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Linux News for Jan 01, 2009

  • Linux clipboard utilities lead to frustration and defeat (2009-01-01 20:04:21)
    AP Lawrence: "# xclipboard
    Error: another clipboard is already running
    Huh? I'm not sure why that would matter anyway, but:"

  • AMD move brings open source gaming closer (2009-01-01 16:04:21)
    ZDNet: "The problem has always been that the graphics drivers needed for really high-end gaming just were not available through open source. Yesterday AMD tore down that wall."

  • Weekly Ten (12-29-2008) (2009-01-01 12:04:21)
    Tech Source From Bohol: "1. Banish your daemons for a faster Linux PC In common with other parts of the early Unix operating system, the term 'daemon' gives little away about what its function might be."

  • 2008: A year of the Linux Distillery in review (2009-01-01 08:04:21)
    The Linux Distillery: "As 2008 draws its final breath let's reflect on some of the highlights of the year. There were major new FOSS releases, battles with Microsoft, arguments to further the cause of Linux as a viable server and desktop platform and more."

  • Mastering SSH: Connecting, Executing Remote Commands and Using Authorized Keys (2009-01-01 04:04:21)
    Enterprise IT Planet: "The ssh command line utility is a staple for people who work on remote systems. ssh stands for "secure shell," so as you may expect one of its most common uses is as a remote shell. While that is perhaps its most common use, it isn't the only, or most interesting, thing you can do with ssh."

  • 12 Handy Tips for Your New Linux Netbook (2009-01-01 00:04:21)
    Tech Republic: "Got a new Linux netbook? Here's some things to do with it..."