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Linux News for May 30, 2007

  • GPL V3--Its True Purpose (2007-05-30 23:15:28)
    Declan on Ice: "'Regardless of the GPLv3 outcome, it should be noted that Microsoft and Novell are two large companies with plenty of attorneys--if they want to do business together over Linux and Microsoft products, it's not hard to imagine that they'll be able to find a way...'"

  • The Bugatti Principal (2007-05-30 22:30:20)
    Whurley: "Recently Gartner warned of the open source threat to the Big Four systems management vendors, but I don't think the current open source solutions are quite ready to take on the big four yet..."

  • The Patent Puzzle (2007-05-30 21:45:11)
    eWeek: "Patent fights are fights about money. The secondary issue, the one that makes the headlines, is control..."

  • Open Source Software Makes the Invisible Man (2007-05-30 21:00:15)
    PC Pro: "A University of Liverpool mathematician claims 30-year-old open source software has cracked the equation that will allow scientists to make objects--such as humans, tanks or even entire islands--invisible..."

  • Adobe Relicenses XMP Toolkit as Open Source (2007-05-30 20:15:17)
    Linux.com: "Adobe has released a new version of its Extensible Metadata Platform toolkit, and for the first time it is under an open source license that allows the code to be incorporated into free software..."

  • Linux: Rethinking Suspend and Resume (2007-05-30 19:30:01)
    KernelTrap: "What started as the review of a bug report grew into an interesting debate as Linus Torvalds slammed the current suspend and resume design in the Linux Kernel..."

  • openSUSE to Compete with Edubuntu? (2007-05-30 18:45:34)
    ZDNet Education: "At first blush, the new offering, with a proposed release this fall, appears to have the makings of a serious competitor..."

  • Linux Server Market Share Keeps Growing (2007-05-30 18:00:33)
    Linux-Watch: "Linux servers posted their second consecutive quarter of double-digit growth and now represent 12.7 percent of the overall server market, or $1.6 billion for the first quarter of 2007..."

  • Microsoft Wants to Build, Not Burn, IP Bridge (2007-05-30 17:15:30)
    internetnews.com: "But there is that pesky problem of patents, that Microsoft alleges certain Linux and open source code may be infringing upon..."

  • StarOffice, Linux Fly High on Singapore Airlines (2007-05-30 16:30:18)
    DesktopLinux: "Singapore Airlines is offering access to Sun's StarOffice 8 office productivity suite free of charge to passengers on its new Boeing 777-300ER aircraft..."

  • Novell's Dilemma (2007-05-30 15:45:21)
    Forbes: "Don't hate Novell because of its partnership with Microsoft. Hate Novell because its business stinks..."

  • Tux the Penguin Waddles to Last Place in Indy 500; Joost Fares Better (2007-05-30 15:00:05)
    CNET News: "...[W]e can imagine hordes of geeks wishing it had been a 'Vista car' instead. Imagine the 'blue screen of death' jokes that could have resulted!

  • Does Microsoft Have Wine in its Patent Sights? (2007-05-30 14:15:55)
    Computer Business Review: "While the patent cooperation agreement between Microsoft and Novell included a covenant from Microsoft not to sue Novell customers for their use of open source software, it appears the offer does not extend to the Wine and Open-Xchange projects..."

  • Palm to Launch Linux-Based Smartphone? (2007-05-30 13:30:58)
    PC Advisor: "Now Palm is telling industry watchers that founder Jeff Hawkins will unveil the new device during his talk at a trade show in Carlsbad, California called D: All Things Digital..."

  • GPLv3 Threatens Microsoft-Novell Pact? (2007-05-30 12:45:27)
    ZDNet Australia: "Novell is concerned that Microsoft could stop selling SUSE Linux coupons if the GPLv3 remains in its current form..."

  • SA Team Updates Translation Tools (2007-05-30 12:00:52)
    Tectonic: "South African translation specialists Translate.org.za have released new versions of the Translate toolkit and Pootle..."

  • ATI Drivers: Ubuntu vs. Windows (2007-05-30 10:30:01)
    Phoronix: "Yesterday we covered the graphics hardware needed to handle Beryl and on the heels of that article we are taking a quick look at another Linux versus Windows comparison for the official ATI/AMD graphics drivers..."

  • The Perfect Desktop--PCLinuxOS 2007 (2007-05-30 09:00:25)
    HowtoForge: "I found that PCLinuxOS is really easy to install and use, and it's a real alternative..."

  • Backing Up MySQL Data (2007-05-30 07:30:48)
    Linux.com: "Backing up files and directories is relatively easy; databases, however, have some special quirks that you need to address..."

  • Ubuntu's Restricted Driver Dialog Roundup (2007-05-30 06:00:53)
    Mad Penguin: "Since Ubuntu is so heavily targeted at Windows users, I will prepare you right now that we are about to enter 'click-n-drool' mode. You have been warned..."

  • Apt-get remove SUSE; apt-get install Etch (2007-05-30 04:30:30)
    DesktopLinux: "Ever since comparing seven Linux distributions on my 'old thinkpad' testbed, I've remained impressed with the flexibility and ease-of-maintenance of Debian-based Linuxes..."

  • Joost on Linux: It's Difficult, But Possible (2007-05-30 03:00:13)
    Ars Technica: "I grabbed an invite myself so that I could put Joost to the test on the open-source Linux platform..."

  • Ubuntu 7.04 Review (2007-05-30 02:15:18)
    Software in Review: "Ubuntu Linux continues to show steady improvement with version 7.04, but there's still room for improvement..."

  • A Good Reason to Go Open Source at School (2007-05-30 01:30:32)
    The New Zealand Herald: "This debacle over school computer software shows just how beholden the big institutions in society are to major software companies, and in particular--Microsoft..."

  • Teaching Microsoft: The Aftermath (2007-05-30 00:45:02)
    vnunet: "A lot has happened since I debunked Alan MacCormack's research.

  • Linux Desktop--Is it an Option for Normal Users? [Parts 2 & 3] (2007-05-30 00:00:22)
    Tech Support Alert: "I also received mail from the people in Mozilla, some of it agreeable and some of it less so. Many confessed they'd also found it hard to come to grips with Linux, but urged me to persevere..."