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Linux News for Nov 26, 2008

  • Editor's Note: Much to be Thankful For, a Photo Tour (2008-11-26 23:03:44)
    The U.S. Thanksgiving holiday is tomorrow, and so, like everyone else is going to do today, I'm going to ponder some of the many things I have to be thankful for. A picture is worth a thousand words, so here is a little gallery of cool stuff.

  • A future so bright Tux needs shades (2008-11-26 22:33:44)
    Linux and Open Source: "To hear Linux Foundation executive director Jim Zemlin tell it, the operating system war is over and Linux has won."

  • Fedora 10 proves infrastructure matter (2008-11-26 22:03:44)
    Linux.com: "However, infrastructure affects almost everything you do with your computer, and the more you use Fedora 10, the more you are likely to conclude that -- one or two minor problems aside -- this may be the strongest Fedora release yet, as well as the first glimpse of its future."

  • The complete Christmas shopper's guide to Linux-based netbooks (2008-11-26 21:33:44)
    The Linux Distillery: "Give a gift of a netbook this year; I will be. These ultra-light computing devices are versatile, affordable and appealing. But which one to buy? Should you pay more for a laptop? What are the pros and cons between different models? Never fear, here's how to work your way through the morass and buy with confidence!"

  • Dimdim out of Beta on December 3rd (2008-11-26 20:33:44)
    Netstat -vat:"Dimdim first demoed their software a year ago at DEMO - and their "Eagle" release came out in May of this year. Dimdim has also recently benefited from the investment of Zimbra founder Satish Dharmaraj."

  • Analyst: Red Hat "deeply undervalued," Oracle Linux "has failed" (2008-11-26 20:03:44)
    The Open Road: "Red Hat has been taking a beating in the stock market recently, but in a recent research note leading analyst Mark Murphy of Piper Jaffray thinks this represents an exceptional opportunity to buy into a "deeply undervalued" company."

  • eGroupware Version 1.6 Available (2008-11-26 19:33:44)
    Linux Magazine: "The eGroupware project has released version 1.6 of its web-based software. Amongst the changes is a completely revamped filemanager which uses PHP stream-wrapping and WebDAV, and ACL control on files and directories."

  • Testing the Linux Waters - Live CD vs Dual Boot (2008-11-26 19:03:44)
    steaming open cup: "It is understandable that they would prefer a setup wherein they can continue working in the environment that they are familiar with and be able to try out Linux during their spare time. Luckily, these people have a couple of options: a Live CD or a Dual Boot System."

  • Xavier School Deploys 600 Ubuntu Linux Desktops (2008-11-26 18:33:44)
    WorksWithU: "Xavier is the latest K-12 school to move Ubuntu Linux to the head of the class. In fact, the school has deployed more than 600 Ubuntu desktops, according to Pierre Tagle, Xavier's consulting IT director."

  • Steve Ballmer Loves Linux (2008-11-26 18:03:44)
    Ken Hess's Linux Blog: "He says so many negative, nasty, and acrid things about Linux that there is only one possible answer: Steve Ballmer Loves Linux."

  • Asterisk Founder Talks About Hardest Part of Being Open Source PBX Creator (2008-11-26 17:33:44)
    Computerworld: "Imagine an IP voice and unified communications system that can be integrated into any application and customised to meet business needs... Well that project is the Asterisk IP-PBX and it's free to use and you get the source code."

  • Apple Slammed for Killing Open-Source iTunes (2008-11-26 17:03:44)
    PC Advisor: "The Electronic Frontier Foundation has criticised Apple's attempt to quash efforts to help the latest iPods and iPhones work with non-Apple software such as the Linux operating system."

  • TiddlyWiki Derivatives Help You Get Things Done (2008-11-26 16:33:44)
    Linux.com: "With TiddlyWiki derivatives, you can manage tasks, track projects, keep tabs on contacts, and organize book collections. Like the original TiddlyWiki, each derivative consists of a single HTML file which you have to download to your local hard disk. Open the downloaded file in a browser, and the TiddlyWiki-based tool is ready to go."

  • Obvious Mistakes Caused Europeana Site Failure (2008-11-26 16:03:44)
    PC World: ""Brussels, we have a problem." That was the message to the paymasters behind Europeana, an Internet portal designed to pool all of Europe's most treasured cultural icons, as it tried unsuccessfully to launch last week."

