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Linux News for Jan 29, 2010

  • Installation of OpenSIPS 1.6 (2010-01-29 23:33:09)
    Packt: "It is very important to install OpenSIPS correctly from the source code. It can be installed much faster from the Debian packages or using the apt-get utility. However, installation from the source code is much more flexible as it allows you to select the modules to be compiled."

  • How to Find and Clean up Duplicate Files in Ubuntu Linux (2010-01-29 23:03:09)
    Tech Source: "If you are like me who have accumulated thousands of audio, movies, and other files over the years, it is not unusual to have tons and tons of duplicate contents that are scattered throughout the hard drive."

  • Google wants to see client addresses in DNS queries (2010-01-29 22:33:09)
    ars Technica: "Late Wednesday evening, Google employees posted an "Internet-Draft" outlining proposed changes to the DNS protocol that allow authoritative DNS servers to see the addresses of clients."

  • Introducing TermBuilder - a Linux command line generator (2010-01-29 22:03:09)
    TuxRadar: "This is TermBuilder, an easy-to-use script that helps newbies form Linux terminal commands by selecting from options in their web browser. To get started, all you have to do is select one of the command options from the selection box below, and click Add."

  • Signage computer sports 46-inch display (2010-01-29 21:33:09)
    LinuxDevices: "Axiomtek announced a digital signage computer that includes a 46-inch display and a choice of Celeron or Core 2 Duo processors. The DSA-146 features a removable CPU board, an optional motion detection sensor, a Mini PCI Express expansion slot, 1GB of DDR3 RAM..."

  • Ubuntu 8.04.4 LTS Is Available for Download (2010-01-29 21:03:09)
    Softpedia: "Dear Ubuntu 8.04 users, Steve Langasek announced a few minutes ago the fourth maintenance release of the Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (Hardy Heron) operating system, which (in case you forgot) is supported with maintenance updates and security fixes until April 2011 on desktops, and April 2013 on servers."

  • Computing, Even in Linux, is All About Failure (2010-01-29 20:33:09)
    Linux Planet: "Hardware failures, power failures, and most of all, storage media failures. Ever notice how fragile digital storage media are? Are we ever going to get digital storage media that can match plain old paper, and other analog media, for reliability and longevity?"

  • Canonical copyright assignment policy 'same as others' (2010-01-29 20:03:09)
    IT Wire: "Canonical chief executive Mark Shuttleworth has called for an uniform copyright assignment policy for contributors to free and open source software projects."

  • As the GPL fades � (2010-01-29 19:33:09)
    451 CAOS Theory: "We're continuing to see signs that the dominant GPL open source license may be fading from favor among commercial open source software players."

  • KDE to Appear at SCALE 8x (2010-01-29 19:03:09)
    KDE.news: "Looking to help the KDE community and living in Southern California? Then this is a great opportunity for you! The Southern California Linux Expo will be in town February 20-21, 2010, at the Westin Hotel near LAX. All you need to help out is to be willing and able to be there and be a user of KDE's applications, such as the Plasma Workspaces, Amarok and Koffice."

  • LCA: How to destroy your community (2010-01-29 18:33:09)
    LWN.net: "Josh Berkus is well known as a PostgreSQL hacker, but, as it happens, he also picked up some valuable experience during his stint at "The Laboratory for the Destruction of Communities," otherwise known as Sun Microsystems. That experience has been distilled into a "patented ten-step method" on how to free a project of unwelcome community involvement."

  • Stupidware (2010-01-29 18:03:09)
    Ian's Thoughts: "There are many ways to write good software but the best software begins with a good set of options. Among those options, in my opinion, should be a setting to turn off "needless, idiotic prompts that serve no purpose other than to waste our time"."

  • Data Recovery in the event of your Death (2010-01-29 17:33:09)
    Debian Tutorials: "It's a scary thought. Computers have completely usurped pencil and paper. We all store our precious family pictures and important data on our computers and some of us go the extra step of securing this data from prying eyes through encryption, obscurity or at least strong passwords."

  • Tech Comics: "Geeks and the iPad" (2010-01-29 17:18:59)
    Tech Comics: A huge suitcase filled with books?

  • MSI ready to launch iPad alternative (2010-01-29 17:03:48)
    IT World: "So we get it, a lot of you are underwhelmed by the iPad. But there's much more to the tablet world than Apple's latest creation. According to Digitimes (via Engadget), MSI's 10" tablet is coming during the second half of 2010. But will you Doubting Thomases be any happier with this offering?"

  • How-To: Install Finch 2.5.6 in Debian Lenny (2010-01-29 16:33:09)
    TuxArena: "Finch is a powerful text user interface instant messaging client based on libpurple, and it comes included in the Pidgin source, the popular GNOME IM client. Finch supports various protocols, including AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo and IRC."

  • EFF Reveals How Your Digital Fingerprint Makes You Easy to Track (2010-01-29 16:03:09)
    Monkey Bites: "Think that turning off cookies and turning on private browsing makes you invisible on the web? Think again."

