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Linux News for Nov 28, 2008

  • Collection of 50 Best Looking Linux Gnome/Ubuntu Themes to Download (2008-11-28 20:05:11)
    TechieSouls: "I recently installed new version of linux (Ubuntu Intrepid ibex) on my secondary computer and i wanted to customize it like i am used to customize windows."

  • Glendix: Bringing the Beauty of Plan 9 to Linux (2008-11-28 16:05:11)
    OSNews: "Anyway, sometimes, a new distribution is started that brings something new to the table. One such "distribution" is Glendix, which aims to combine the Linux kernel with the userpsace tools from Plan 9. Distribution is probably not the right term for this project."

  • openSUSE Bids Good-Bye to EULA (2008-11-28 12:05:11)
    OSNews: "openSUSE is adopting a new license which is based on the the license used by Fedora."

  • Enabling Samba Shares Across Subnets, Part 2 (2008-11-28 08:05:11)
    LinuxPlanet Classics: "In Part 1 we set up a simple anonymous Samba file and printer server. Now we're going to share it across subnets."

  • Run your NFS server in the user address space with NFS-GANESHA (2008-11-28 04:05:11)
    Linux.com: "NFS-GANESHA is an NFS version 2-4 server that runs in the user address space instead of as part of the operating system kernel. Filesystem in Userspace (FUSE) lets you run a filesystem in the user address space instead of as part of the Linux kernel, but the FUSE support in the Linux kernel from many Linux distributions does not allow you to export FUSE through NFS. NFS-GANESHA lets you expose FUSE through NFS without patching your kernel."

  • Enabling Samba Shares Across Subnets, Part 1 (2008-11-28 00:05:11)
    LinuxPlanetClassics: "It is still taught that Samba shares cannot be accessed across subnets. But actually Samba can cross subnets. It's easy for Linux hosts, and a bit less easy for Windows clients. But fear not, for we shall guide you through safely past the traps and pitfalls.