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Linux News for Jul 29, 2008

  • Convert Filenames to Lowercase (2008-07-29 23:30:02)
    Linux Journal: "I was going to claim I wrote this yesterday but the timestamp on the file is 22 Nov 1998. Nothing new, nothing fancy but it does the job."

  • Bordeaux 1.4 Released with Microsoft Office 2003 Support (2008-07-29 23:00:02)
    Wine-Reviews: "...version 1.4 comes with support for Microsoft Office 2003, Visio 2003 and Project 2003. Version 1.4 has improved Office 2000 menu support and Cellar support fixes. There has also been many small bug fixes and tweaks on the backend to improve the speed and reliablity of all the supported applications and games."

  • Management: What Motivates Your Techies? (2008-07-29 22:30:02)
    Enterprise Networking Planet: "Techies are not so different from other employees; it’s just that the things they hold most important are very, very important to them. Even in the post dot-com era, they know there are greener pastures."

  • SplashTop "Instant-On Linux" Gets Hacked (2008-07-29 22:00:02)
    Phoronix: "...members of the Phoronix Forums have hacked SplashTop. They have been able to run SplashTop from a USB stick on non-ASUS motherboards, boot SplashTop within a virtual machine, run custom applications, and launch a terminal within this proprietary Linux environment."

  • Can AMQP break IBM's MOM monopoly? (2008-07-29 21:30:02)
    Interop Systems: "IBM and Tibco between them control a whopping 93% of the MOM market, which the research firm estimates will be worth around $725 million this year. With a market share like that, IBM and Tibco can pretty much charge whatever they like (using IBM’s arcane “processor value unit” pricing scheme, WebSphere MQ will cost you tens of thousands of dollars per processor)."

  • What's on Your Bookshelf? (2008-07-29 21:00:07)
    Linux Today Blog: "Paper is good. It's easy on the eyes, portable, easy to hold, and requires no power to read. It can't be infected with DRM, and the vendor cannot flip a remote kill switch and make it unreadable..."

  • Using Sysctl To Change Kernel Tunables On Linux (2008-07-29 20:30:02)
    The Linux and Unix Menagerie: "...sysctl is a very versatile command and can be used either in its standalone form, or through the modification of the /etc/sysctl.conf file. First, we'll take a brief look at what the sysctl standalone command can do. It doesn't have too many options, so explaining them quickly upfront will make the rest seem like it makes more sense..."

  • Launchpad Wants to Host Your Project (2008-07-29 20:00:02)
    OStatic: "Canonical promotes Launchpad as being all about collaboration - which makes sense, since very few open source projects can thrive in the absence of an active community. To further this, version 2.0 adds a formalized way to do code reviews online, with branches proposed for merging spawning their own discussion areas and mailing lists."

  • Developers' Delicate Dance With the iPhone App Store (2008-07-29 19:30:52)
    LinuxInsider: "Developers pay the company $99 a year to be a part of the program, and Apple keeps 30 percent of the sales revenue. Software updates are offered on Apple's timetable, which tends to slow things down when an application has a bug that needs fixing."

  • KDE 4.1 Rocks the Desktop (2008-07-29 19:00:52)
    Linux.com: "KDE 4.1 was finally released to the public today. After all the controversy since the release of KDE 4.0, I'm happy to announce that KDE 4.1 simply rocks."

  • Control, Transparency, and Customer Contributions to Open Source (2008-07-29 18:30:52)
    The Open Road: "While most open-source projects attract little to no outside developer interest, corporate-sponsored open-source projects start with an implicit handicap by demanding control of the destinies of their projects:"

  • Sleipnir Browser Straddles Firefox & IE Rendering (2008-07-29 18:00:52)
    OStatic: "...it's an extremely customizable browser, and it allows you to choose whether you want to use Firefox's Gecko rendering engine or Internet Explorer's. If you, as I do, primarily work in Firefox but keep Internet Explorer on hand when you run into trouble such as rendering problems, this browser presents an interesting solution."

