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Linux News for Oct 29, 2008

  • More Tricks With BashDiff (2008-10-29 23:31:51)
    Linux.com: "Today we'll look at modifying positional parameters, parsing XML, talking to ISAM and relational databases, creating GTK+2 GUIs, and a few other tricks and issues."

  • Google and Partners Plan Open Source Blitz In Australia (2008-10-29 23:01:51)
    The VAR Guy: "Google is working with three major IT consulting firms to launch an open source software blitz in Australia, The VAR Guy has learned. An event is planned for November 7 at Google’s Australia headquarters in Sydney."

  • BMW: In-Drive Conversation with Open Source (2008-10-29 22:31:51)
    Linux Magazine: "Bavarian automaker BMW has set its sights on Open Source for the infotainment packages of its cars. If it were up to BMW, all automakers would be working on a common platform."

  • HP Announces $399 Mini 1000 Netbook and MIE Linux (2008-10-29 22:01:51)
    Geek.com: "The Mini 1000 is notable not only because the 2133 was a big hit after being released, but also because HP has moved from using a VIA processor to Intel’s Atom. If that isn't enough to get you interested the Mini 1000 will be available with HP's Mobile Internet Experience (MIE), an attractive and intuitive user interface built on top of Ubuntu Linux."

  • Three Scripts for Package Management on Debian and Ubuntu Systems (2008-10-29 21:31:51)
    Linux.com: "Five of the top 10 most downloaded distributions on Distrowatch use the Debian package system. It has developed a rich infrastructure of utilities -- not just the core commands apt-get and dpkg, but also such less well-known commands as apt-cache, apt-spy, and apt-listbugs. In addition, an array of other scripts, some mashups of existing utilities, and some original, are regularly available on sites like openDesktop.org."

  • Open Source Heads Off to School (2008-10-29 21:01:51)
    OStatic: "Fresh on the heels of news of its hookup with Dimdim, a maker of open source conferencing software, Zimbra has announced a new hosted set of services focused on schools. In other news, Wimba, which makes collaboration tools for education, is in a partnership involving the popular open source e-learning platform Moodle."

  • Nouveau Companion 40 (2008-10-29 20:31:51)
    Phoronix: "It's been almost six months since the last issue of the Nouveau Companion, but Pekka Paalanen has rejuvenated these efforts and has put out the 40th issue of this newsletter that updates the open-source community on the status of the Nouveau project, an effort to reverse-engineer NVIDIA's binary driver and provide a fully open-source 2D and 3D implementation."

  • How to compile a custom kernel for Ubuntu Intrepid (2008-10-29 20:01:51)
    My Thoughts: "The KernelCompile wiki page at Ubuntu won't work if you want to compile a custom kernel for Ubuntu Intrepid. Here you'll find the a corrected step-by-step how to."

  • Faces Behind Popular Linux Distros (2008-10-29 19:53:20)
    yab Blog: "Have you ever wondered who are the people behind Ubuntu, Debian, Slackware,..? Stop wondering and have a look at faces behind popular Linux Distros."

  • openSUSE Elects First Community Board (2008-10-29 19:31:42)
    openSUSE News: "So the polls are closed now and all votes have been accounted for and confirmed valid, and we are now proud to announce the election results! The openSUSE project would like to welcome the first community elected board, and would like to thank all voters for taking the time to use their vote."

  • Ventures in upgrading (k)Ubuntu: Fix DVD Playback and Locale Issues in (k)Ubuntu 8.04 (2008-10-29 19:01:42)
    Mutaku: "We have been using kUbuntu for about 3 years now and have always been slow to upgrade to newer versions, fearing the impending bug, broken configuration with hardware, or grub issues. So when 8.04 rolled out, having been using a 'fairly' stable 7.10, we were quite hesitant to change. However, we had finally decided to upgrade this past weekend, and to our suprise, everything was smooth....well somewhat..."

  • RHEL 5.3 Beta Released, CentOS Beta-Testers Needed (2008-10-29 18:31:42)
    CentOS: "But that is not the complete truth, Red Hat usually has an internal, a vendor and a public beta period and everything that is found within that time-frame might get fixed before it is being shipped (and frozen) for the next 6 months."

  • Clutter is Good for Intel's Moblin Linux (2008-10-29 18:01:42)
    InternetNews: "What's the key to more Linux adoption on mobile devices? Intel wants to know. The chipmaker is searching for answers with its Moblin 2.0 mobile Linux project."

  • PC Makers Move Closer to a Post-Windows World (2008-10-29 17:31:42)
    Fortune: "In January, Hewlett-Packard will introduce a glossy black mini-laptop at retail for a mere $379. When it does, it will become the first major computer maker this decade (besides Apple, of course) to push a non-Windows PC in stores."

  • Comix - User friendly Comic Book & General Image Viewer in openSUSE (2008-10-29 17:01:42)
    SUSE & openSUSE: "Comix is a user-friendly, customizable image viewer. It is specifically designed to handle comic books, but also serves as a generic viewer. It reads images in ZIP, RAR or tar archives (also gzip or bzip2 compressed) as well as plain image files."

  • Digium Reinvents AsteriskNOW (2008-10-29 16:31:42)
    Enterprise VoIP Planet: "When Asterisk sponsor Digium, Inc. released AsteriskNOW, early in January 2007, the stated aim was to provide an open-source telephony "appliance." Not appliance as in hardware/software combo, but appliance as in 'all the software you need to get a complete telephony application up and running'-- even if you don't know a lot about Linux administration."

  • Audacity Tutorial part 2 -- Applying Effects (2008-10-29 16:01:42)
    Free Your Media: "During our first Audacity session we used this application in order to record and play tracks. It's high time we utilised Audacity to apply some effects and correction tools. We will use built-in and plugins."

