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Linux News for Aug 28, 2009

  • NHIN code-a-thon may change government attitude toward open source (Aug 28, 2009, 23:33)
    ZDNet: "Tomorrow, the Department of Health and Human Services will host its first “code-a-thon” dedicated to the National Health Information Network and its Connect software"

  • Technology's Reach and Security's Grasp (Aug 28, 2009, 23:03)
    Standards Blog: "Modern society harbors many bad habits. One is its penchant for enthusiastically embracing the benefits of new technologies before considering their less desirable side effects."

  • The trouble with discard (Aug 28, 2009, 22:33) "Traditionally, storage devices have managed the blocks of data given to them without being concerned about how the system used those blocks. Increasingly, though, there is value in making more information available to storage devices; in particular, there can be advantages to telling the device when specific blocks no longer contain data of interest to the host system."

  • Ubuntu 9.10's New X Based Boot Splash (Aug 28, 2009, 22:03)
    Softpedia: "Dear Ubuntu fans, we are proud to announce that, as of this morning, Canonical added a brand-new X-based boot splash, which will be present in the upcoming Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) operating system, due for release on October 29th"

  • Attack on WPA refined (Aug 28, 2009, 21:33)
    The H Online: "First introduced in November 2008, a method for cracking the Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) encryption standard has been refined by Japanese researchers. The attack now works with any implementation and requires far less time to succeed."

  • Are Web-driven multitaskers suckers for irrelevancy? (Aug 28, 2009, 21:03)
    Eye of the Needle: "Multitasking may be fun or stimulating, but it’s not an effective way to get things done or retain information, according to a study released by Stanford University researchers this week."

  • Windows Loses Money, Linux Nears the $1 Billion Mark (Aug 28, 2009, 20:33)
    Softpedia: "While Windows client revenue has let the Redmond company suffering in the 2009 fiscal year, producing three quarters inferior when compared to FY2008, Linux revenue continues to grow and is right on track of making the open-source OS a $1 billion a year business."

  • A Twist In Namespaces: A New Revolution in PHP (Aug 28, 2009, 20:03)
    PHP Builder: "With PHP5.3--which is in itself a precursor and somewhat of a teaser for PHP 6--comes something rather new to PHP: Namespaces. As object-oriented developers well know, the point of object-oriented development is to remove ambiguity from development and data access items."

  • Google's EPUB Embrace Challenges Kindle (Aug 28, 2009, 19:33)
    InternetNews: "Google's backing of the open standard EPUB earlier this week for its one million free, public-domain digital books is accelerating EPUB as the e-reader industry standard. In doing so, analysts say this leaves front-runner Amazon's Kindle, with it uses proprietary technology, out of the loop"

  • Why No OtherOS Option on PS3 Slim? Sony Answers (Aug 28, 2009, 19:03)
    OSNews: "The recent release of the PS3 Slim brought about joy for those who were waiting for a less expensive/smaller gaming system and indignation for those who were waiting for a Linux experimental machine of the same type as there was no "OtherOS" or Linux option on this model. Why? we cry sadly. Because, the deep, omniscient voices of two Sony representatives boom back."

  • Slackware Release Announcement (Aug 28, 2009, 18:33)
    Slackware Linux Project: "Yes it's that time again! After many months of development and careful testing, we are proud to announce the release of Slackware version 13.0!"

  • RMS: 1, Symbolics: 0 (Aug 28, 2009, 18:03)
    Open...: "As well as provoking the creation of the free software movement, Symbolics has another claim to fame: it was the first registered domain name. Amazingly, only now is that name leaving its original owner:"

  • Connect to a remote virtual machine with rdesktop (Aug 28, 2009, 17:33)
    Ghacks: "VirtualBox is an incredibly useful tool. You can run different OSes for testing purposes, you can set up servers on machine that wouldn’t normally act as servers, the sky seems to be the limit. And VirtualBox is an easy tool to use."

  • What happens next in SCO vs. Novell (Aug 28, 2009, 17:03)
    Cyber Cynic: "Without those IP rights, SCO didn't have a leg to stand on in all its other anti-Linux lawsuits against IBM, Novell, Red Hat, et. al. So, now SCO can start again right? Ah wrong. It's much more complicated than that. Here's what really going to happen next."

  • Revisiting Linux Part 1: A Look at Ubuntu 8.04 (Aug 28, 2009, 16:33)
    AnandTech: "That article was supposed to take a month. As I have been continuously reminded, it has been more than a month. So oft delayed but never forgotten, we have finally finished our look at Ubuntu 8.04, and we hope it has been worth the wait."

