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Linux News for May 31, 2007

  • Why Novell Must Not Crash and Burn (2007-05-31 23:15:03)
    Linux Journal: "One reason why Novell has had so much vitriol heaped upon it is that until that deal with Microsoft, it seemed to be a company that really got open source..."

  • OLPC: Intel, Microsoft, and Other "Experts" Just Don't Get It (2007-05-31 22:30:16)
    Technology Director's Desk: "The One Laptop per Child project has got to be one of the most controversial topics in both education and technology..."

  • Comparing GNU/Linux and FreeBSD (2007-05-31 21:45:16)
    Free Software Magazine: "GNU/Linux is the most popular operating system built with free/open source software. However, it is not the only one: FreeBSD is also becoming popular for its stability, robustness and security..."

  • First-Person Shooters [Review] (2007-05-31 21:00:45)
    OS Reviews: "For some they represent the essence of video gaming, others despise the ubiquitous violence or simply find them extremely boring..."

  • Mark Shuttleworth Talks Dell, Hardware, Ubuntu 7.10 & More (2007-05-31 20:15:33)
    Phoronix: Earlier today we had spoke with Mark Shuttleworth to discuss the latest happenings in the Ubuntu world including Dell shipping Ubuntu PCs, getting open-source drivers from hardware vendors, and what is coming down the road for Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon..."

  • Point-and-Click Linux LVM Filesystem Workstation Backup, Part 2 (2007-05-31 19:30:18)
    LinuxPlanet: "In part 2 of this two-part series on LVM, A. Lizard will cover the dar backup script, emergency script, icon setups, setup of a backup GUI, insertion into a Knoppix .iso, backup, and restore..."

  • Linux Users Ask for More (2007-05-31 18:45:43)
    eWeek: "Enterprise IT users are looking for the major Linux vendors to update their enterprise products less frequently and to give them much more guidance about what is included in the patches and upgrades..."

  • Gentoo's New Secret Sauce Is Sweet and Sour (2007-05-31 18:00:58)
    Linux.com: "After several delays, Gentoo finally released version 2007.0, code-named Secret Sauce..."

  • Review: Fedora 7 (2007-05-31 17:15:06)
    Datamation: "Fedora 7 helps to convince me that the time when the major GNU/Linux distributions were distinctive is rapidly passing..."

  • Israeli Firm Puts Linux Computer on a USB Stick (2007-05-31 16:30:56)
    Electronics Weekly: "An Israeli start-up has put a Linux computer on a USB stick to act as a security system for notebook PCs and expects other applications to come..."

  • Google, Yahoo, Facebook Extensions Put Millions of Firefox Users At Risk (2007-05-31 15:45:37)
    Wired: "Firefox browser users love the myriad of third-party extensions that tweak the open-source browser's performance, but some of the most popular of those extensions have created a security hole so wide even a newbie AOL hacker could find it..."

  • LinuxTag: Berlin to Make BetterUse of Its Open-Source (2007-05-31 15:00:41)
    Heise Online: "At the opening of the trade fairs LinuxTag and IT-Profits the Senator of Economics of the German federal state of Berlin Harald Wolf announced in Berlin on Wednesday that his department would from 2008 on be switching to Linux.."

  • Which Laptop Per Child? (2007-05-31 14:15:28)
    The Guardian: "But last week Negroponte's composure finally broke as he lashed out at Intel for what he called a 'predatory' attempt to damage the not-for-profit scheme..."

  • Publication of the Microsoft Agreements (2007-05-31 13:30:31)
    Novell Open PR: "A number of articles about the filings indicate incorrectly that we are excluding OpenOffice from the covenant not to sue under the patent cooperation agreement. That's not the case..."

  • Microsoft Gets Novell Linux Code Ahead Of Open Source Community (2007-05-31 12:45:27)
    InformationWeek: "Under its controversial alliance with Novell, Microsoft is entitled to receive key technical documentation from the Linux distributor even if that documentation is not generally available to open source software developers..."

  • First Open Source Appliance Development Stack Builder Now Available in Fedora 7 (2007-05-31 12:00:07)
    PR/Fedora-Announce List: "The Fedora Project today announced that the latest version of its distribution, Fedora 7, is now available..." Full press release, with additional message from Max Spevack, Fedora Project Leader, within.