  • How to Install Rufscript (A Nice Handwriting Font) in Ubuntu Hardy/Intrepid (2008-10-29 15:31:42)
    Ubuntu Geek: "Hiren has created a nice font called Rufscript based on the handwriting of someone he knows.This font is available under GPLv3 with font exception."

  • Ubersoft's Help Desk ... A Reorganization Plan for SCO (2008-10-29 15:01:42)
    Groklaw: "UBERSOFT. We Patent, So You Can't."

  • Review: 64 Studio 2.x (2008-10-29 14:31:42)
    Raiden's Realm: "64 Studio is a Linux distribution built upon Debian with both 64 bit processors, and the designer in mind. It takes the best of Debian, strips out the unnecessary extras, then rebuilds it as a one stop shop for those doing everything from print to web design."

  • 15 Beautiful Ubuntu Wallpapers for a Sleeker Intrepid Ibex (2008-10-29 14:01:42)
    Tech Source From Bohol: "The release of Ubuntu 8.10 "Intrepid Ibex" is just moments away. If indeed this latest version of Ubuntu will sport a new theme, then we will certainly be seeing an ultra-fresh default wallpaper. I've seen several great-looking wallpapers posted at Ubuntu Wiki that would look good on Intrepid Ibex."

  • Ontario LinuxFest 2008 (2008-10-29 13:31:42)
    Linux.com "An estimated 250 people attended the one-day Ontario Linux Fest at the Days Hotel near Toronto's major airport. Among the 27 sessions were keynotes from Jeremy Allison of Samba fame and numerous interesting sessions on everything from Nintendo Wiimote integration in X to an introduction to a group called Geekcorps that seeks to bring usable computers and the Internet to rural West Africa."

  • ICANN Proposes New Way to Buy Top-Level Domains (2008-10-29 13:01:42)
    Linuxworld: "ICANN is seeking comments on a proposal that would open up the market for generic top-level domains (TLDs) on the Internet, basically allowing anyone with US$185,000 to buy a new TLD."

  • Microsoft Slugs Aged Care Centres (2008-10-29 12:31:42)
    Australian IT: "Microsoft will rip an estimated $70 million out of the aged care sector's IT budget over the next 18 months as it forces users to pay full commercial rates for previously discounted software."

  • Atheros "Aligns" With Consumers (2008-10-29 12:01:42)
    Wi-Fi Planet: "By focusing on the single-stream feature, the Align chips are designed to enable a new class of entry-level consumer Wi-Fi devices that deliver 802.11n performance at 802.11g prices. Align solutions are also forward-compatible to higher-performance, multi-stream, MIMO-based 802.11n, providing a smooth upgrade path for consumers."

  • Would The Internet Exist Without Linux? (2008-10-29 10:31:42)
    PC Mech: "The internet as we know it today predominantly runs on Linux. There's an extremely high probability that the internet connection you're using right now is connected thru a Linux server - and routed thru many other Linux servers along the way. Below is a graph showing the market share for top servers across all domains from August 1995 to September 2008 - from news.netcraft.com."

  • fdupes - Command Line Tool to Find and List/Delete Duplicate Files (2008-10-29 09:01:42)
    SUSE & openSUSE: "fdupes is a simple Command Line utility to find and list duplicate files in the specified directories. fdupes can also delete the found duplicate files if instructed. fdupes can follow Symlinks and can be instructed to ignore hardlinks. fdupes can also show the size of the duplicate files."

  • Teach an Old Shell New Tricks With BashDiff (2008-10-29 07:31:42)
    Linux.com: "BashDiff is a patch for the bash shell that can do an amazing number of things. It extends existing bash features, brings a few of awk's tricks into the shell itself, exposes some common C functions to bash shell programming, adds an exception mechanism, provides features of functional programming such as list comprehension and the map function, lets you talk with GTK+2 and databases, and even adds a Web server right into the standard bash shell."

  • Is Ubuntu the Barack Obama of Linux? (2008-10-29 06:01:42)
    Datamation: "Oh, the unfairness of it. Take a look at the list of the most popular Linux distributions. Topping the user rankings? Ubuntu, of course. Based on the DesktopLinux survey (from 2007) or the current Distrowatch list, it runs easily ahead of the other options."

  • Lenovo Servers Debut With Windows, Linux Support (2008-10-29 04:31:42)
    PC World: "A recent decision by Lenovo to cut back sales of pre-installed Linux PCs has not altered the company’s commitment to offer operating system choice for its new server products launched this week."

  • 50+ Resources For Your Linux Setup/Desktop/Machine/Brain (2008-10-29 03:01:42)
    Internetling: "Today I'll be giving out some link love, but at the same time I’d like to show you some of the links I gathered in the past to make my Linux Desktop look Cooler. And by Jean-Luc Picard, what a wondrous list it is!"

  • Gutenprint 5.2.1 Drivers for Linux and Mac OS X Improve Printer Support (2008-10-29 01:31:42)
    Heise Online: "According to the rather detailed release notes, the total number of printers supported by Gutenprint 5.2.1 is 1400. This is 655 more devices than the previous 5.1 release, although 468 of those are black and white laser printers which are actually handled by a new PostScript driver. The list also does include printers from around the world, some of which are rare in the UK."

  • 10 Years Later, Misunderstood DMCA is the Law That Saved the Web (2008-10-29 00:01:42)
    Wired: "If you're wondering whom to thank for the Web 2.0 explosion in interactive websites, consider sending a bouquet to Congress. Today's internet is largely an outgrowth of the much-reviled Digital Millennium Copyright Act that lawmakers passed in 1998, and President Clinton signed into law exactly a decade ago Tuesday."