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Linux News for Mar 30, 2008

  • With Vista Breached, Linux Unbeaten in Hacking Contest (Mar 30, 2008, 21:00)
    Australian PC World: "With Vista being hacked Friday, a Linux laptop was the one system that did not get compromised at the CanSecWest PWN 2 OWN hacking contest this week..."

  • OOXML Vote Tracker and Calculation Guide (Mar 30, 2008, 19:00)
    ConsortiumInfo: Unless thus-far unannounced votes that were formerly 'approve' or 'abstain' switch to 'disapprove,' it appears that OOXML will be approved..."

  • EU Pumps €10m Into Open Source Privacy Management (Mar 30, 2008, 16:00)
    Techworld: "...PrimeLife, which aims to develop open source tools for personal privacy management and protection, and get the community at large to adopt them..."

  • Open Source Databases: Shallow But Widespread (Mar 30, 2008, 12:00)
    tecosystems: "With the rare exception, most of the open source database vendors have declined to storm the castle, believing--correctly--that they were not in a position to compete effectively in such markets..."

  • Don't Work Downstream from Redmond (Mar 30, 2008, 04:00)
    LinuxDevCenter: "This is my problem with Microsoft's patent pledge, with the Microsoft-Novell deal over codecs for Monopolight, and just about everything coming out of Redmond except for the pretty words of the open source interoperability lab..."

  • The Best Linux Marketing Tip: Don't Mention Linux (Mar 30, 2008, 00:00)
    The VAR Guy: "The VAR Guy wasn't looking for love, but he found it during a trip to his local CostCo last night. There, he spotted the $299 Eee PC from Asus..."