  • Compiling OpenSSH on Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn Server (2007-05-31 11:15:09)
    SearchEnterpriseLinux: "SSH is the standard for connecting to remote servers--without it we would all be taken back in time to the days of telnet and serial cables..."

  • Filesystem Encryption Tools for Linux (2007-05-31 10:30:52)
    Debian Admin: "Crypto filesystems keep your data safe--even if someone steals your computer. Linux offers a number of encrypted filesystem options--each with a different approach to the encryption problem..."

  • Using Ruby On Rails With Apache2 On Debian Etch (2007-05-31 09:45:49)
    HowtoForge: This article shows how you can install Ruby on Rails (RoR) and integrate it in Apache2 on a Debian Etch system..."

  • Firefox Extension Lets You Remove Elements from Web Pages (2007-05-31 09:00:37)
    Linux.com: "Are you irritated by huge graphical ads smack in the middle of an article...?"

  • Ubuntu Linux: Servers, Licensing and Installation Advice (2007-05-31 08:15:08)
    SearchEnterpriseLinux: "Ubuntu should be free, and if people want to install proprietary drivers, then it should be made simple and left to them to decide..."

  • nBox--Envision Your Network with nBox (2007-05-31 07:30:57)
    HowtoForge: "The life of a systems or network administrator requires us to maintain an expansive understanding of our network infrastructure to more effectively manage it..."

  • Hugin Developer Launches Photographic Distortion Correction Database (2007-05-31 06:00:48)
    Linux.com: "The lead developer of the Hugin panorama-stitching application, Pablo d'Angelo, has proposed a new open database for collecting camera lens information that could be used to correct systematic distortion in photographs.

  • Desktop Search Tools for GNU/Linux: The Competition Hots Up (Part One) (2007-05-31 04:30:35)
    Free Software Magazine: "I sometimes think that search tools are like my local bus: none comes along for ages and then three turn up in quick succession..."

  • An Open Source Approach to Fixing Public Media Funding (2007-05-31 03:45:57)
    Linux Journal: ""Christopher Lydon's RadioOpenSource is one of the best programs on radio. It's not about open source code, but about radio modeled on open source values and methods..."

  • PCLinuxOS 2007 Installation Review and First Impressions (2007-05-31 03:00:37)
    Tryst with Linux and Other Alternatives: "Never have I had such an incident free installation procedure before. Really! I'm not joking. There's literally nothing much (in terms of problems) to report..."

  • Ways to Understand the Linux Users--Popcon and Smolt (2007-05-31 02:30:28)
    /home/liquidat: "The Linux user is mainly an unknown species: since you can download your distribution anonymously and everywhere the distributors know almost nothing about their userbase..."

  • A Little History of Fuddenheim (2007-05-31 02:00:24)
    vnunet: "The last decades a little war has been fought in the small town of Fuddenheim, located near the border between the Principality of Liechtenwald and South Prussia..."

  • Microsoft Office or OpenOffice? (2007-05-31 01:30:07)
    AOL Blogging Stocks: "Looking around the globe, there are free alternatives to both of those software franchises, though, which makes one think: why doesn't everyone use the freebies and stop paying for Microsoft's two big products...?"

  • Novell Unpunished Over Microsoft Deal, Source Claims (2007-05-31 01:00:55)
    Reuters/InformationWeek: "Software maker Novell Inc. will not be punished by a software foundation that owns rights to much of the code..."

  • Will Users Want Palm's 'Companion?' (2007-05-31 00:30:54)
    internetnews.com: "Though you can edit files for the Microsoft apps, Foleo doesn't use Windows. It uses Linux. Palm said it also expects to make several new application announcements after the Foleo ships..."

  • Five Reasons that Prevent My 'School' from Adopting Open Source (2007-05-31 00:00:15)
    Tryst with Linux and Other Alternatives: "...[W]hile my heart goes out for the permeation of open source for the sanity of the global IT customer/user, my own school (in a non-western country) is eons away from moving towards open source awareness let alone adoption..."