  • Web Video and the Net's Creaking Backbone (2008-07-29 17:30:52)
    LinuxInsider: "Two weeks ago, Apple and AT&T outlets opened their doors to massive lines of fans eager to buy the new iPhone 3G. The stores were stocked and ready to sell, but the network -- shouldered with the burden of activating so many new phones -- was quickly overwhelmed, and the process slowed to a crawl. Demand quickly outpaced the ability of the system to provide for it, and as a result, it failed. Most users were told to go home and activate their new phones from there."

  • Xataface Lets Non-technical Users Edit MySQL Data (2008-07-29 17:00:09)
    Linux.com: "Xataface is a framework for the LAMP stack designed to allow non-technical users to edit the contents of MySQL databases through a Web interface. While phpMyAdmin is a great tool for database administrators and those who are familiar with SQL and database design, Xataface aims at allowing less technical people to modify the database."

  • 5 Simple Reasons to Choose Linux Over Vista (2008-07-29 16:30:09)
    Brajeshwar.com: "Windows Vista comes with an in-built digital rights management (DRM) feature that is absent on Linux machines. The DRM features can cause a lot of problems like - technical support problems, sluggish behavior of the computer, conflict with the peripheral devices and software.'

  • Will a $19.99 Ubuntu Succeed Where the Free Version Hasn�t? (2008-07-29 16:00:09)
    Datamation: "...if I take my experience of Linux as a benchmark then what I've found is that if things go OK and you only see the happy face of Linux, then the world is a happy place. But if things start going wrong, and for one reason or another Linux shows you its Mr. Yuk face, then things get real ugly, real fast."

  • Four Commands to Analyze Connection Usage under Linux (2008-07-29 15:30:09)
    Trendics: "Is someone establishing an excessive number of connections to your server? Here are the commands I like to run to analyze connection usage."

  • If Bush Gets it Done, America Gets FREE Software! (2008-07-29 15:03:08)
    The Great American Lame Duck Presidential Challenge: "The CodeWeavers Lame Duck Presidential Challenge will make its software products downloadable for free to all Americans for 24 hours at www.CodeWeavers.com if President Bush accomplishes at least one of the following goals:"

  • Wi-Fi Planet Compendium of DD-WRT (2008-07-29 14:30:09)
    Wi-Fi Planet: "Among the most sought after, widely read stories at Wi-FiPlanet are the ones addressing DD-WRT. One reader wrote in recently to ask if we had more than five. More than five? Um...yeah."

  • How To Patch BIND9 Against DNS Cache Poisoning (Debian/Fedora/CentOS) (2008-07-29 14:20:08)
    HowtoForge: "Dan Kaminsky earlier this month announced a massive, multi-vendor issue with DNS that could allow attackers to compromise any name server - clients, too. These two articles explain how you can fix a BIND9 nameserver."

  • DNS Patch Causes BIND Blunder (2008-07-29 14:15:24)
    ZDNet: "The group responsible for maintaining the internet's most popular domain name software BIND has admitted it caused problems by fast-tracking a security patch designed to fix the widescale DNS flaw discovered by researcher Dan Kaminsky this month."

  • Wine @ Work: Running MS Office and IE on Linux (2008-07-29 14:00:09)
    Linux Magazine: "King Solomon called wine a mocker and the same can be said of Wine: The software package that runs Windows software under Linux. It mocks the way we think about platform-specific programs and applications -- blurring the lines between Windows and Linux."

  • What's on Your Bookshelf? (2008-07-29 13:45:43)
    Do people even read paper books and magazines anymore? Obviously enough are to keep paper publications alive, but for how long? Paper is good. It's easy on the eyes, portable, easy to hold, and requires no power to read. It can't be infected with DRM, and the vendor cannot flip a remote kill switch and make it unreadable...

  • Features For Phoronix Test Suite 1.2 (2008-07-29 13:30:09)
    Phoronix: "We're in the middle of the development cycle right now for Phoronix Test Suite 1.2 "Malvik", but we expect to wrap up this first major post-1.0 release in September. Phoronix Test Suite 1.2 -- which is licensed under the GNU GPLv3 -- will ship with full support for a module/plug-in architecture, advanced analytical features, enhanced hardware/software detection support, and support for other UNIX operating systems."

