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Linux News for Jan 28, 2008

  • Dual License Model: Future of Open Source? (2008-01-28 23:30:33)
    The Open Source Advocate: "I have noticed a trend developing in the business models of successful open source companies. These companies are implementing a business model that is based on dual licensing their software..."

  • The Working Platform--Computer In Appliance (TM) (2008-01-28 22:45:18)
    The Tech and Other Cents: "I recently understood that most of my 'computer'-related work is either already done or can be moved to be totally online..."

  • Scheduler Merges for 2.6.25 (2008-01-28 22:00:42)
    KernelTrap: "Ingo Molnar posted a merge request for the latest git scheduler tree..."

  • Commentary: ISO Should Kick OOXML Off the Standards Bus (2008-01-28 21:15:24)
    Linux.com: "Microsoft's responses make clear that within one year, it will have four different OOXML specifications to implement and interoperate with, and each of those specs will be closed. Under no circumstances should such a flawed specification become an international standard..."

  • Stop Making Stupid Lists! (2008-01-28 20:30:53)
    The Beez' Speaks... "Having had a scientific education I know something about the basic problems of classification..."

  • HP Tells Enterprises Fear the Source (2008-01-28 19:45:56)
    ZDNet: "The Hewlett-Packard open source strategy is becoming Fear the source..."

  • Why Don't Corporates Love Debian? (2008-01-28 19:00:52)
    iTWire: "The Debian GNU/Linux project needs more support--men, money and machines. But, apart from HP, big corporates don't offer the project much..."

  • Has Microsoft Disavowed Vista? (2008-01-28 18:15:58)
    eWeek: "It seems that Microsoft is already giving up on Vista and is setting up business users to switch from XP to Windows 7..."

  • Foundation Rewards Open Source Business Plans (2008-01-28 17:30:25)
    vnunet: "The Open Source Business Foundation, a European open source network has awarded a total of €75,000 to the three winners of its annual Open Source Business Awards..."

  • Software 'Tweaks,' Chinese New Year Delay Everex CloudBook (2008-01-28 16:45:58)
    Computerworld: "CloudBook was supposed to be available from Wal-Mart Inc. stores and the Walmart.com Web site today..."

  • Bear Mistake No. 1: Never Sleep on Red Hat Inc. (2008-01-28 16:00:17)
    thestockmasters: "Microsoft is still selling their Vista operating systems, good for them. But the future ladies and gentlemen is not Microsoft, rather it's all the nerdy coders that created the Open Source wave..."

  • The Non-Revocable GPL (2008-01-28 15:15:30)
    Groklaw: "I know by now you've seen the notice by the guy claiming to 'revoke' the GPL license on his code, because I'm getting email about it..."

  • Next Debian Release by Year-End... Maybe (2008-01-28 14:30:40)
    iTWire: "The next release of Debian GNU/Linux, Lenny, is expected to take place before the end of 2008, senior developer Martin Krafft told a miniconference on the distribution at the Australian national Linux conference today..."

  • Mandriva Linux 2008 Spring Beta 1 "Ophrys" Released (2008-01-28 13:45:32)
    Mandriva: "The first beta, codenamed Ophrys, for Mandriva Linux 2008 Spring (2008.1) is now available..."

  • Five Reasons Not to Fear a $200 Linux PC (2008-01-28 13:00:50)
    CNET News: "In fact, buying Linux and learning how to use it are easier than ever, thanks to the open-source operating system's expanding presence in affordable computers and mainstream retail outlets..."

  • Nokia Buys Trolltech (2008-01-28 11:30:11)
    Computerworld UK: "Never a dull moment in the world of open source. First Sun buys MySQL, and now the Finnish telecom giant Nokia is acquiring Trolltech..."

  • The Rise of the FOSS Spinmeister (2008-01-28 10:45:47)
    iTWire: "Having sent Stowell a detailed email asking him whether SCO planned to sue other Linux companies and received a reply in the negative, I went ahead and wrote a story..."

  • The Free Software Hardliner, The Corporation, and the Shotgun Wedding (2008-01-28 10:00:22)
    Linux.com: "We called it Free Software at first. It wasn't until we started calling it Open Source that the punditry line counts began creeping up higher than the code line counts..."

  • Rollup E-reader Runs Linux (2008-01-28 08:30:54)
    LinuxDevices: "Philips spinoff Polymer Vision has announced plans to ship a Linux-based e-reader with a flexible, rollup display..."

  • Dm-band, Block I/O Bandwidth Controller (2008-01-28 05:30:21)
    KernelTrap: "'I'm happy to announce that I've implemented a Block I/O bandwidth controller,' began Ryo Tsuruta, explaining that it was intended to be used in a cgroup or virtual machine environment..."

  • Volume: Money or Misdirection? (2008-01-28 01:00:41)
    tecosystems: "In the wake of the billion dollar valuation of MySQL, a number of intelligent folks have been crunching the estimated numbers in search of an equation that makes sense in the context of the market economics..."