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Linux News for Sep 26, 2008

  • Transmeta, Chip Patents Up for Sale (2008-09-26 23:25:24)
    internetnews.com: "Transmeta, the chip maker that once challenged Intel with its low-power x86-compatible processors and once employed Linux creator Linus Torvalds for some time, has put itself up for sale."

  • Never Installed a Firewall on Ubuntu? Try Firestarter (2008-09-26 23:03:03)
    LinuxSecurity.com: "By the end of this article, the user will be able to install and configure Firestarter and will also be able to live a secure and healthy life ... over the internet."

  • Red Hat HPC Linux Cometh (2008-09-26 22:45:34)
    The Inquirer: "Red Hat will announce its first high performance computing optimised distro, the Red Hat HPC on 7 October."

  • Gentoo Linux Cancels Distribution (2008-09-26 22:12:27)
    internetnews.com: "But the news doesn't necessarily mean a setback for the project."

  • Red Hat: Go Support Yourselves, Fedora Users (2008-09-26 21:38:22)
    The Register: "There is always a temptation to try to monetize the vast installed base of users who are making use of the so-called development or community editions of programs. But Red Hat isn't going for it."

  • Linux.com's Guide to the 2008 US Presidential Candidates (2008-09-26 21:01:28)
    Linux.com: "As November's national election looms in the United States, voters can expect increasing coverage of the hot-button issues through the mainstream media and campaign ads. On issues important to the open source and free software communities, however, information is harder to come by."

  • 31-year-old Texas Native Develops Solar Powered Wireless on Linux-based System (2008-09-26 20:34:31)
    EMQ: "The router is to become part of a reliable Internet communications network connecting remote towns in developing countries."

  • Microsoft CEO Ballmer: Apple iPhone and Mac Will Lose (2008-09-26 20:05:23)
    MacDailyNews: "Long term, he said, the battle will be between the Symbian OS (which is now open source), mobile versions of Linux and Windows Mobile."

  • Ten Amazingly Alternative Operating Systems (2008-09-26 19:29:15)
    pingdom: "This post is about the desktop operating systems that fly under the radar of most people. We are definitely not talking about Windows, Mac OS X or Linux, or even BSD or Solaris."

  • Devil-Linux Distro Bundles Router/Firewall and Server in One Live CD (2008-09-26 19:03:21)
    linux.com: "Devil-Linux might sound hellish for a Linux distribution, but this live CD offers many blessings for your server needs."

  • Richard Stallman Looks Back at 25 Years of the GNU Project (2008-09-26 18:32:21)
    linux.com: "On September 27, 1983, Richard M. Stallman announced his intention to found the GNU project in order to build a free operating system. Now, 25 years later, the Free Software Foundation is marking the anniversary of the announcement with a month-long celebration."

  • Canonical Wants to Know What you Want From Ubuntu Server (2008-09-26 18:02:21)
    Practical Technology: "Canonical is running a survey for Ubuntu Server edition users to see how they're currently using Ubuntu and where they're using it so they can make the next version even better for Linux system administrators."

  • Will Mobile Open Source Learn From Closed? (2008-09-26 17:39:21)
    the 451 group: "... as Google attempts to leverage a mobile Linux OS and open source to garner its usual developer strength, and Apple works to control its mobile OS and the applications that may or may not run on it."

  • CUPS: How to Manage Multiple Printers (2008-09-26 17:01:56)
    PACKT: "Unlike other printing systems, CUPS features a way to let you select a group of printers to print a job instead of selecting just one."

  • Sundown on Solaris? (2008-09-26 16:33:19)
    InformationWeek Blogs: "Open sourcing the platform was too little, too late. Well, maybe not sundown, but it's getting mighty dark out."

  • GNOME 2.24 Gains Empathy IM (2008-09-26 16:08:10)
    DesktopLinux.com: "The GNOME project has released a major upgrade of its desktop environment that adds an instant messaging (IM) client."

  • Fedora @5: How a Community Approach Works (2008-09-26 15:36:10)
    internetnews.com: "Seeing the Fedora Project pass its five year milestone got me thinking about the early days of the community-based Linux distribution and how far it's come."

  • The Five Best Desktop Linuxes You Haven't Tried (2008-09-26 15:01:11)
    Cyber Cynic: "One of the pleasures of Linux is that you can try out different distributions to see which one works best for you."

  • Technology Review: Counting Every Vote (2008-09-26 14:33:58)
    Technology Review: "California's secretary of state says open-source software is needed to safeguard electronic voting systems."

  • A Dozen Cool Plasmoids For Your KDE Desktop (2008-09-26 13:10:58)
    TechWorld: "A plasmoid is an applet developed with KDE's new Plasma application development environment. More information about Plasma can be found at its Web site."

  • Gentoo 2008.1 Release Solutions (2008-09-26 12:13:58)
    Daniel Robbins:"Gentoo seems to be having problems with .'1' releases - 2007.1 was cancelled and now 2008.1 has been cancelled."

  • Mac Fans Disappointed in GTK+ Port (2008-09-26 10:30:48)
    WebMonkey: "Those wanting to run Linux apps on their Mac desktops now have reason to rejoice -- sort of. The GTK+ software development framework has been ported to Mac OS X, so it's now possible to install and run GTK+ applications on your Mac."

  • Google Chrome—Minus the Snooping (2008-09-26 09:01:40)
    OSTATIC: "German company SRWare developed its knock-off of Chrome for users who are concerned about Google's policies for collecting private information--a constant Achilles heel for the company. "

  • The Netherlands Patent Office Changes to Open Source Software (2008-09-26 07:31:45)
    The Netherlands Patent Office: "The Netherlands Patent Office is the first government authority to implement the 'Nederland Open in Connection' action plan and to switch a large number of its ICT systems to what is known as open source software."

  • Oracle, Red Hat Spar Over Linux (2008-09-26 05:57:50)
    ComputerWorld: "Asked if there has been any measurable impact on Red Hat, Andrew Cathrow, Red Hat product marketing manager, responded, 'To be quite honest, not at all.'"

  • Battle of the Linux Distros (2008-09-26 04:33:02)
    Lifehacker: "Lots of Linux distributions make claims about being easy to use, fast, or stable, but what does that mean for a non-programmer trying out a Linux system for the first time?"

  • Do-It-Yourself Konqueror Commands (2008-09-26 03:02:47)
    Linux.com:"KDE's Konqueror is as multifunctional as a Swiss Army knife. It works as both a file manager and a Web browser, and you can enhance it even further by adding new commands to its repertoire by means of service menus."

  • Microsoft's Newest TCO Study Overlooks Windows Biggest Cost (2008-09-26 01:24:08)
    CNET: "The problem is that the research fails to acknowledge the biggest cost of working with Microsoft: the cost of exit."

  • How to Set Up an iPod on Linux (2008-09-26 00:02:56)
    HomeLinux.org: "There are published instructions for setting up an iPod using Linux but they don't seem to apply to this model as they refer to a firmware file which, as far as I can see, doesn't exist on this iPod."