  • Another Small Victory for Ubuntu Server Edition (2010-01-29 15:33:09)
    The VAR Guy: "Each day, the drumbeat for Ubuntu Server Edition is getting slightly louder. In recent weeks, a growing list of ISVs (independent software vendors) has vowed to support Canonical's Linux server operating system"

  • New Mozilla Email Is Easier to Use, But Not Easy Enough (2010-01-29 15:03:09)
    Wall Street Journal: "Now, Mozilla is trying for another win, with a new, overhauled version of the companion email program for Firefox, called Thunderbird. Unlike Firefox, Thunderbird never really caught on, partly because it was too complicated."

  • WhisperingWulf: A Silent Personal Cluster (2010-01-29 14:33:09)
    Cluster Monkey: "This project was originally started as a quest for a small and silent HTPC (Home Theater Personal Computer). We have constructed and built several of these boxes. The latest and best design can be seen further down the page in Figure One."

  • iPad Hype Hangover Follows Buzz Binge (2010-01-29 14:03:09)
    Internetnews: "The glow is starting to fade a bit following Apple's splashy unveiling of its still-to-be-shipped iPad tablet. CEO Steve Jobs took the wraps off the highly anticipated device at an event that lit up the twittersphere, blogosphere and innumerable Web sites that reported it both as breaking news and with live-blogging accounts."

  • Further control of Linux files with ACL (2010-01-29 13:33:09)
    Ghacks: "If you read my article “Get to know Linux: File permissions” you know that it’s possible, out of the box, to control who can access a file and what they can do with it. This helps to make Linux a fairly secure system. But did you know you can take even further control of that system with the help of Access Control Lists?"

  • Blade Server Reality Check (2010-01-29 13:03:09)
    Serverwatch: "Are you seriously considering, or currently deploying, blade servers in 2010? If so, I hope you've done your research and accepted their vendor lock-in and other shortcomings in addition to their marketed promises."

  • Could open source abandon the Google train? (2010-01-29 12:33:09)
    The Open Road: "As arguably the world's largest open-source company, Google has a big stake in maintaining its place at the heart of the open-source ecosystem. Recent events, however, suggest that Google can't rest on its laurels if it wants to secure the hearts and minds of open-source developers."

  • iPad Brings Mobile Computing to Enterprise (2010-01-29 12:03:09)
    Enterprise Mobile Today: "But analysts say a closer evaluation shows that we'll be seeing the iPad in the enterprise as part of the emerging mobile office."

  • Publication of Second Issue - International Free and Open Source Software Law Review (2010-01-29 10:33:09)
    IFOSSLR: "The Editorial Committee of the International Free and Open Source Software Law Review (IFOSS L. Rev.) is proud to announce the immediate availability of the publication's second issue. IFOSS L. Rev. is a peer-reviewed biannual legal review..."

  • Mandriva Brazil launches its brand new website (2010-01-29 09:03:09)
    Mandriva press release: Mandriva, Europe's leading Linux publisher, announced today the launch of its brand new website for its Brazil' subsidiary: www.mandriva.com/br

  • Mitigate the Security Risks of PHP System Command Execution (2010-01-29 07:33:09)
    PHP Builder: "Hopefully, you understand how important it is to thoroughly validate all user input accepted through a web form; after all, if you neglect this task, your data could be stolen or damaged via a SQL injection attack, or your users could be spoofed via a cross-site scripting attack."

  • Privacy Bill Nears Introduction in House (2010-01-29 06:03:09)
    eSecurityPlanet: "The House Democrat heading up the push for legislation that would set new online privacy safeguards that could dramatically reshape Internet marketing said he plans to introduce the bill shortly, with several Republicans likely signed on as co-sponsors."

  • New Qt Training Courses, KD Tools 2.2 Released, Steven Kelly Interviewe (2010-01-29 05:33:00)
    LinuxPR KDAB, the Qt Experts have issued a new release of the Qt Addon collection KD Tools. This release goes along with a significant extension of KDAB's training course offering, now including in-depth trainings and more advanced topics.

  • Ubuntu: More Bugs than Ever? (2010-01-29 04:33:09)
    cheesemedia: "If you’re a frequent Ubuntu user chances are you’ve heard of people suggesting that Ubuntu has gotten decidedly buggy and broken, with even The Register commenting on the lack of polish in Ubuntu 9.10."

  • Tagging the Noosphere (2010-01-29 03:03:09)
    Standards Blog: "With the advent of the Internet and the Web, though, de Chardin's noosphere seemed to have become real rather than abstract. With so much accessible so easily to so many, the philosopher's vision of the noosphere as the foundation for the next evolutionary step of the cosmos seemed plausible..."

  • Labels with PostScript::MailLabels Getting Started (2010-01-29 01:33:09)
    Worldlabel: "Alan Jackson’s PostScript::MailLabels is a Perl utility to automate production of high-quality label layouts. it is designed to be useful to Perl scripters, who can easily incorporate high-quality PostScript output into their scripts, but the scripts included in the base package are, themselves, an easy-to-use set of command-line tools for label printing."

  • Alfresco to drop GPL, goes LGPL (2010-01-29 00:03:09)
    The H Open: "Alfresco has announced that it is changing the licensing of the community edition of its enterprise content management system from GPL to LGPL."