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Linux News for Jan 01, 2008

  • Cross Compiler Blues (2008-01-01 21:00:20)
    The Beez' Speaks...: "It is the dilemma of every single FOSS developer. Sure, you want as many people as possible to use your software but you also want to acquaint them with the advantages of FOSS as well..."

  • Comparison of Free Software Shooters (2008-01-01 19:00:55)
    linuX-gamers.net: "There have been many free software first-person shooters projects over the years, from modded Doom and Quake engines to enhance the existing games (ezQuake, EGL, ZDoom), to free art packs such as OpenQuartz or OpenArena..."

  • Free Software in Polish Schools (2008-01-01 17:00:31)
    Polish Linux: "Thousands of Polish high school students now have a chance to learn about GNU/Linux and the benefits of using free software..."

  • Zenwalk 5: A Distribution Worth Trying (2008-01-01 15:00:29)
    Phoronix: "While Ubuntu Linux continues to grow--in both popularity and new advancements for the Linux ecosystem--and dance in the limelight, it isn't the choice for everybody..."

  • ODF vs. OOXML: War of the Words Chapter 4 (2008-01-01 13:00:00)
    ConsortiumInfo: "In those early days, not many bloggers were covering the ODF story, and email began to come my way from people that I had never met before, from as far away as Australia, and as near as the State House in Boston..."

  • Get Your Bearings with Map Extensions for Firefox (2008-01-01 11:00:15)
    Linux.com: "Whether you refer to online maps occasionally or on a daily basis, you can add several extensions to your Firefox browser to make Web-based mapping services even more useful..."

  • 9 Tips for the Aspiring Emacs Playboy (2008-01-01 09:00:10)
    LispCast: "I consider myself a beginning Lisper. I've been developing my software in Emacs for 8 months now. At first, I was clumsy at it. Emacs can be difficult and daunting..."

  • FreeNX Server and Client Installation in Debian Etch (2008-01-01 05:00:32)
    Debian Admin: "FreeNX is a system that allows you to access your desktop from another machine over the internet..."

  • Take Charge of Your Window Manager with WMCTRL and Devil's Pie (2008-01-01 03:00:38)
    Linux.com: "There are literally dozens of window managers that you can use with your favorite desktop environment to get a beautiful and appealing desktop..."

  • The Most-Read Stories of 2007 (2008-01-01 00:00:00)
    Editor's Note: Which stories got the most attention in 2007? Take a look inside...