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Linux News for Jun 26, 2009

  • Achieving Robust Clustered Storage with Linux and GFS (2009-06-26 23:19:28)
    EnterpriseStorageForum: "Using GFS, the free clustered file system in Linux, you can create a truly robust cluster that does not depend on other servers. In this article, we'll show you how to properly configure GFS."

  • Revenge of the Nerds (2009-06-26 22:38:01)
    No Coding Required: "Embedded device software development has reached a point where the industry is ripe for some serious business model innovation."

  • Linux Netbooks: Back to the Facts (2009-06-26 21:04:12)
    tech-no-media: "The first lesson that I take home from the Linux netbook story is that if the online market is more than ready for Linux machines, the 'brick and mortar' shops are not."

  • ASRock M3A780GXH/128M Linux Review (2009-06-26 19:34:06)
    Phronix: "While ASRock is regarded as being a budget manufacturer, this affordable Intel X58 motherboard could overclock quite far, ran well with Linux, and offered a great set of features."

  • Configure Bacula for Open Source Backups (2009-06-26 18:47:19)
    EnterpriseStorageForum: "Since we covered installation and a very basic initial run the last time we looked at Bacula, let's look at some of the more specific configuration options and capabilities this time."

  • Could RIM Benefit From Open Source BlackBerry? (2009-06-26 18:07:02)
    ChannelWeb: "Research In Motion (NSDQ:RIMM) often fields the question of whether it might follow Symbian's lead by making the BlackBerry OS open source. While there's nothing to suggest such a move is in the cards, RIM executives have acknowledged that this could make sense in certain types of scenarios."

  • Debugging of Embedded Linux Applications on ARM9/ARM11 Processors (2009-06-26 16:31:19)
    Embedded.com: "Embedded Linux as an operating system for modern ARM processors? Maybe not such a bad idea?"

  • Berlin Art Colleges Switch to Linux (2009-06-26 15:43:04)
    heise: "The change is being made because the existing hardware cannot be upgraded to Windows Vista or Windows 7. The colleges would have had to spend five-figure sums to buy newer hardware and pay additional licence fees for Windows."

  • Building A Stealth Firewall (2009-06-26 15:02:32)
    BeginLinux: "This course will show you how to build a bridge firewall or "stealth firewall" using ebtables and iptables. This is an easy process and works on older or lightweight machines as you will see it uses Mini-ITX technology."

  • The Best Docks on the Linux Coast (2009-06-26 14:18:01)
    BerkeleyLUG: "Even Mark Shuttleworth is willing to admit that OSX has a pretty nice usable interface that is a good goal for desktop Linux to beat in the coming year or so."

  • Should Oracle's Linux strategy be...Ubuntu? (2009-06-26 12:49:34)
    The Open Road: "Unlike OEL or Novell's Suse, Ubuntu comes with built-in enterprise momentum, albeit still at the grassroots level."

  • At what stage of life is the open source industry? (2009-06-26 12:07:19)
    ZDNet: "Every industry goes through life stages, just like people. At what stage is open source at, now, in the middle of 2009?"

  • Webopedia Term of the Day: BogoMips Defined (2009-06-26 10:38:19)
    Webopedia: "Derived from the words "Bogus" and "Mips", BogoMips, when used in the context of the Linux operating system, is a unit of measurement that indicates how fast the computer processor runs."

  • Shuttle XS29f: Linux Looks Great in Green (2009-06-26 09:04:05)
    LinuxPlanet: "Power and space saving computers are in, and Shuttle has a winner with the XS29F. This little gem really skimps on the power consumption to the tune of around 20-25 watts on average."

  • PHP 5.3 Coming June 30th (2009-06-26 07:32:11)
    InternetNews Blog: "PHP 5.3 could be out as soon as Tuesday June 30th. The new release is a big deal for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that by my count this is the first major update to PHP since 2006 and the PHP 5.2 "

  • Getting the Most Out of OpenOffice.org Writer (2009-06-26 06:02:04)
    LinuxBeacon: "Writer is, without a doubt, the most frequently used application in the OpenOffice.org suite. It offers many advanced features that can help you to create anything from a simple letter to a book with a complex layout."

  • Free Multimedia is Coming and the FUDing Has Begun (2009-06-26 04:34:17)
    AnarchismToday: "The Ogg formats are free and open formats that do not belong to any particular corporation, nor do they require any royalties to use. Not everyone has been so supportive though..."

  • Digg, Dug, Buried: How Linux news disappears (2009-06-26 03:06:01)
    Cyber Cynic: "Like it or lump it, the major reason that determines whether any given online story will get read or not is how much play it gets on news link sharing sites and social networks like Digg, reddit, and StumbleUpon."

  • Leveraging Industrial-strength Python Testing (2009-06-26 01:37:02)
    developerWorks: "The recent emergence of industrial-strength Python testing frameworks means that Python tests are being written more succinctly, more uniformly, and with better reporting of results than ever before."

  • Mullenweg: Open Source Trumps The Cloud (2009-06-26 00:07:34)
    Data Center Knowledge: "Using cloud storage from Amazon has helped Automattic scale its fast-growing Wordpress.com blog hosting service. But Wordpress founding developer Matt Mullenweg said he'd much prefer to run an optimized open source solution on leased servers."