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Linux News for Aug 30, 2004

  • eWeek: Microsoft's Longhorn Failure Is Linux's Chance (Aug 30, 2004, 23:30)
    "With the promises of Longhorn revealed as market-freezing trickery, Linux has its best chance ever to seize control of the desktop..."

  • KernelTrap: The Perfect Patch (Aug 30, 2004, 22:45)
    "In reply to a patch submission on the lkml in the form of a link to an ftp site, Andrew Morton replied, 'I *really* dislike receiving patches by going and getting them from internet servers...'"

  • LinuxPlanet: Loving the Linspire Desktop (Aug 30, 2004, 22:00)
    "While the IT guys may think Linux is all easy to install, it's not unusual for the average SMB owner to go blank after reading the first few lines of the set-up-and-install instructions..."

  • Hirano Masanobu, OSDL Director of Asia (Aug 30, 2004, 21:15)
    "Hirano recently spoke with about the spread of Linux in Asia and the OSDL's commitment to ensuring its continued success in the region..."

  • NewsForge: GNU Believers (Aug 30, 2004, 20:30)
    "If you look around the pews in your church next Sunday morning, you may see a few GNUs in the pews. They are software developers, system administrators, and church leaders..."

  • LinuxDevices: CEO Interview: Roger Kung of E28 (Aug 30, 2004, 19:45)
    "E28 was the first company to ship a Linux smartphone, and could unveil a Linux smartphone for the US as early as the Boston LinuxWorld Expo..."

  • eWeek: Survey: Linux Has Long Way to Go in Retail (Aug 30, 2004, 19:00)
    "Linux penetration into retail isn't nearly as significant as commonly believed, according to a new study from industry analyst firm Venture Development Corp. (VDC)..."

  • CNET News: A Renaissance for the Workstation? (Aug 30, 2004, 18:15)
    "Santa Clara, Calif.-based Orion Multisystems has come up with a new type of workstation that can hold several processors clustered together [with Fedora Core] for greater power..."

  • NewsForge: Corel: WordPerfect for Linux Shall Return (Aug 30, 2004, 17:30)
    "Shortly after the release of the WordPerfect for Linux proof-of-concept product, Corel took it down from its Web site and put up a note saying that 'This product is temporarily unavailable for purchase.' Did it fail...?"

  • IBM's Little DB Gets Big Help (Aug 30, 2004, 17:00)
    "Hot on the heels of its decision to donate its Java-based Cloudscape relational database application to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF), IBM has launched new resources for its site hosting database..."

  • eWeek: Microsoft Makes More Open-Source Overtures (Aug 30, 2004, 16:30)
    "...Microsoft Corp. is reaching out further to the open-source community with offers of joint development and testing. But it's not yet clear if anyone is ready to listen..."

  • Yankee Group: Linux Will Enjoy Double-Digit Growth, but Don't Expect Windows or UNIX to Fade Away (Aug 30, 2004, 16:00)
    "Survey shows only 4% of UNIX users and 10% of Windows users have any desire to switch platforms..."

  • Computerworld New Zealand: Linux Not Getting It All Its Own Way, Says Microsoft (Aug 30, 2004, 15:15)
    "Losses to Linux such as the city of Munich should be seen in the light of migrations the other way, says Microsoft Australia platform strategy manager Paul Roworth..." This gentleman could be the next Craig Mundie.

  • Groklaw: Striking Declarations (Aug 30, 2004, 14:30)
    IBM wants some testimony from Chris Sontag struck from the record in the suit with SCO. SCO has countered, saying that the testimony is perfectly fine. Stories within.

  • CNET News: California Considers Open-Source Shift (Aug 30, 2004, 13:45)
    "California lawmakers and administrators got an earful on open-source software Friday..."

  • Free Software in Eastern Europe [Part II] (Aug 30, 2004, 13:00)
    "The result is that decisions are made that offer little or no benefit to the taxpayers who pay for the deals. In the case of Macedonia the taxpayers are seeing their money spent on purchases of doubtful merit with little justification..."

  • NewsForge: Migrating Windows to Linux--And Back--And Forth (Aug 30, 2004, 11:00)
    "In October 2003, Randy Lastinger, director of network operations for National Background Data, made himself so valuable to the company that it had to quit using Linux..."

  • Linux Journal: Vim Macros for Editing DocBook Documents (Aug 30, 2004, 09:00)
    "Macros for key mappings, tags and entities that can be used with DocBook/XML and other similar markup languages..."

  • FedoraNEWS.ORG : HOWTO Build Thuderbird RPM Package for Fedora Core (Aug 30, 2004, 07:00)
    "In this article, I'll be using Thunderbird 0.7.3 tarball on Fedora Core 1 as an example so please modify the spec file for your environment as necessary..."

  • Release Digest: KDE, August 29, 2004 (Aug 30, 2004, 05:00)
    This weekend's KDE apps: develop 0.6-0.1, PTimeTracker 1.7.3, KWirelessMonitor 0.4.0, Scribus 1.2, Kbitdefender 28.08.2004, KFormDesigner 0.3.1, KSubtile 1.01, KSayIt 0.8.0, KBeam 0.6, KMobileTools 0.2.0, kdecvs-build 0.83, Smb4K 0.4.1, tweakBSD 1, QtiPlot 0.3.4, skim 0.9.7, FSTabEditor 0.3, DBoxFE 0.0.3-0.61, rkward 0.2.6, kmp3db 1.3, SynCE-KDE 0.8.0, and cb2Bib 0.2.2.

  • Release Digest: GNU, August 29, 2004 (Aug 30, 2004, 05:00)
    This weekend's GNU apps: AUCTeX 11.53 and GNU Aspell 0.60.

  • Release Digest: GNOME, August 29, 2004 (Aug 30, 2004, 05:00)
    This weekend's GNOME apps: Loudmouth 0.17, Gossip 0.7.7, Gnome Pilot 2.0.11, Gnome Pilot Conduits 2.0.11, Gnome OSD 0.5.0, and Planner 0.12.1.

  • DistroWatch: Distributions, August 29, 2004 (Aug 30, 2004, 05:00)
    This weekend's distributions: Annvix 1.0 Alpha 2, Specifix Linux 0.6 (Alpha), Damn Small Linux 0.8.0, Conectiva Live Snapshot 20040828, Austrumi 0.8.8, Magic Linux 1.2 Beta 2, AGNULA/DeMuDi 1.2.0 RC 3, and Navyn OS 2004.08.