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Linux News for Feb 01, 2010

  • The Alexandria Project, Chap. 3: I just HATE it when that Happens (2010-02-01 23:33:12)
    Standards Blog: "Our story so far: Security expert Frank Adversego has been passed over to lead a major project at the Library of Congress, but discovers that the Library has been hacked by a mysterious cracker with motives unknown; now, Frank learns that he may be coming under suspicion."

  • Flash Is at Risk, But It's Not All Adobe's Fault (2010-02-01 23:03:12)
    eSecurityPlanet: "Mike Bailey, a senior security analyst with Foreground Security, is now turning the focus to how common programming bugs can enable Flash objects to attack Web sites."

  • Advice on building a Linux box (2010-02-01 22:33:12)
    Ghacks: " I get a lot of questions on Linux hardware: “What’s the best piece of hardware X for Linux?” “Should I go route A since I’m using Linux?”"

  • There's nothing wrong with being thankful (or why I say GNU/Linux) (2010-02-01 22:03:12)
    Technology FLOSS: "There's nothing wrong with saying "thank you" when someone has fulfilled one's need/wish for something... even more if the person who fulfilled it was not in any way forced to do it for us."

  • 5 Linux Speed Tips (2010-02-01 21:33:12)
    Linux Planet: "There are many ways to do the same tasks in Linux, which is a lovely thing because it means we can tailor our workflows to suit our own personal needs. Here are five of Carla Schroder's favorite speed and efficiency tips."

  • 7 of the Best Free Linux Calculators (2010-02-01 21:03:12)
    Linux Links: "the calculators featured in this article are significantly more sophisticated with the ability to process difficult mathematical functions, to plot graphs in 2D and 3D, and much more."

  • Oracle Begins Picking Its Sun A-Team (2010-02-01 20:33:41)
    Serverwatch: "Now that the Sun acquisition is a done deal, Oracle has begun picking and choosing the products that will live on and which will fade out. While CEO Larry Ellison was adamant that there would be no wholesale slaughter of products or staffing cuts, the reality is that not everything can survive or receive full Oracle investment."

  • Machine Embroidery Management is coming to Linux! (2010-02-01 20:03:41)
    blogs.lydgate.org: "I haven't updated this topic since September, but I'm very excited about the progress so far. You may remember that one develope, David Boddie, had done some work, with the result that I could build .png files to visualise my patterns within Dolphin"

  • Book Review: Web Design for Developers (2010-02-01 19:33:41)
    A Million Chimpanzees: "While there can be some overlap between web designers and web developers, they tend to define their own specific worlds. However, what if a programmer would also like to be better at design? Where does he or she go?"

  • Linux is not hard, it's ignored (2010-02-01 19:03:41)
    MyBroadband: "It's a regular complaint: Linux is too hard. But is it hard, or are there other factors at play?"

  • Porting to Qt4 and its model view concept - testers needed (2010-02-01 18:33:41)
    Digikam: "During the last two months Marcel and I ported all tree views in digiKam from Qt3 to Qt4 and its model view concept. These changes are now included in the svn trunk. The new code still needs some serious testing and we would appreciate your help on this."

  • Intel, Micron Produce Smallest Flash Chips Yet (2010-02-01 18:03:41)
    Hardware Central: "In the continuing race to design the smallest silicon chips, Intel and Micron Technology have struck again. The duo, partners in flash development, were the first to reach 34-nanometer-process designs for NAND flash memory and have now reached the 25-nanometer barrier."

  • gstreamer decoders (HTML5 video and H.264 patents) (2010-02-01 17:33:41)
    LWN.net: "I read through the FAQ and can't find out if Free and Open Source developers and products need to license the MPEG-LA patents for MPEG-4 Visual."

  • Defective by Design is Defective (2010-02-01 17:03:41)
    OStatic: "Once again the Defective by Design have sprung into action to denounce another product from Apple, and once again nobody really cares."

  • Ultimate-Debian-LiveCD-i686 Final (2010-02-01 16:33:41)
    Softpedia: "The Ultimate Debian LiveCD! A Megagog plethora of Browsers, utilities, & rescue apps!"

  • Amateur Radio Articles and Newsletter (2010-02-01 16:03:41)
    Linux Journal: "For those that have been waiting patiently for the Amateur Radio articles from the January 2010 edition to be available on line, your wait is over! You will find a permanent link to them in the Linux Journal Virtual Ham Shack, but for your convenience, I will put them here too:"

  • When Memory Serves You: Using ramfs and tmpfs (2010-02-01 15:33:41)
    Linux Magazine: "Need a performance boost for your reads from and writes to a database or other dynamic files? A RAM-based filesystem is just what the good system doctor ordered"

  • Is Bill Gates� New Website Really Running On Linux? (2010-02-01 15:03:41)
    TechCrunch: "Sometimes tips come in that seem too good to be true. Take today, for example. I got a tip that Bill Gates' new site, The Gates Notes, was running on a Linux-powered server."

  • Microsoft on HP and Linux, 2002: oh, noes (2010-02-01 14:33:41)
    Groklaw: "One thing is clear. Microsoft was seriously concerned about Linux. And HP? Somewhat flexible, I'd say. Note the part about "the HP plan of record" to "bring a new Linux powered device into the mid-range marketplace" regarding NAS devices (network attached storage devices) and how Microsoft was able to convince them not to do that."

  • Facebook rewrites PHP runtime (2010-02-01 14:03:41)
    SD Times: "Facebook has rewritten the PHP runtime from scratch. This coming Tuesday, they will make a big announcement around this project, and will make it available as open source software."

  • KDE SC 4.4RC2 Fedora KDE preview :) (2010-02-01 13:33:41)
    Hacker's Ramblings: "So, our awesome KDE SIG and kde-redhat maintainer Rex Dieter, fixed that, and, after fixing my kickstart a few times of course (:D) we have unofficial i686 KDE 4.4 previews."

  • Hitting the Debian Lenny sweet spot (2010-02-01 13:03:41)
    Click: "During much of the time I was running Ubuntu, I told myself that I'd be running Debian instead, if only I could get everything working."

  • The real value of FOSS to business – A personal example (2010-02-01 12:33:41)
    My GNU/Linux: "I am going to tell a story just to give an understanding of the real value of FOSS in business."

  • Tether your Android phone to your Linux laptop (2010-02-01 12:03:41)
    Ghacks: "In this tutorial you will see how simple it is to tether your Android phone to your Ubuntu laptop. Ha! Got ya. There's nothing to install. Ubuntu and Android come with everything you need to pull this off."

  • Ubuntu 9.10 brings polish but may demand tinkering (2010-02-01 08:03:41)
    Washington Post: "A few months ago, a widely used operating system received a major upgrade -- and Microsoft and Apple had nothing to do with it. This upgrade came from the developers responsible for one of the most popular versions of the open-source Linux operating system Ubuntu."

  • When is it worth saying it's Linux? (2010-02-01 04:03:41)
    The H Open: "Recently, I was showing a Motorola Milestone phone to a non-technical friend. When I mentioned that the phone was running Android, he said to me "Oh, thats the Google Linux for phones isn't it... does it run OpenOffice?"."

  • Internet Blackout: The final verdict (2010-02-01 00:03:41)
    ZDNet AU: "The Great Australian Internet Blackout campaign against mandatory ISP-level filtering has attracted twice as many websites to its cause as had pledged before it began."