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Linux News for Nov 25, 2008

  • One Guy, 3 Netbooks (2008-11-25 23:04:51)
    Datamation: "Netbooks are a new category of laptop computer, defined mostly by their small size and cheap price. The category started only a year ago and has evolved drastically since. I tried the first netbook, an Asus Eee PC with a 7-inch screen and didn't like it; the keyboard and screen were much too small. But many disagreed with me, and the popularity of that first Eee PC led to dozens and dozens of imitators."

  • Manage Your Music With ID3 Tag Editors (2008-11-25 22:34:51)
    Linux.com: "I checked out half a dozen of the more popular and stable graphical ID3 tag editors available for Linux. I found that going from no tags to great tags requires keeping more than one of these editors on hand."

  • Free as in Freedom, Not Free as in Freeloader (2008-11-25 22:04:51)
    LinuxPlanet: "There is one other major point that goes hand-in-hand with free as in freedom, and that is that ethics matter. All decisions have an ethical basis. We hear "leave the zealotry and politics out of it, and just make a purely technical decision." There is no such thing, and if you don't make a consciously ethical decision then it will be made for you."

  • Recession Proof Your Enterprise With Linux-Based Virtualisation (2008-11-25 21:34:51)
    IT Wire: "Businesses everywhere are looking to cut costs in the grip of reduced consumer spending, decreased advertising and a general slowdown of trade. Linux can aid you in cutting your infrastructure costs - no matter your platform of choice."

  • A Recovery Plan for a Superbad Superblock (2008-11-25 21:04:51)
    ServerWatch: "Linux therefore has multiple copies of the superblock in different locations. Thus, even if you get a "bad superblock" error, you can still rescue your filesystem, as described here."

  • How to Check Package Dependencies With apt-rdepends on Ubuntu (2008-11-25 20:34:51)
    Ubuntu Geek: "By default, apt-rdepends shows a listing of each dependency a package has.It will also look at each of these fulfilling packages, and recursively lists their dependencies."

  • Open Mobility? (2008-11-25 20:04:51)
    Linux Magazine: "...when people did talk about "Openness", it had the focus of "It is great that your product is open, but why should I open up mine?""

  • Google Layoffs: 10,000 Jobs Being Cut, Report Claims (2008-11-25 19:34:51)
    PC World: "Google may be preparing to lay off thousands of workers, if a Silicon Valley information service is to be believed. WebGuild cites anonymous inside sources as saying up to 10,000 Google jobs could be on the way out, with smaller scale layoffs already underway."

  • Novell needs a recount: Red Hat still leads in certified applications (Update) (2008-11-25 19:04:51)
    The Open Road: "Novell has been doing a lot of good things lately in its Linux business, but counting certified applications is apparently not one of them. Novell on Monday announced that it has taken the lead in certified applications vis-a-vis Red Hat, with more than 2,500."

  • Observations on Power Management (2008-11-25 18:47:51)
    Matthew Garrett: "The "powersave" and "performance" CPU governors in the Linux kernel are misleadingly named. Powersave will generally not save you energy. Performance will generally not provide you with extra performance."

  • On Technology (2008-11-25 18:34:51)
    Linux Journal: "I did a very informal survey and discovered that most people do not carry any bills in their pockets on most days, relying instead on their debit cards."

  • Closed Linux Driver Problems Described (2008-11-25 18:04:51)
    LinuxDevices: "Binary-only Linux drivers will never work for the majority of Linux users, Harald Welte told hardware developers at a Taipei conference. The Linux kernel's lack of an ABI and intentional lack of stable APIs make binary drivers a losing battle purely for technical reasons, he suggests."

  • Fedora 10 Released (2008-11-25 17:47:51)
    Linux Format: "Fedora 10 has just been released to the waiting masses. Andy Hudson takes the distro for an early test run, exploring the new features and seeing how it stacks up against the other major players in the Linux league..."

  • Photo Management on Linux - Part 1 (2008-11-25 17:34:51)
    Jamie's Random Musings on Video IM: "As Thanksgiving falls particularly late this year, we opted for the weekend before, and had 20 or so people for dinner Saturday. That resulted in a lot of digital pictures being taken, which brought my attention back to photo management on Linux."

