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Linux News for Oct 28, 2009

  • Congratulations B&N, you've built my Kindroid. So now what? (Oct 28, 2009, 23:17)
    ZDNet Blogs: "The Barnes and Noble 'Nook', which was launched earlier this month, is the real-life version of the 'Kindroid' I envisioned one year ago. So now that it has been built for real, what do we do with it?"

  • Building the Ultimate KDE Desktop with Arch Linux (Oct 28, 2009, 22:34)
    IT News: "In this multi-part article, I'll first give you a general overview of installing this awesome distribution, and then in subsequent parts I'll kick it up a notch and walk you through installing the best KDE features out there and even clone some features of other KDE distro's while we're at it."

  • Yes, Ubuntu can absolutely be the default Windows alternative (Oct 28, 2009, 21:11)
    ZDNet Blogs: "And I don't just mean for geeks. I mean a real, viable alternative to Windows for many users despite the apparent quality of both Windows 7 and Server 2008."

  • Is Google Faking the Open Source Funk? (Oct 28, 2009, 20:06)
    eWeek: "Lee Williams, executive director of the Symbian Foundation, which is in charge of advancing the development and the open-sourcing of the Symbian OS, has basically called Google out for not being as open as the company could be about its Android operating system."

  • Ubuntu 9.10: Confidence Riding High at Canonical (Oct 28, 2009, 19:37)
    iTWire: "There is a growing confidence evident in the Canonical camp as the countdown begins to October 29, the date for the official release of Ubuntu 9.10."

  • Preparing An Ubuntu Machine For Upgrade (Oct 28, 2009, 18:48)
    HowtoForge: "Sometimes Ubuntu asks for your help when you made other changes than the upgrade program itself wants to make. This howto gives a few tips on how to make your Ubuntu installation more upgrade-friendly."

  • Open Source Grammar and Spell Checker � After The Deadline (Oct 28, 2009, 17:19)
    Cre8ive Commando: "The inventors of WordPress, Automattic, have just released an open source grammar and spell checker called After The Deadline. This new spell check and grammar correction technology is free to use and it even plugs into WordPress and TinyMCE."

  • How Important Is Open Source To Mobile Devices? (Oct 28, 2009, 16:37)
    InformationWeek: "From the end user perspective, there wasn't really an open source platform for devices. Sure, there was the Yopi device in the late 90's that was based on Linux, and we can't forget the famous Compaq iPAQ Pocket PC that had a Linux build floating around for a while."

  • Former Microsoft Employee: Linux is the future, even after Windows 7 release (Oct 28, 2009, 15:53)
    TechFlash: "I've been using Linux for four years and have seen dramatic improvements, and even the pace of progress increase. In fact, after spending several years researching the topic, I've become as convinced that Linux is the future of computing as that Wikipedia is the future of the encyclopedia."

  • OpenSUSE 11.2 the Perfect KDE Distribution (Oct 28, 2009, 15:08)
    LinuxCrunch: "In this post I will review the most 10 important features in the default openSUSE 11.2 desktop."

  • Complete and Utter (Linux Desktop) Apps (Oct 28, 2009, 14:21)
    Datamation: "In an era where apps on all platforms seem to have a stagnant features list, the developers of perfectionist apps keep coming up with something new, and, frequently develop the interfaces to cope with the resulting complexity."

  • Qualcomm Opens Subsidiary Focused on Open Source (Oct 28, 2009, 13:36)
    TechWorld: "Qualcomm has built a new subsidiary to better integrate its products with mobile open-source software, in hopes of capitalizing on the trend toward open platforms in the mobile industry."

  • Big Cellphone Makers Shifting to Android System (Oct 28, 2009, 12:49)
    NYTimes: "Cellphone makers that have used Windows Mobile to run their top-of-the-line smartphones — including Samsung, LG, Kyocera, Sony Ericsson — are now also making Android devices."

  • Data By The Numbers (Oct 28, 2009, 12:18)
    Linux Magazine: "When dealing with large distributed systems, knowing some basic performance and failure numbers helps you understand what you can reasonably expect both in terms of performance and reliability."

  • Indonesian Government Urged to Move to Open Source Software (Oct 28, 2009, 10:39)
    The Jakarta Globe: "Minister of Communication and Information Technology Tifatul Sembiring said open source software offered unlimited opportunities for local businesses and human resources in the information and communications industry."

  • GNU/Linux Security: Linux House vs Microsoft House (Oct 28, 2009, 09:13)
    ERACC Web Log: "This is the second article in my series about GNU/Linux security for the GNU/Linux curious and new GNU/Linux user. There are many attempts to explain the differences between GNU/Linux and Microsoft products when it comes to security. In this article I am going to make yet another attempt."

  • Flex Multi-List Selector using List Control, DataGrid, and the Accordion (Oct 28, 2009, 07:26)
    Packt Publishing: "The idea of a Multi-List Selector is not a new one. Apple implements something very similar to it in its Mac OS Operating System. Simply put, its a method of selecting an item by filtered hierarchical categories on a list by list basis."

  • Phoronix Test Suite 2.2 Enters Beta (Oct 28, 2009, 06:17)
    Phoronix: "After a three month development period following the release of Phoronix Test Suite 2.0, the first beta release of Phoronix Test Suite 2.2 'Bardu' is now available for all of your testing needs on Linux, Mac OS X, OpenSolaris, and BSD platforms."

  • Microsoft Nixes Family Guy Windows 7 Special (Oct 28, 2009, 04:38)
    InternetNews: "Apparently there are limits to how far Microsoft will go to promote Windows 7..."

  • Howto Install Dropbox in Ubuntu 9.10/9.04/8.10/8.04 (Oct 28, 2009, 03:06)
    Ubuntu Geek: "Dropbox is a storage application and service operated by Evenflow, Inc. The service enables users to store and sync files online and between computers."

  • Red Hat investing in Open Source PostgreSQL Vendor EnterpriseDB (Oct 28, 2009, 01:38)
    Netstat -vat: "From the 'Friends in High Places' files: Is Red Hat making a play for the open source database market?"

  • Rule Engine Integration with Nagios using NodeBrain (Oct 28, 2009, 00:27)
    It-Slave Blog: "This article will describe how easy it is to integrate other tools to Nagios or op5 Monitor. I will use an example with a webshop where a business view of how the webshop is doing is implemented by using a GPL'd rule engine, NodeBrain."