  • Novell: Linux Up, Security Down (Aug 28, 2009, 16:03)
    The VAR Guy: "Linux Platform Products revenue jumped 22 percent to $38 million for the quarter. Impressive. And The VAR Guy thinks Novell is finally on the right track with SUSE Linux ISVs"

  • One Gigabyte: What a difference twenty years make (Aug 28, 2009, 15:46)
    Geeks are Sexy: A picture is worth a thousand words...

  • Linux guru: interface innovation is the challenge (Aug 28, 2009, 15:33)
    The Register: "Novell distinguished engineer James Bottomley believes Linux desktop environments need a dose of open source ingenuity rather than ape ideas from Windows and OS X."

  • Rails-like Quickly tools brings rapid development to Ubuntu (Aug 28, 2009, 15:03)
    ars Technica: "Canonical has created a new framework for Ubuntu called Quickly that aims to accelerate application development. It provides a set of command line tools for generating new programming projects, building packages, and releasing software."

  • Living The PC-BSD Lifestyle (Aug 28, 2009, 14:33)
    Dramashack!: "Sitting next to my 47” Westinghouse LCD TV is the iXsystems Apollo Workstation. This workstation is powered by the 5500 series of the Intel® Xeon® processor, an Asus GeForce 9800 GT video card, and 4 gigs of RAM. It came with PC-BSD Galileo Edition (7.1) pre-installed..."

  • Two Million for Wikimedia: Who Can Offer More? (Aug 28, 2009, 14:03)
    Linux Pro Magazine: "Describing itself as a philanthropic investment company, the Omydar Network has donated two million dollars to the Wikimedia Foundation."

  • 15 Great Ubuntu Tips For Linux Power Users (Aug 28, 2009, 13:33)
    MakeUseOf: "A few days back I wrote about books that beginners can download and read to teach themselves Linux. Today in the Linux section we have something for the power users."

  • Learn Linux, 101: The Linux command line (Aug 28, 2009, 13:03)
    IBM Developerworks: "GUIs are fine, but to unlock the real power of Linux, there's no substitute for the command line. In this article, Ian Shields introduces you to some of the major features of the bash shell, with an emphasis on the features that are important for LPI certification."

  • Bill Gates' hurricane stopper, as explained by Jimmy Kimmel (Aug 28, 2009, 12:33)
    TechFlash: "This happened a while back, but the video made it to YouTube only recently. For your weekend enjoyment, here's Jimmy Kimmel's take on the hurricane-prevention patent filing made by Bill Gates, Nathan Myhrvold and others connected to Myhrvold's Intellectual Ventures."

  • Speculation Abounds as Sun-Oracle Wedding Day Nears (Aug 28, 2009, 12:03)
    EnterpriseStorageForum: ""No one outside of Oracle and perhaps some people at Sun really know what's going to happen exactly when the deal closes..." Into that vacuum naturally flows rampant speculation -- so read on!"

  • Mandriva 2010 beta available (Aug 28, 2009, 11:03)
    The Official Mandriva Blog: "Mandriva Linux 2010 Beta version is now available on public mirrors."

  • BBC outsources tech news to Microsoft (Aug 28, 2009, 09:03)
    Notnews.Today: "Microsoft has unveiled new technology that will allow the BBC to completely outsource its technology news section to Microsoft."

  • First WEP, Now WPA Encryption Falls (Aug 28, 2009, 07:03)
    InternetNews: " be secure, wireless networks should use the more powerful protocol called Wi-Fi Protected Access, or WPA. Now security experts say they've proven that WPA can be breached just as easily."

  • How to Fix Wireless on Ubuntu (Aug 28, 2009, 05:03)
    WorksWithU: "... the inability to get wireless cards working acceptably often tops the list of user frustrations. Here’s an outline of what’s wrong with Ubuntu’s approach to wireless drivers, and how to fix it."

  • Eating, Smashing, and Mixing (Aug 28, 2009, 03:03)
    Linux Magazine: "The acquisition of Sun by Oracle raises many questions and recalls some past experiences."

  • Australian State Rolls Out Windows Netbooks but Adds FOSS (Aug 28, 2009, 01:33)
    Computerworld: "The 267,000 Windows 7 based netbooks that the NSW Government has started rolling out to high schools will come pre-installed with open source software."

  • Print Files Over the Internet With PrinterShare (Aug 28, 2009, 00:03)
    Practically Networked: "But it's also possible to print across the Internet to a printer in another location, and a relatively straightforward way to gain this capability (it works over HTTP, so there are no router/firewall issues to deal with) is to use a free utility from Printer Anywhere Inc. called PrinterShare (available for Windows, Mac, or Linux)."