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Linux News for Jan 28, 2010

  • Apple iPad Has a Little Trademark iProblem (2010-01-28 23:34:49)
    Hardware Central: "Though Apple has finally unveiled its widely rumored, long-expected iPad tablet PC, it's not out of the woods yet: Other companies are claiming ownership of the iPad name."

  • Create Your Own Local Ubuntu Repository (2010-01-28 23:04:49)
    BeginLinux: "There are several reasons you may want to create a local repository. The first is that you want to save on bandwidth if you have multiple Ubuntu machines to update."

  • Doonesbury on the iPad (2010-01-28 22:47:49)
    Slate: "The geeks are calling the new device the 'Jesus Tablet'"

  • Apple’s iPad vs Notion Ink’s Adam tablet with Ubuntu: battle of two (2010-01-28 22:34:49)
    sola's blog: "We can safely say that the Apple iPad is received with mixed feelings by the IT-savvy community. The main problem is that the tablet is just not as revolutionary as many expected it would be"

  • What's the Future of Linux and Solaris at Oracle? (2010-01-28 22:04:49)
    Serverwatch: ""I love Linux. We're big supporters of Linux, [but] Solaris is an older and more capable operating system," Ellison said."

  • Tech Tip: Use gxmessage for Displaying GUI Messages from Scripts (2010-01-28 21:34:49)
    Linux Journal: "There are many dialog programs out there, Zenity, Kdialog, xdialog, etc. I love programs like these. They make it so easy to spice up a shell script with a little GUI action. Today I'm going to go look at a dialog program called gxmessage."

  • OpenOffice.org Extensions for Business Users (2010-01-28 21:04:49)
    WorldLabel: "OpenOffice.org is an excellent all-around productivity suite as it is, but you can add a few useful features using extensions to make it better suited for use in a business environment. Here are a handful of extensions worth considering if you are using OpenOffice.org as a business tool."

  • Tracking Time with Rachota (2010-01-28 20:34:49)
    Linux Pro Magazine: "There are quite a few time tracking solutions out there, including the nifty Rachota utility which not only makes it easy to track time spent on different tasks but also helps you to analyze the collected data."

  • Make Pretty GUI Apps Fast with Python-Qt (2010-01-28 20:04:49)
    Linux Planet: "KDE users love the look of all those pretty applications. The key is the toolkit KDE uses: Qt. Akkana Peck uses a poker game to show how quickly you can create a nice-looking graphical application."

  • 6 of the best desktop search tools for Linux (2010-01-28 19:34:49)
    TechRadar: "Do desktop search tools spell the end of grep?"

  • FOSS Feats and Follies: Q&A With Red Hat Fedora Project Leader Paul Frields (2010-01-28 19:04:49)
    LinuxInsider: "Paul Frields, Red Hat's Fedora Project Leader, talks about FUDCon, what lies ahead for the next generation of FOSS, and how to address some of the lingering problems of Linux communities."

  • The Importance of Fitting In (2010-01-28 18:34:49)
    Linux Magazine: "Is the success of Linux directly proportional to its ability to integrate with existing proprietary systems like Windows? If so, should free software developers be spending more time integrating with it instead of building better software for free platforms?"

  • Anything the iPad can do, Linux can do better. (2010-01-28 18:04:49)
    Cyber Cynic: "The Apple iPad has finally arrived, and, as I predicted a while back, it's really just a big iPod Touch. That's great. I love my iPod Touch. But, really, is there anything here that Linux can't do just as well for less money?"

  • LCA: Cooperative management of package copyright and licensing data (2010-01-28 17:34:49)
    LWN.net: "Kate Stewart is the manager of the PowerPC team at Freescale. As such, she has a basic customer service problem to solve: people who buy a board from Freescale would like to have some sort of operating system to run on it. That system, of course, will be Linux; satisfying this requirement means that Freescale must operate as a sort of Linux distributor."

  • A Look at KDE 4.4 (2010-01-28 17:04:49)
    IT News Today: "The latest version of my favorite desktop, KDE SC 4.4, is due to be released in just a couple of weeks. Even though it’s still in beta, I just couldn’t keep my hands off of it, being the desktop geek that I am. Let’s take a quick look at how KDE 4.4 is shaping up during the last leg of its development phase."

  • Dear Netflix (2010-01-28 16:34:49)
    PetitionOnline: " We, the undersigned, are current or prospective subscribers of Netflix that would like the "Watch Now" feature available to Linux users."

  • GNOME Activity Journal Shows Your Recent Computer Work (2010-01-28 16:04:49)
    Lifehacker: "Linux only: It's still a work in progress, but GNOME Activity Journal already offers a nice at-a-glance look at your file work over the last few days, offering usage charts, image previews, and quick file access."