  • Photo Management on Linux - Part 2 (2008-11-26 15:33:44)
    Jamie's Random Musings on Video IM: "When I am looking for a photo management program, I want one which meets most or all of the following requirements: - Allows me to store my photos where I want on the disk."

  • Interrogating a Linux Machine (2008-11-26 15:03:44)
    Linux Journal: "The other day, a client called upon me to perform a hardware and software inventory on all of the computers on his network. There weren't that many machines to inventory, but we needed to gather quite a bit of information about each one."

  • Three Applications for Making Disc Labels (2008-11-26 14:33:44)
    Linux.com: "Making labels for DVDs and their cases is an often overlooked task. Many discs are lucky to have some terse information quickly scrawled on them after burning. But there are some fine open source applications available for creating labels for CD-ROM and DVD disks and printing jewel case inserts, including gLabels, kover, and cdlabelgen."

  • Red Hat's Winning Fedora 10 Linux Arrives (2008-11-26 14:03:44)
    Cyber Cynic: "You'll end up making a bloody mess of yourself with most bleeding-edge programs. Fedora 10, however, is a true cutting-edge Linux distribution."

  • Linux Thin Clients: Record Sales In October? (2008-11-26 13:33:44)
    The VAR Guy: "Even as the economy went into a nosedive, Wyse Technology Inc.'s thin client sales continued to climb higher. In fact, Wyse - which increasingly promotes Linux-based solutions through channel partners - says the company generated record revenue in October."

  • Linux Still Tops in Supercomputers (2008-11-26 13:03:44)
    451 CAOS Theory: "When I was a reporter a few years ago, I began covering the fast rise of Linux to dominance on the Top500 Supercomputer list. Since the list comes out every six months, I would end up getting a response like, "Is it that time of year again already?""

  • Security Breach Can't Halt Fedora 10's Debut (2008-11-26 12:03:44)
    InternetNews: "Despite a security breach earlier this year, Red Hat is out today with its tenth release of the Fedora Linux distribution, promising new open source security, virtualization and appliance-building technologies."

  • Free Icon-To-Speech: Open-Source Speech for Disabled (2008-11-26 10:33:44)
    OLPC News: "Cynthia, the daughter of my friend Sue, has cerebral palsy and uses a small touchscreen with picture icons to speak. Sue explained that this is a costly piece of equipment at $6,000, with a $400 fee when it needs service - expenses that many middle-class families with special needs children in even the developed world cannot afford."
    link fixed--ed.

  • Reducing IT Costs with Linux (2008-11-26 09:03:44)
    Datamation: "With all of the talk these days about the desktop Linux taking on Windows in the enterprise sector, have you ever considered that with some simple compromises, using Linux desktops running different thin clients can work very well within the confines of what most businesses need?"

  • Hardening the Linux Desktop (2008-11-26 07:33:44)
    IBM Developerworks: "This tutorial takes you through the steps of installing and configuring antivirus software, creating a backup-restore plan, and making practical use of a firewall. When you finish, you'll have the knowledge and tools you need to harden your Linux desktop against most attacks and prevent illegitimate access to your computer."
    link fixed--ed.

  • 2008 State Of The Penguin Report - Part 1 (2008-11-26 06:03:44)
    Blog of Helios: "Blog of helios is happy to publish their findings after over 1000 separate Linux installs. This will be the first part of a three part weekly series. We hope there is something for all of us to learn within."

  • A Tale of Two Forks (2008-11-26 04:33:44)
    Linux Today Blog: "While I was writing last Friday's editor's note, "Linux Should Copy Amiga", I kept thinking what a different story it would have been if Amiga had been released under a Free Software license. I'm sure I'm not the only one with that thought..."

  • GCC hacks in the Linux kernel (2008-11-26 03:03:44)
    IBM Developerworks: "GCC and Linux are a great pair. Although they are independent pieces of software, Linux is totally dependent on GCC to enable it on new architectures. Linux further exploits features in GCC, called extensions, for greater functionality and optimization. This article explores many of these important extensions and shows you how they're used within the Linux kernel."

  • Accessing Your MySQL Database from the Web with PHP (2008-11-26 01:33:44)
    WebReference: "In this chapter, we explain how to access the Book-O-Rama database from the Web using PHP. You learn how to read from and write to the database and how to filter potentially troublesome input data."

  • Flash Alternative: Processing Version 1.0 (2008-11-26 00:03:44)
    Linux Magazine: "This past weekend has produced a version 1.0 of Processing, a Flash alternative product that runs under GPL."