOME, July 27, 2003 (Jul 28, 2003, 05:00)
    This weekend's GNOME apps: Bluefish HTML Editor 0.11 and Hardware Monitor Applet 0.6.