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Linux News for Mar 31, 2009

  • The Sashimi Tabernacle Choir: An awesomely effective assault on good taste (Mar 31, 2009, 23:33)
    RealTech News: "What do you get when you cover an old Volvo with singing fish and lobsters and combine the whole thing with a Linux server? This is what you get:"

  • 4 Ways to Create CD/DVD ISO Images in Ubuntu (Mar 31, 2009, 23:03)
    TuxArena: "In this guide I will show how to create CD/DVD ISO images in Ubuntu using four easy methods."

  • Novell's Mono Gets Faster and More Visual (Mar 31, 2009, 22:33)
    InternetNews: "Novell is making it easier for a Microsoft .NET developer to deploy their applications on Linux, whether they develop their applications on Windows or on Linux, with the release of Mono 2.4."

  • Open Source Is The Pinnacle Of The Free Market (Mar 31, 2009, 22:03)
    California Quantum: "...I do want to point out that the open source world is as close as you can get to a pure free market. The reason is because if you make a product in the open source world, anybody is able to study it, modify it, redistribute it and even sell it without many restrictions."

  • On the TomTom settlement: Microsoft Rolls Back its "Open" Promises (Mar 31, 2009, 21:33)
    Jim Zemlin's blog: "When it counts, it appears that Microsoft still actively seeks to undermine those technologies or standards that are truly open, especially when those technologies pose a significant threat to their business."

  • The current state and future of Python (Mar 31, 2009, 21:03)
    Tech Czar: "I interviewed with Google last year and I noticed they were heavy on Python and this definitely came to light during the on-site interview. During the interview process I started to look into it and I liked it, a lot."

  • 25 highly anticipated open-source releases coming this year (Mar 31, 2009, 20:33)
    Computerworld: "And there are plenty of remarkable open-source applications on the way this year. Quite a few projects are quietly (or not so quietly) working on major releases or significant upgrades that they aim to make available sometime during 2009. I've rounded up 25 of the most notable here."

  • Ubuntu 9.04 Beta comes with improved netbook support (Mar 31, 2009, 20:03)
    EeePC: "The popular Linux distribution Ubuntu has it latest Beta version released, version 9.04. This Beta is running fine on several Netbooks"

  • Open Source Set to Thump Apple (in the Long Run) (Mar 31, 2009, 19:33)
    WiFi Planet: "The number of mobile application users is set to quadruple in five years, according to new research from In-Stat. And while Apple's iPhone is leading the charge, In-Stat says worldwide sales of open source-based smartphones are expected to be double that of devices based on Apple's software over the same time period."

  • Measuring Heavy CPU Usage Over Time On Linux And Unix (Mar 31, 2009, 19:03)
    The Linux and Unix Menagerie: "In the screenshots below, we'll walk through some basic examples of simple usage, assuming the script's built in parameters. Any process consuming more than 10 percent of the CPU gets added to the blacklist and any process that shows up in the blacklist, 10 times consecutively, will get killed (No screwin' around here ;)"

  • How-To: Create an Open as Root Service Menu in Dolphin and Konqueror (KDE4) (Mar 31, 2009, 18:33)
    TuxArena: "Not so long ago I put up a tutorial which included three useful tips for Konqueror 3.5.9 (KDE3), and one of them was how to create an Open as Root service menu for directories. In this how-to I will show how to accomplish the same thing in KDE4 this time, for both Dolphin and Konqueror."

  • Do Open Source Companies *Really* Support Free Software? (Mar 31, 2009, 18:03)
    Open Enterprise: "What this overlooks is that open source has reshaped the underlying economics of the software industry: it has taken out the huge financial padding that exists in the world of commercial software -- aka excess profits -- and which have provided fabulous returns for companies like Microsoft over the last few decades."

  • Bruce Perens: Microsoft and TomTom Settle, Justice and Linux Lose (Mar 31, 2009, 17:33)
    Datamation: "Microsoft and TomTom have settled their patent lawsuit in a way that leaves Microsoft's FAT patents active as a threat to other companies."

  • Ubuntu 9.04 Beta vs. Fedora 11 Beta Performance (Mar 31, 2009, 17:03)
    Phoronix: "Last week marked the release of the Ubuntu 9.04 Beta and this week there is the planned release of the Fedora 11 Beta. Both distributions are similar in the respect they will be upgrading several common packages like GNOME 2.26, but in Fedora 11 are more upstream (and experimental) bits like kernel mode-setting, the EXT4 file-system by default, and various other features."

  • Red Hat Fedora 11 Linux hits beta. Hail Leonidas! (Mar 31, 2009, 16:33)
    Netstat -vat: "From the 'tonight we dine on Linux' files: Red Hat's Fedora community Linux distribution is out today with its first beta for the Fedora 11 -codenamed Leonidas - release."

  • 8 Rocking Linux Distros (Mar 31, 2009, 16:03)
    LaptopLogic: "Defining the best Linux distros is like defining the best car--one does not exist; instead, the best cars are the ones that meet your needs, and your needs may vary wildly from the needs of another person."