  • No Accounting Software for Linux? (2008-11-25 17:04:51)
    Managing L'unix: "There is no OSS accounting...solutions worth a hoot. This is the main reason we still run so many Windows machines in the office. Of course this is the main drawback of any OSS adoption. There is a serious lack of good applications."

  • osCommerce is Dead: Long Live the NEW osCommerce Project (2008-11-25 16:47:51)
    ECommerce-Guide: "Fed up with waiting for eight long years with no final product in sight and no visible development activity, a splinter group of osCommerce programmers has left the dormant project and officially formed a new osCommerce project."

  • First Jaunty Jackalope (Ubuntu 9.04) Alpha Hops Into View (2008-11-25 16:34:51)
    ars Technica: "A particularly exciting community-driven effort for Ubuntu 9.04 is the jump to Mono 2.0, a major update of the open source .NET implementation that was recently released by Novell."

  • Killer Open Source Monitoring Tools (2008-11-25 16:04:51)
    InfoWorld: "In the real estate world, the mantra is location, location, location. In the network and server administration world, the mantra is visibility, visibility, visibility. If you don't know what your network and servers are doing at every second of the day, you're flying blind. Sooner or later, you're going to meet with disaster."

  • The Vi Input Mode for Kate is "Done" (2008-11-25 15:34:51)
    Erlends hjem i skyene: "I just marked the Vi input mode ("V.I.M."? :) ) for the Kate kpart as done in the feature plan for KDE 4.2. It feels a bit weird to mark it as done, though, as there are tonnes of things I want to implement after KDE 4.2."

  • Is the Era of Open Source Legal Stupidity Over? (2008-11-25 15:04:51)
    Linux and Open Source: "I would love to go through 2009 and never have to use the tag "legal" on an open source blog post."

  • Getting Better Results With WUBI (2008-11-25 14:34:51)
    James Selvakumar's Blog: "WUBI dramatically reduces the gap that prevents windows users to try Ubuntu...Yes, with WUBI, installing Ubuntu is just like installing Firefox or Thunderbird on a windows machine.:

  • AWK: The Linux Administrators' Wisdom Kit (2008-11-25 14:04:51)
    Oracle: "The AWK utility, with its own self-contained language, is one of the most powerful data processing engines in existence — not only in Linux, but anywhere. The limits to what can be done with this programming and data-manipulation language (named for the last initials of its creators, Alfred Aho, Peter Weinberger, and Brian Kernighan) are the boundaries of one's own knowledge."

  • Better Firefox in KDE4 (2008-11-25 13:34:51)
    Abhishek Rane's Weblog: "Well I simply love KDE4 but one thing that really annoyed me was the way firefox looked in KDE4 and so after googling a bit I found some simple solutions to make firefox look more Kde4ish."

  • ASUS CEO Says Linux Netbook Returns On Par With Windows (2008-11-25 13:04:51)
    OStatic: "Shen says four million EeePC netbooks have been sold this year, with models offering pre-installed Windows versions rolling out in the later quarters. He says ASUS has found the return rates for the Linux and Windows models are similar."

  • WFTL Bytes! for Nov 24, 2008: SCO is over, for now, It's Jaunty Jackalope Already, Don't Go Online (2008-11-25 12:45:42)
    WFTL Bytes!: "This is WFTL Bytes!, your occasiodaily FOSS and Linux news show for Monday, November 24, 2008, with your host, Marcel Gagne. Stories for today include the end of the road for SCO, (honest, finally, really) first tenuous hops from Ubuntu's Jaunty Jackalope, a brighter than bright future for ASUS, Google and Apple netbooks, and why you aren't safe online."

  • Replacing High-End Unix With Enterprise Linux? Not so Fast (2008-11-25 11:34:51)
    Computerworld: "Some customers are finding they have a place for both, and that Linux isn't necessarily an economic no-brainer."

