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Linux News for Dec 31, 2006

  • Free Software Magazine: Two views of the 3D desktop (2006-12-31 21:00:00)
    "Since my first exposure to an Apple ][ in sixth grade, I have interacted with computers primarily through a text-based interface. From my first `PR#6' command to this little journal entry (I tend to use Emacs for writing), I eschew fancy heavy-weight programs in favor of the simplest program possible. (I know, I said I use Emacs. Within that contradiction is the essence of simple complexity. Substitute vi if you wish.)"

  • Linux.com: 2006: The year the FSF reached out to the community (2006-12-31 17:00:00)
    "At the start of 2006, the Free Software Foundation (FSF) was largely inward-looking, focused on the GNU Project and high-level strategic concerns such as licensing. Now, without abandoning these issues, the FSF had transformed into an openly activist organization, reaching out to its supporters and encouraging their participation in civic campaigns often designed to enlist non-hackers in their causes. Yet what happened seems to bemuse even FSF employees."

  • LinuxPlanet: Enterprise Linux 2006--A Year Of Deals (2006-12-31 13:00:19)
    "The year also bore witness to an increasing trend, of sorts, among Novell, Oracle, and other software companies to justify their actions on the basis of 'customer demand...'"

  • Groklaw: Three Ubuntu Books, reviewed by Groklaw's luvr (2006-12-31 08:00:00)
    "This is perfect for a lazy day. Groklaw member luvr sends us his review of three Ubuntu books, "Moving to Ubuntu Linux," by Marcel Gagné, "The Official Ubuntu Book," by Benjamin Mako Hill, Jono Bacon, Corey Burger, Jonathan Jesse, Ivan Krstić , "Ubuntu Unleashed," by Andrew Hudson and Paul Hudson. Enjoy. Maybe today is a good day to give Ubuntu or Kubuntu a whirl, if you haven't already?"

  • Infoworld: Amsterdam Tests Open Source Software (2006-12-31 04:00:00)
    "Microsoft Corp. has two years in which to convince Amsterdam city authorities that it can offer better value for money on the desktop than open source alternatives."

  • Free Software Magazine: Free Software New Year's Resolutions (2006-12-31 02:00:00)
    " I'd like to suggest some resolutions that will assist you in your pursuit of free software."