  • Benchmark: Ubuntu vs Windows (Mar 31, 2009, 15:33) Ninja: "It's time for an benchmark rematch. Go-oo has been proudly boasting it is "Better, Faster, Freer," but last time when we tested 2.4, Go-oo came in fourth place out of four. Since then Go-oo developers addressed some problems, and now we're checking a new version 3.0 and adding benchmarks on Windows."

  • Letter from a CIO: why Conficker won't hurt our company (Mar 31, 2009, 15:03)
    IT Wire: "Here is a "safe from Conficker" e-mail for Microsoft Windows infrastructures, ready to use (with appropriate modification.) Turn over for Linux and MacOS variations."

  • JBoss CTO leaving Red Hat (Mar 31, 2009, 14:33)
    Netstat -vat: "JBoss CTO Sacha Labourey is leaving Red Hat. Labourey had been at JBoss for the past eight years, nearly three of which were under Red Hat's ownership. Labourey's departure comes over two years after JBoss founder Marc Fleury left Red Hat in 2007."

  • Ardour 2.8 released -- install with one click on Ubuntu (Mar 31, 2009, 14:03)
    Detector Pro: "You can download and install the new Ardour 2.8 in Ubuntu with single click from"

  • Testing Out The Nouveau Driver On Fedora 11 (Mar 31, 2009, 13:33)
    Phoronix: "With the forthcoming release of Fedora 11, Red Hat has made the bold (but wise) decision of replacing xf86-video-nv as the default open-source NVIDIA driver with the Nouveau driver instead. The xf86-video-nv driver is officially maintained by NVIDIA, but it's their half-assed attempt at being open-source friendly."

  • 53 Pages, 10 Months, 1295 Infected Hosts, 103 Countries, And They Still Can't Say "Windows Malware" (Mar 31, 2009, 13:03)
    Linux Today Blog: "Vast Spy System Loots Computers in 103 Countries"-- sounds promising, right? In the New York Times, no less, so it should be good. Well, no. And why is the Dalai Lama running Windows?
    Updated..."It's not about you, or about Linux" --ed.

  • 3D Graphics hardware performance using Free Software drivers (X.Org DRI) (Mar 31, 2009, 12:33) "This page grew out of a conversation on the Usenet comp.os.linux.hardware newsgroup. It can be frustrating for Free Software users to buy a new graphics card because there is very little information available about 3D/OpenGL graphics support and performance in the Free Software community."

  • Open Source vs Closed Source -- Its about investing in People (Mar 31, 2009, 12:03)
    o3 Magazine: "Investing in Open Source is about investing in People instead of investing in a Vendor. For the Enterprise considering the leap to Open Source, those people have to be on the payroll for a successful migration."

  • From Social to Serious: Combining Twitter and RESTful Web Services (Mar 31, 2009, 10:03)
    DevX: "No longer limited to people talking about their day-to-day activities, Twitter increasingly was becoming an alternate channel to RSS feeds--a way for users to broadcast links for interesting, amusing or relevant web content to people who follow them."

  • Shedding new light on No Java SE 7 JSR (Mar 31, 2009, 08:03)
    Stephen Colebourne's Weblog: "There is a direct connection between the 'Sun vs Apache Harmony' dispute and the lack of a Java SE 7 platform JSR. Using newly available evidence I hope to shed new light on what that link is."

  • An interesting discussion in Linux Blogs (Mar 31, 2009, 06:03)
    Handle With Linux: "Thanks to Mike Dailey a very interesting discussion has been sparked on Linux and open source in the enterprise. For anybody wanting to follow the entire discussion here's how it goes. It started here:"

  • Girls in Tech, and Is Linux Doomed on the Desktop? (Mar 31, 2009, 04:33)
    Linux Blog Safari: "A controversy arose when Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst told attendees at a conference he didn't know how to make money with Linux. A strange admission for a Linux company CEO, to be sure. On another note, Linux geeks pondered how to attract more women -- to their profession."

  • 10 ways Microsoft could help Linux (Mar 31, 2009, 03:03)
    10 Things: "With that in mind, I thought it would be a good idea to list the ways in which Microsoft could help Linux solidify itself as a viable enterprise and end user solution."

  • Build a Linux firewall, that will only be opened when you needed it to be (Mar 31, 2009, 01:33)
    Linux Operating System: "I am paranoic about security, I am always looking for new ways to secure my server or even my Desktop PC, which sometimes I left up and running."

  • 53 Pages, 10 Months, 1295 Infected Hosts, 103 Countries, And They Still Can't Say "Windows Malware" (Mar 31, 2009, 00:58)
    "Vast Spy System Loots Computers in 103 Countries"-- sounds promising, right? In the New York Times, no less, so it should be good. Well, no, I was rather disappointed at yet another security analysis that left out vital information-- which operating systems and applications were vulnerable. If it were Linux or Mac do you think they would be so tight-lipped? Why is the Dalai Lama running Windows?


    I received a reply from John Markoff, the New York Times reporter. See below...

  • GNU/Linux Really Can Save Us from Conficker (Mar 31, 2009, 00:03)
    Boycott Novell: "Isn’t it a classic? GNU/Linux is required for repair of damage caused by a Microsoft Windows-exclusive problem. Conficker is still very much alive by the way."