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Linux News for May 28, 2006

  • LWN: Japan to Develop and Deploy Open Source "Secure VM" (2006-05-28 21:00:26)
    "Japan's National Information Security Center (NISC) officially announced on Tuesday that it plans to develop "Secure VM" (secure virtual machine) and release it as open source software..."

  • KernelTrap: Merging OS Virtualization (2006-05-28 17:00:38)
    "Serge Hallyn provided a patch to introduce a per-process utsname namespace explaining, '[it] can be used by openvz, vserver, and application migration to virtualize and isolate utsname info (i.e. hostname)...'"

  • NewsForge: OSUOSL Splunks its Logs (2006-05-28 13:00:10)
    "A unique closed-source network monitoring product called Splunk is helping the Oregon State University Open Source Lab (OSUOSL) further its mission to 'accelerate the adoption of open source software across the globe...'"

  • Linux Forums: Setting Up a Server (2006-05-28 09:00:36)
    "This article teaches you, the reader, how to configure a GNU/Linux based server with three of the most important services that must be provided..."

  • developerWorks: Config File Processing with LibXML2 (2006-05-28 05:00:20)
    "This article, for UNIX developers who are unfamiliar with XML, explores the XML libraries developed by the Gnome project..."

  • ZDNet: The Programming Golden Gate Bridge (2006-05-28 01:00:26)
    "Paint.NET is an open source graphics editing tool I first discovered when George Ou mentioned it in a blog post last year..."