  • A Tale of Two Forks (2008-11-25 11:19:29)
    While I was writing last Friday's editor's note, "Linux Should Copy Amiga", I kept thinking what a different story it would have been if Amiga had been released under a Free Software license. I'm sure I'm not the only one with that thought. Then I ran across osCommerce is Dead: Long Live the NEW osCommerce Project. While the circumstances are different, this is also a story of a software project in trouble. But it has a different ending, because osCommerce is licensed under the GPL.

  • TuxMobil Surpasses 8,000 Linux Installation Guides Available (2008-11-25 10:04:51)
    PRWeb: "TuxMobil, the largest current web directory of Linux and mobile hardware, announced this month that it has surpassed the unrivaled milestone of 8,000 different installation guides in one place to help users install Linux on their laptop and notebook computers."

  • The Internet License Plate Gallery (2008-11-25 09:34:51)
    WebReference: "The Internet License Plate Gallery showcases automobile license plates with an Internet theme. Plates like NET GOD, and HTMLGAL qualify, and EMILY and UMGOBLU do not. The brainchild of Richard Wiggins owner of Michigan's INTRNET license plate, the gallery came about after he heard Andy King owned a vanity Net plate WEBMSTR. Rich figured that there were lots of people with these things, why not make a gallery?"

  • DataForm Adds Efficient Input to OpenOffice.org Calc (2008-11-25 08:34:51)
    Linux.com: "Spreadsheets might be called databases for the timid, since they're more user-friendly than databases and do a good job working with limited amounts of data. Some tools for databases can work well with spreadsheets too. Take for instance DataForm, a new OpenOffice.org Calc extension that provides a form-like interface designed to make entering and finding spreadsheet data easier."

  • Cabletv.sh For Linux or Unix - Final Blog Update (2008-11-25 07:04:51)
    The Linux and Unix Menagerie: "For this week's Monday Linux/Unix bash shell script continuation, we're finishing up the blog version of our cabletv.sh script from last week. If you liked that one, and want to check out other versions, please revisit last week's cabletv.sh script, and that page will link back to all the other versions of the script hosted on this blog."

  • Migration from Apache to Lighttpd (2008-11-25 05:34:51)
    Packt: "In this article by Andre Bogus, we will be focusing on migrating from Apache to Lighttpd web server. Lighttpd is the perfect solution for every server that is suffering load problems, as it has a small memory footprint compared to other web-servers, effective management of the cpu-load, and advanced feature set, such as FastCGI, SCGI, Auth, Output-Compression, URL-Rewriting, and many more."

  • VBoxHeadless - VirtualBox 2.0 On A Headless CentOS 5.2 Server (2008-11-25 04:04:51)
    HowtoForge: "This guide explains how you can run virtual machines with Sun xVM VirtualBox 2.0 on a headless CentOS 5.2 server. Normally you use the VirtualBox GUI to manage your virtual machines, but a server does not have a desktop environment. Fortunately, VirtualBox comes with a tool called VBoxHeadless that allows you to connect to the virtual machines over a remote desktop connection, so there's no need for the VirtualBox GUI."

  • Pointillism Meets Pixelation: Using the Java 2D API to Animate Art (2008-11-25 02:34:51)
    IBM Developerworks: "Paul Reiners shows how to animate images in unexpected and artistic ways using the Java 2D API and cellular automata. In the process, he demonstrates implementation of an image operator in Java code and explains cyclic space, a type of 2D cellular automaton. You can use the ideas from this article to create your own image operators and artistic programs using Java technology."

  • Linux Users Unite ...And Riot: More Funny Fake News (2008-11-25 01:04:51)
    The Linux and Unix Menagerie: ""They're such NICE young men," said 78 year old Mildred Matthews, walking her dog nearby. "They would pet my dog, and we'd talk about Art Bell, Deep Space Nine and the X Files. I think they just got tired of being repressed and kept down by The Man..."

  • 15 Inspiring Steve Jobs Quotes for FOSS Developers to Ponder (2008-11-25 00:34:51)
    Tech Source From Bohol: "It's a known fact that Free and Open Source software developers are inspired by the words of Stallman and Torvalds, but I think it won't hurt if they will also reflect on some of these great quotes by Steve Jobs:"