  • 20 Ubuntu Karmic Annoyances (2010-01-28 15:34:49)
    Rocky Hillside: "If you are mounting shares from disks on your network and you are using wifi, the shares don't unmount when you try to shut down. This is a major pain. (The pain is amplified because folks keep marking the bug "fixed" when it's not.) "

  • Linux Audio Plugin Update (2010-01-28 15:04:49)
    Linux Journal: "LADSPA is the senior player in the Linux audio plugin field. Its API (applications programming interface) is stable, but development is no longer as lively as when it first appeared. Nevertheless, some significant LADSPA plugins have shown up in the last few months."

  • The choices inside Ubuntu (2010-01-28 14:34:49)
    Linux Pro Magazine "Hearing that the next Ubuntu release will use Yahoo! as the default search engine in Firefox leaves me with a twinge of uneasiness. My misgiving -- and it's a small one -- is not so much with the decision as with why it was made."

  • MonitoringForge.org Reaches 2,000 Registrants and More Than 2,000 Projects in its First Four Months (2010-01-28 14:04:49)
    MonitoringForge press release: MonitoringForge (www.MonitoringForge.org), the epicenter of all open source projects that relate to IT monitoring, announces its 2,000th registered member and more than 2,000 projects since its launch in September 2009. In addition to its expanding membership base, MonitoringForge has established an advisory board of monitoring gurus, and implemented new updates to the platform.

  • Using Brasero for data backup and ISO burning (2010-01-28 13:34:49)
    Linux.com: "From command line to stand alone GUI to fully desktop-integrated tool, you can get your data (or ISO) onto a CD or DVD in many ways. One such way is the Brasero CD/DVD burner. Brasero is the default burner for the GNOME desktop."

  • Zap Provides Open Source Wireless Testing (2010-01-28 13:04:49)
    EnterpriseNetworkingPlanet: "Ruckus has released the Zap source code under a modified BSD license to provide the tool to the world, and hopefully spur development of this and other related analysis tools. Zap measures performance, statistically, to provide insight into the true nature of how a network can perform."

  • And the best Linux desktop distro of all is... (2010-01-28 12:34:49)
    IT World: "When it comes to Linux, there is no one size fits all answer. But, unlike other desktop operating systems, Linux doesn't try to squeeze you into a system's that's too large or too small. Instead, Linux offers a wide variety of distributions and one of them is likely be the right one for you."

  • Kernel Log: Coming in 2.6.33 (Part 2) - Storage (2010-01-28 12:04:49)
    The H Open: "Extended discard support means that Linux now supports ATA TRIM, which can increase SSD lifespan and throughput."

  • Solid State Drives Get Faster with TRIM (2010-01-28 10:34:00)
    Enterprise Storage Forum: "More companies are turning to the TRIM command, a subset of the data set management features within the latest ATA specifications, to help them improve the speed of SSD drives and ultimately boost the drives' overall read and write performance."

  • What's Next for Firefox? Electrolysis (2010-01-28 09:04:49)
    Datamation: "One of the key new features that the Lorentz branch of Firefox 3.6 will aim to include is a technology that rival browser Google Chrome helped to popularize – out of process plugins."

  • 9 Hilarious USB keys (2010-01-28 07:34:49)
    Uphaa: An oldie but goodie, featuring Barbie, a real thumb drive, and a teddy bear.

  • Just what is “Linux”? (2010-01-28 06:04:49)
    Ghacks: "The central issue that I have is that this issue causes great confusion with newbies and anger with power users. To that end, I thought I would put forth a few ideas that could solve this issue. It’s confusing, it’s frustrating, and it’s rooted in years of heavy geek war. So read on and chime in."

  • What Would Life Be Like Without Windows? (2010-01-28 04:34:49)
    PC World: "What would life be like without Microsoft Windows? To listen to the free open source software crowd, the demise of Windows -- and by extension, Microsoft's hegemony over the PC universe -- would signal a kind of rebirth for information technology."

  • Installing the Elgg Social Networking CMS (2010-01-28 03:04:49)
    Webreference: "Open Source CMSes are the latest rage it seems, and we've tried out dozens. One that stands out above the rest for small businesses and personal networks is the Elgg open source "social engine," which can be used to create social applications."

  • Goodbye KDE, Hello XFCE (2010-01-28 01:34:49)
    Doug in Real Time: "This past weekend I uninstalled KDE4 from my Desktop. When I first started playing around with Linux, my first desktop was KDE 1.something. Even though it didn't have the polish of Windows, I could see that it had a lot of potential."

  • Meetings, Minutes, and Mootbot (2010-01-28 00:04:49)
    Ubuntu User: "I found out the #ubuntu-meeting Channel on Freenode uses mootbot. This great little bot that makes keeping track of action items and gathering meeting minutes/notes really easy."