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Linux News for Oct 30, 2007

  • Thoughts on the Linux Job Market (2007-10-30 23:15:58)
    Enterprise Linux Log: "The Foote Partners report comparing average pay for certified IT skills versus non-certified IT skills got a lot of people talking..."

  • The (Not So) Hidden Goals of Prism, AIR, and Silverlight (2007-10-30 22:30:51)
    Standblog: "Unlike Adobe AIR and Microsoft Silverlight, we're not building a proprietary platform to replace the web..."

  • Miguel's Delusions of Grandeur (2007-10-30 21:45:54)
    iTWire: "News has emerged that the GNOME foundation is participating in meetings to discuss adoption of Microsoft's Office Open XML formats..."

  • Foundation Helping Microsoft (2007-10-30 21:00:17)
    PlexNex: "Respect for our esteemed ODF community friends & colleagues encourages me to take cover from today's anti-Foundation PR Blitzkreig in the nicest possible way..."

  • First Look: Ubuntu 7.10 Desktop Linux (2007-10-30 20:15:35)
    PC World: "Choosing a Linux distribution to run a Web site or a database is easy; Linux has handled servers well for years..."

  • ASUS GeForce 8600GT OC Gear 256MB [Review] (2007-10-30 19:30:58)
    Phoronix: "Earlier this month we looked at the ASUS P5E3 Deluxe WiFi motherboard, which featured a new technology called Express Gate that was an instant-on Linux-based desktop environment that supported a web browser and the Skype VoIP client..."

  • Freespire 2.0: Better Than You Might Expect (2007-10-30 18:45:25)
    DesktopLinux: "When I downloaded Freespire 2.03 for review, I wasn't sure what I was going to get..."

  • First Look: OpenSUSE 10.3 Desktop Linux (2007-10-30 18:00:36)
    PC World: "Beneath its slick graphical polish, the latest SUSE is still a hobbyist's OS at heart..."

  • Open Source is a Viable Option, Says the SSC (2007-10-30 17:15:26)
    Computerworld NZ: "The State Services Commission's championing of open source software in government helped its ICT branch pick up an award in the government category of the inaugural New Zealand Open Source Awards, held in Wellington this month..."

  • African Ministers Punt Free, Open Source (2007-10-30 16:30:36)
    Tectonic: "The meeting was chaired by South Africa's minister of public services and administration, Geraldine Fraser-Moleketi, who last month accepted an invitation to become a patron for the Free and Open Source Software Foundation for Africa..."

  • Red Hat, GroundWork Expand Alliance (2007-10-30 15:45:16)
    ZDNet: As open source management software makes gains, ISV GroundWork Open Source is getting more attention from Red Hat..."

  • Ministry of Education from Brazil is Buying 90,000 Debian GNU Linux Computers (2007-10-30 15:00:16)
    Linux Blog: "All computers will be installed at 9000 Brazilian schools..."

  • Sun Makes Its Moves Against NetApp (2007-10-30 14:30:30)
    Groklaw: "I thought you'd want to know that Sun's general counsel, Mike Dillon, has posted the latest on the NetApp v. Sun litigation..."

  • Vyatta Updates Open Source Router (2007-10-30 14:00:30)
    internetnews.com: "Open source networking vendor Vyatta is rolling out the latest community edition of its routing software, continuing efforts to target Cisco users in a battle for a slice of the multi-billion-dollar router market..."

  • Can a Google Phone Connect With Carriers? (2007-10-30 13:30:52)
    The Wall Street Journal: "Google Inc. is close to unveiling its long-planned strategy to shake up the wireless market, people familiar with the matter say..."

  • Price Of '$100 Laptop' For Poor Kids Hits $200 (2007-10-30 13:00:40)
    Reuters/InformationWeek: "A computer developed for poor children around the world, dubbed 'the $100 laptop,' has reached a milestone: Its price tag is now $200..."

  • Former OpenDocument Advocates Bolt for W3C Standard (2007-10-30 12:30:12)
    CNET News: "When it comes to document standards, it seems that one is never quite good enough..."

  • New York Times Opens Up Code (2007-10-30 12:00:58)
    Linux.com: "The New York Times likes open source--so much so that, as it gradually moves more of its print operations online, it is nurturing a Web development team that has released two of its own open source projects..."

  • Making Linux Application User Interfaces Richer with OpenGL (2007-10-30 11:15:44)
    Ars Technica: "Think of FOSSCamp as an 'un-conference' without a set agenda where the minds behind open source projects get together and plot world domination (and, err, ways to improve their code)..."

  • Does Active Directory Top Linux Authentication Options? (2007-10-30 10:30:28)
    SearchEnterpriseLinux: "...[G]etting the technology synced with servers has been a complex undertaking for IT practitioners, to say the least..."

  • Linux Media Player Roundup - Part 1 (2007-10-30 09:45:06)
    Raiden's Realm: "There is a vast number of tools available for Linux that provide the end user with access to a rich multimedia experience that is both satisfying, but also useful..."

  • Going All-In with PokerTH (2007-10-30 09:00:41)
    Linux.com: "While still pre-1.0, PokerTH is far enough along in development to be included as a standard offering in openSUSE, Ubuntu 7.10, and other distros..."

  • The Past 12 Linux Kernels Benchmarked (2007-10-30 08:15:32)
    Phoronix: "We have taken the last 12 major kernel releases, from Linux 2.6.12 to Linux 2.6.23, built them from source and set out on a benchmarking escapade..."

  • Meet Doxygen Maintainer--Dimitri van Heesch (2007-10-30 07:30:57)
    Blue-GNU: "Blue GNU interviews Dimitri van Heesch, founder and maintainer of the Doxygen project, to learn more about about how developers can manage their documentation..."

  • Setting Up A High-Availability Load Balancer... On Debian Etch (2007-10-30 06:00:19)
    HowtoForge: "This article explains how to set up a two-node load balancer in an active/passive configuration with HAProxy and keepalived on Debian Etch..."

  • Archlinux Tools: Pacman (2007-10-30 04:30:56)
    PolishLinux: "Pacman is the default package manager for Arch Linux distribution..."

  • Fluxbuntu 7.10 RC on 450Mhz K6-2, 256Mb [Review] (2007-10-30 03:45:40)
    Motho ke motho ka botho: "So I approach Fluxbuntu with a mix of hope and over-familiarity, and that might shine through because I really, really like it..."

  • GeeXboX, Windows Media Center Killer (2007-10-30 03:00:29)
    Tech Source from Bohol: "Can you imagine that there is a full operating system the size of 8.87MB? In fact, it has a graphical user interface and specializes in playing multimedia files using MPlayer..."

  • Another Day Another Distro--Part 5--Debian 4.0 Etch (2007-10-30 02:15:05)
    Adventures in Open Source: "I'd heard a lot of stories about Debian only being for hardcore hackers and real purists but I wanted to see for myself..."

  • Asus Eee PC 701 [Review] (2007-10-30 01:30:11)
    Laptop Magazine: "It's a little rough around the edges, but the Eee PC is a remarkably versatile machine for the price..."

  • Microsoft Open Source May Be Good for Open Source (2007-10-30 00:45:44)
    451 CAOS Theory: "It seems we've arrived upon Microsoft open source..."

  • Corporate Open Source Advice (2007-10-30 00:00:31)
    LinuxWorld: "Some surprising moves, such as the much-maligned mission statement, can help corporate open source projects work..."