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Linux News for Nov 30, 2007

  • The Convenient Fiction of Distributions (2007-11-30 23:30:51)
    Editor's Note: "This distro sux!" "No, that one does!" Interesting arguments, considering distributions are all built with nearly the same ingredients.

  • OpenSolaris Follows Linux to the Mainframe (2007-11-30 22:00:43)
    Underexposed: "Free-wheeling Linux was an improbable enough operating system to be used on IBM's mainframe line, but now an even more unlikely operating system is making an appearance there: Sun Microsystems' Solaris..."

  • OpenDocument Format Community Steadfast Despite Theatrics of Now Impotent 'Foundation' (2007-11-30 20:30:37)
    ZDNet: "Not only does it appear as though they were on a thin limb with their opinions that ODF should be buried and that CDF should take its place, they crawled out even further when they publicly disclosed that the W3C and IBM shared those opinions as well..."

  • KDE 4: Some Reasons for Design Decisions (2007-11-30 19:45:00)
    /home/liquidat: "I already posted a short list of programs and services which will be replaced by something new. However, that list didn't say much about the reasons behind these decisions..."

  • Two Koreas Join Forces to Develop Linux (2007-11-30 19:00:34)
    Korea IT News: "South and North Korea team up to develop a version of 'Hana Linux (tentatively named)' and set standards..."

  • Open Source Desktops Meet Managed Services (2007-11-30 18:15:26)
    MSPmentor: "So, you're thinking about offering managed hardware as part of a monthly service contract..."

  • Red Hat Plans to "Own" 50% of Server Market by 2015 (2007-11-30 17:30:51)
    Seeking Alpha: "But despite conventional wisdom about a battle between Linux and Windows, Windows gains over time are at the expense of 'other,' basically the mainframe..."

  • A New Copyright Law is Coming (2007-11-30 16:00:30)
    Kapica's Cyberia: "And the buzz is that the new [Canadian] law will basically be a copy of the controversial U.S. Digital Millennium Copyright Act..."

  • Novell's Trial Brief for Utah (2007-11-30 15:15:49)
    Groklaw: "It was filed in Utah back in the middle of September, on the same day that SCO filed for bankruptcy in Delaware, and so we never did a text version or paid much attention..."

  • RadeonHD 1.0.0 Driver Released (2007-11-30 14:30:36)
    Phoronix: "It was just a week ago that the RadeonHD v0.0.4 driver was released, but today it has been replaced by v1.0...!"

  • Dell Moves 40,000 Ubuntu PCs (2007-11-30 13:45:56)
    The Register: "It would seem, however, that only a fraction of these zealots were willing to back their votes with cash..."

  • Ageia's PhysX Delaying Unreal Tournament 3 For Linux? (2007-11-30 13:00:42)
    Phoronix: "For those that are not familiar with PhysX, it is a proprietary physics engine SDK, which can be accelerated by their discrete Physics Processing Unit..."

  • What Editor Do You Use? (2007-11-30 11:30:09)
    Linux Journal: "Tim Bray recently posted the results of his Developer Tool Survey (although, I think it was really an editor/IDE survey)..."

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Troubleshooting: Fixing Boot Problems by Repairing a Broken initrd (2007-11-30 10:00:17)
    SearchEnterpriseLinux: "Most of the time, your Linux server runs fine, maybe giving you some minor problems here and there. But one day you restart the system and find a critical error in the boot process..."

  • Writer's Café: An IDE for Writers (2007-11-30 08:30:38)
    Linux.com: "Legend has it that a Moleskine notebook and a pen were the tools of choice for Chatwin and Hemingway--but that's because they didn't have Writer's Café..."

  • How To Set Up Software RAID1 On A Running System... (2007-11-30 07:00:08)
    HowtoForge: "This guide explains how to set up software RAID1 on an already running Debian Etch system..."

  • Using KonsoleKalendar to Interact With Korganizer (2007-11-30 05:30:07)
    Blue-GNU: "KonsoleKalendar lets you interact with the calendar application in KDE's Kontact from the command-line..."

  • The So-Called 'Incompleteness' Theory Of Open Source (2007-11-30 04:00:13)
    InformationWeek: "Sourceforge.net, the premier repository for open-source software, has more than 160,000 projects registered. Many of them will never reach the 1.0 revision marker. But is that really a bad thing...?"

  • Skype 2.0 vs. Ekiga for Linux (2007-11-30 02:30:29)
    Mad Penguin: "Many of us wonder, why is there so much excitement over Skype when, at its core, Ekiga is a more robust application with even more maturity behind it...?"

  • Open Source Government: Europe Buying or Watching Open Source? (2007-11-30 01:00:03)
    Commercial Open Source Software: "The European Union, notably through its IST research programme, has been supporting open source for many years..."