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Linux News for Feb 28, 2009

  • Open Source E-Commerce: Survey Rates the Best in OSC (2009-02-28 22:04:27)
    E-Commerce Guide: "What a difference a year makes. Rarely does an industry landscape change so radically in just 12 short months. This year the upstart New osCommerce Project was crowned Best Open Source Commerce program by respondents in my Second Annual Open Source Commerce survey. It was followed by CRE Loaded, the original osCommerce, Magento, PrestaShop and a long list of "Other open source commerce programs.""

  • Linux For Kids (2009-02-28 18:04:27)
    Handle With Linux: "if we stop teaching the children to use windows, we give them the great present of choice. So go over there and give them your support!"

  • A plea for hidden rulers in OOo Writer - Time to vote again! (2009-02-28 16:04:27)
    Johannes Eva: "In this article I explain why I think that the rulers should be hidden by default in Openoffice.org Writer. Let's start with the number 1 competitor. You probably noticed that Microsoft Office 2007 was shipped with the rulers hidden by default:"

  • Subdomain Redirection Using htaccess And mod_rewrite On Apache For Linux Or Unix (2009-02-28 14:04:27)
    The Linux and Unix Menagerie: "Following up on yesterdays post on 301 redirects, which we realize is a tired subject, today we're going to take look at simple ways you can do regular/subdomain redirection using htaccess and "mod_rewrite" for Apache on Linux or Unix."

  • OpenOffice 3.1 is FAST! (2009-02-28 12:04:27)
    OOoNinja: "By far, the most requested feature in this release is anti-aliasing, which smooths edges of diagonal lines. On the left is OpenOffice.org 3.0, and the right is OpenOffice.org 3.1. Both images are enlarged to show detail."

  • Novell, Red Hat -- What's the Diff? (2009-02-28 10:04:27)
    InternetNews: "There is a popular notion among open source advocates that open source software will do well in a recession as enterprises seek low cost alternatives. That doesn't mean that Linux and open source vendors aren't at risk from the current economic downturn, just ask Novell."

  • Answering the LGP (Linux Game Publishing) DRM questions (2009-02-28 06:04:27)
    Linux Game Publishing: "Our new DRM system has probably generated as much debate as anything we have ever done. So, I thought that I should try and dispel some of the myths and rumours that have been going about, and give you some of the positive aspects of the system."

  • First impressions of the Neuros Link (2009-02-28 03:04:27)
    DeviceGuru: "Having recently constructed the BoxeeBox, I naturally was eager to check out Neuros Technology's somewhat similar IP-TV set-top box. Though currently at a "gamma" release, the Neuros "Link" shows great promise."

  • Using regular expressions in Vim (2009-02-28 01:34:27)
    Volatile Int: "Today I was faced with the task of replacing lots of words in a script file. The problem was that I could not simply replace them by doing a "search-and-replace" (:%s/old_word/new_word/g) because they should only be replaced on some of the lines."

  • Editor's Note: Best Geek Toys! (2009-02-28 00:04:22)
    Today's fabulous Editor's Note is all about excellent random goodies and geek toys that I've encountered recently.