  • DNS Disaster: First Attacks Reported (2008-07-29 13:00:09)
    ZDNet: "The first attacks that are likely to have stemmed from a serious Domain Name System flaw have been reported."

  • 18 Features Windows Should Have (but Doesn't) (2008-07-29 12:30:09)
    PC World: "Linux users have long enjoyed the freedom to keep large numbers of applications running simultaneously--without being overwhelmed by screen clutter--thanks to the power of virtual workspaces."

  • The Blender Foundation's "Big Buck Bunny" is a Peach! (2008-07-29 12:00:09)
    Free Software Magazine: "The Blender Foundation’s second free-content movie, Big Buck Bunny, is the product of the foundation’s “Peach Open Movie” project, and the results are impressive. Like the previous Elephants Dream movie, this film pushes the technical envelope for the “Blender” free software 3D rendering and animation application; unlike it, it succeeds as pure entertainment."

  • Create video animations with Inkscape, ImageMagick and FFmpeg (2008-07-29 11:00:09)
    Nuxified: "Want to create an animation on GNU/Linux and then convert it to a video file? Well here is one way to do it that does not involve GIMP Animation Package (GAP). While there is nothing wrong with the GIMP GAP method, you might just find it useful to know about an alternative way of doing it that might just work for you. Maybe you are running into problems with GAP or you wish greater flexibility and control over your frames."

  • Smail - the Lighter Mail Server (2008-07-29 11:00:09)
    Free Software Magazine: "Smail is simple, clean and efficient. Although it is as secure as pretty much most of its larger cousins (it’s been the subject of just one security advisory), it has arguably one of the least cumbersome configuration set-ups around. Its small size and simple configuration make it a great replacement for the bigger MTAs — especially Sendmail — in situations where you just don’t have the time/energy/patience to get involved with configuring an MTA."

  • Shell Script To Emulate A Thesaurus For Linux or Unix (2008-07-29 09:30:09)
    The Linux and Unix Menagerie: "Today's Linux/Unix bash shell script is for those of us who sometimes get lost for words. This happens to me at least a few times a day as I seem to talk, and type, way too much. Every now and again, I'll find myself facing a sentence that is not only redundant, but also seems to repeat its central message more than once ;) Sometimes redundancy is a good thing, though. If you've ever listened to an instructional or motivational speaker, you've probably noticed that a lot of them like to hit on the "rule of 3's" (sometimes 4's and 5's, with the annoyance factor increasing commensurate to the occurrence of repetition..."

  • How To Install Django On Debian Etch (Apache2/mod_python) (2008-07-29 08:00:09)
    HowtoForge: "This tutorial explains how to install Django on a Debian Etch server. Django is a web framework that allows to develop Python web applications quickly with as much automation as possible. I will use it with Apache2 and mod_python in this guide."

  • Testing a HELP System in a Java Application (2008-07-29 06:30:09)
    Packet: "When users do not find a way out from a specific problem in our application, it is the help section they turn to. Hence it is important that the help feature is well maintained and without any errors. In this article by Tim Lavers and Lindsay Peters, we will see the errors that can occur in our help section and how to test the help section."

  • SourceForge Award Winners Announced (2008-07-29 05:00:09)
    IT World: "Linux took the title for "Most Likely to Change the World," prompting me to wonder whether it's really fair to give a "most likely" award to something that has already done what it's "most likely" to do."

  • CrossOver Games 7.1.0 Released (2008-07-29 03:30:09)
    Wine Reviews: "I am happy to announce that we have now released version 7.1.0 of CrossOver Games, for both the Mac and for Linux."

  • 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Linux Kernel Code Metrics (2008-07-29 02:00:09)
    Linuxator: "Recently Greg Kroah Hartman showed some very interesting Linux kernel development stats. I decided to do some too and the result are 5 cool things you probably didn’t know about the kernel code ;-) These aren’t anything I’ve seen so far about the kernel."

  • Make Your Desktop Rotate as a Cylinder or Sphere (2008-07-29 00:30:09)
    Maketecheasier: "For Linux users those who like to impress their friends with the the awesome Compiz eye candy and desktop effects, here is another new trick that you can show: make your desktop rotate as a cylinder or sphere."