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Linux News for Aug 30, 2007

  • What Microsoft Can and Cannot Do (2007-08-30 23:15:46)
    451 CAOS Theory: "As Redmond alters its course and plots its co-existence and next wave of competition with open source, it is running into everything from pushback to open arms to, more recently, a challenge by the Free Software Foundation..."

  • Playing the Numbers Game: How Many Linux Installations and Users Are Out There? (2007-08-30 22:30:12)
    /home/liquidat: "The last Desktop Linux Survey was interesting, but hardly surprising. But most important is that this was no real statistic: the sample was not representative by any means..."

  • "The Linux Experience" at Dell, A Tale of Woe and Wow (2007-08-30 21:45:17)
    [TriLUG]: "This is my tale of purchasing a computer from Dell, with Ubuntu 7.04 preloaded on it..."

  • How SCO Helped Linux (2007-08-30 21:00:45)
    Linux-Watch: "By drawing so much attention to Linux, and failing so spectacularly to find any legal flaw in it, SCO has actually helped Linux's business acceptance..."

  • DIY Linux Live CD--The Really Easy Way (2007-08-30 20:15:48)
    DesktopLinux: "Thanks to a note from its creator, DesktopLinux.com learned about a new 'release candidate' of Custom NimbleX 2 this week..."

  • Mandriva Benelux is Launched (2007-08-30 19:30:59)
    Mandriva: "Mandriva Benelux NV (Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg) was launched on August 16th 2007 as the sole Benelux partner for Mandriva S.A, offering Mandriva Linux operating systems..."

  • Zmanda Launches Open Source Backup App for the Enterprise (2007-08-30 18:45:32)
    LinuxInsider: "Targeting small and medium-sized businesses, Zmanda on Wednesday introduced an advanced enterprise-class release of its open source backup software called 'Amanda...'"

  • Red Hat Is Going On the Road: The Red Hat Value2 Tour (2007-08-30 18:00:38)
    Red Hat News: "The tour consists of half-day interactive seminars where IT decision makers can learn how to transform their enterprise with an open source-based approach to virtualization and service-oriented architecture..."

  • Ubuntu Xorg Maintainer Demonstrates Bulletproof X (2007-08-30 17:15:43)
    #open.ended: "Ubuntu Xorg maintainer Bryce Harrington recently demonstrated the BulletProof-X feature that is planned for inclusion in Ubuntu 7.10..."

  • Opinion: Looking Ahead to Linux Kernel Summit 2007 (2007-08-30 16:30:28)
    Computerworld: "The preliminary agenda has been posted, as has the list of attendees. So it is possible to look forward and get a sense for what is likely to be discussed..."

  • Linux: Relicensing Code (2007-08-30 15:45:25)
    KernelTrap: "In a recent series of patches posted to the Linux Kernel mailing list, it was proposed that some imported Atheros wireless device drivers be re-licensed, some from a dual-BSD/GPL license, others from a modified BSD license, all to a pure GPLv2 license..."

  • Linux Corporation Scam Targets the Unwary (2007-08-30 15:00:23)
    Linux.com: "Be on guard against alleged representatives of Linux Corporation offering to buy your photos--it's a scam..."

  • Linux Helps Dampen Novell's Losses (2007-08-30 14:15:40)
    The Register: "Novell narrowed losses in the third quarter, bolstered by the SUSE Linux business beginning to pull more weight..."

  • OOXML Roundup (2007-08-30 13:30:28)
    As the Sunday voting deadline approaches, mainstream media coverage and community opinion regarding the ISO approval process of the Open XML format continues to grow. Articles from The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, and <NO>OOXML within, as well as an opinion piece from Linux Journal and a defense from Microsoft's Jason Matusow on his company's missteps in Sweden.

  • HP Launches Red Hat Linux Desktop PC (2007-08-30 12:45:28)
    APC Magazine: "Hewlett-Packard, the world's largest PC manufacturer, has announced it will start selling Linux-based PCs from $AU600 in Australia..."

  • SCO Likely To Appeal Novell Ruling, CEO Darl McBride Says (2007-08-30 12:00:31)
    InformationWeek: "McBride says he was caught off guard by the judge's decision because SCO's position was backed by nine witnesses..."

  • Open Source ERP: Revving Up the Enterprise (2007-08-30 11:15:30)
    Baseline: "An open-source planning setup allowed the company to shift its operations--and save money..."

  • LeapFrog Jumps into Open Source (2007-08-30 10:30:22)
    eWeek: "A best-of-breed philosophy is leading LeapFrog Enterprises increasingly toward open-source options..."

  • Checking Out phpGroupware--The Virtual Office in a Box (2007-08-30 09:00:32)
    Blue-GNU: "On the surface, it is fairly simple to use. And yet, it is also a fairly complex and flexible system. The question is, just how useful is it...?"

  • Is Enterprise-Level, Open Standard, Open Source VOIP A Myth? (2007-08-30 07:30:42)
    Business Communications Review: "Not for a number of universities, where such systems are in use today in production environments..."

  • Linux Command Line Tips: Job Management (2007-08-30 06:00:16)
    Builder.au: "In this article we'll run through the basics of job control in Linux..."

  • Documentation Coverage Testing With dcov (2007-08-30 04:30:01)
    Linux Journal: "How often have you thrown up your hands in disgust at the poor quality of documentation for an open source project...?"

  • Optical Character Recognition With Tesseract OCR On Ubuntu 7.04 (2007-08-30 03:45:07)
    HowtoForge: "This document describes how to set up Tesseract OCR on Ubuntu 7.04. OCR means 'Optical Character Recognition...'"

  • Interview with OpenVZ Project Manager Kir Kolyshkin (2007-08-30 03:00:17)
    Montana Linux: "I had the opportunity to be part of the OpenVZ booth at the recent LinuxWorld Expo in San Francisco where I met the OpenVZ Project Manager, Kir Kolyshkin..."

  • X.Org 7.3 Preview (2007-08-30 02:15:16)
    Phoronix: "Among the new features for X.Org 7.3 include the Xorg server 1.4, an application for adjusting a display's backlight, updated display drivers, and support for font catalog directories..."

  • Manage and Protect Your Open Source Reputation (2007-08-30 01:30:33)
    Linux In Novell's East Region: "We all know (or are about to find out) that the world of Open Source Software isn't the same world as proprietary developers live in..."

  • Why Microsoft Fears Open Source More Than Other Proprietary Vendors Do (2007-08-30 00:45:12)
    The Open Road: "Here is the world's largest software company taking potshots at open source, which maybe affects 0.001% of its revenues today. If that..."

  • The Big Failure of the FSF (2007-08-30 00:00:48)
    Gustavo's IT Blog: "...[T]hey've made huge steps toward freedom in computing, but they have missed a key point: If the average computer user is not on our side, we'll get nowhere.