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Linux News for May 27, 2010

  • Humble Indie Bundle Shows GNU/Linux Gaming Statistics (2010-05-27 23:34:50)
    Inatux: "Games have become the topic of late. Osmos developers wonder whether there is enough market share for GNU+Linux game ports to be worth the cost, but they aren't the only ones. It's been discussed time and time again, is a GNU+Linux -- or really any Unix or Unix-like -- port worth it?"

  • Fedora 13 in detail (2010-05-27 23:04:50)
    The H Open: "Known as "Goddard", Fedora 13 not only boasts a current software selection and a modernised design, it also offers an extensive range of technological improvements."

  • The developer obsession with code names, 114 interesting examples (2010-05-27 22:34:50)
    Royal Pingdom: "So what kind of code names are developers out there coming up with? Here is a collection of code names for software products from companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple, Canonical, Red Hat, Adobe, Mozilla, Automattic and more."

  • Ubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04 can read your iPhone's secrets (2010-05-27 22:04:50)
    ZDNet: "Do you have a PIN code on your iPhone? Well, while that might protect you from someone making a call or fiddling with your apps, it doesn't prevent access to your data … as long as the person doing the snooping around is using Ubuntu "Lucid Lynx" 10.04."

  • Busting (or Trusting) Wi-Fi Security Myths (2010-05-27 21:34:50)
    eSecurity Planet: "Some might think WPA encryption is cracked, while others say it's secure. Here we look at each myth and tell you whether it's verified--or busted."

  • Ubuntu Control Center (ucc) - Simple tool for ubuntu administration (2010-05-27 21:04:50)
    Ubuntu Geek: "Ubuntu Control Center or UCC is an application inspired by Mandriva Control Center and aims to centralize and organize in a simple and intuitive form the main configuration tools for Ubuntu distribution."

  • Open source movie recommendation engine from Filmaster.com (2010-05-27 20:34:50)
    Polish Linux: "Filmaster.com, a social network for film lovers, has recently presented a new movie recommendations engine. The algorithm that generates recommendations is open source and has been released under AGPLv3 license."

  • Dynamic Open Source Languages Head to the Cloud (2010-05-27 20:04:50)
    Developer.com: "The cloud isn't just for network administrators looking for scale, it's also a key development area for developers building applications with open source dynamic languages."

  • Pandora Open Source, Linux-based Handheld Game Console Now Shipping (2010-05-27 19:34:50)
    Tech Source: "Pandora, the Linux-based handheld game console that is aimed to take advantage of free and open source software is finally shipping."

  • CouchDB Moves to the Cloud With Couchio (2010-05-27 19:04:50)
    Database Journal: "According to its motto, the underlying premise behind the open source CouchDB NoSQL database is about helping developers "relax" -- chiefly by providing them with a simple, powerful database alternative."

  • Szulik to step down as Red Hat chairman (2010-05-27 18:34:50)
    Triangle Business Journal: "Matthew Szulik, chairman of Red Hat's board of directors, is stepping down in August after his term expires"

  • Fedora 13 released with open 3D drivers and Python 3 stack (2010-05-27 18:04:50)
    ars Technica: "The developers behind the popular Fedora Linux distribution announced on Tuesday the official release of version 13, codenamed Goddard. It brings some important platform improvements and several new desktop applications."

  • From Obsolete Servers to Private Cloud in 3 Easy Steps (2010-05-27 17:34:50)
    Serverwatch: "Our plan was to build a private cloud, for free, using open source operating systems and virtualization. Even with no money, we still had projects on the table that had to be done. We called our experiment, 'Nebulous,' named after the cloud. The end result was better than we had imagined."

  • Making Movies in Linux with Kdenlive, part 2 (2010-05-27 17:04:50)
    Linux Planet: "In part one we made a basic movie with kdenlive. Pretty easy! But we can make a better movie by adding some effects, so Akkana Peck shows us how to add transitions between scenes, music and titles"

  • Why and how the OpenDocument format can save you a lot of time! (2010-05-27 16:34:50)
    Zona-M: "However, there is also one more reason why ODF is great for everybody who must produce a lot of office documents, one that will be the subjects of many posts on this website: ODF is really simple to generate or edit automatically."

  • Google? Facebook? Who Do You Trust? (2010-05-27 16:04:50)
    Datamation: "May 31 is "Quit Facebook Day." Some users are outraged over new privacy policies that made sharing all personal content the default. The company "rolled out a simplified version of its privacy controls today, a single page where users can set who sees what."

  • Sphinx As MySQL Storage Engine (SphinxSE) (2010-05-27 15:34:50)
    Howtoforge: "SphinX is a great full-text search engine for MySQL. Installing the Sphinx daemon was straightforward as you can compile it from the source or use a .DEB/.RPM package but SphinxSE was a little bit tricky since it needed to be installed as a plugin on a running MySQL server."

  • More about the App Store GPL Enforcement (2010-05-27 15:04:50)
    FSF.org: "Apple has removed GNU Go from the App Store, continuing their longstanding habit of preventing users from doing anything that Apple doesn't want them to do."

  • Washing the windows myths. Ease of use. (2010-05-27 14:34:50)
    Technology & Life Integration: "Linux is only for geeks. Windows is easy to use. Linux is hard. You have to use the command line under Linux. You never need to use the console under windows. Sooner or later you will be forced to use the console in Linux."

  • Wine 1.2-rc1 Released (2010-05-27 14:04:50)
    Wine-Reviews: "The Wine development release 1.2-rc1 is now available. The source is available now, Binary packages are in the process of being built, and will appear soon at their respective download locations."
    Link fixed --ed.

  • Open source 3D printers abound at Maker Faire (2010-05-27 13:34:50)
    Techworld: "Two exhibitors at the event last weekend showed off open source 3D printers that can build objects based on your instructions, another one introduced 3D design software."

  • Canonical, Ubuntu: We're More Than Mark Shuttleworth (2010-05-27 13:04:50)
    The VAR Guy: "Amid heightened competition in the Linux market, Canonical — the promoter of Ubuntu Linux — is growing up and pushing beyond the massive shadow of founder Mark Shuttleworth"

  • Building an Image Slideshow using Scripty2 (2010-05-27 12:34:50)
    Packt: "In our previous Scripty2 article, we saw the basics of the Scripty2 library, we saw the UI elements available, the fx transitions and some effects. We even build an small example of a image slide effect."

  • 4.1.7. Shotwell replaces Gthumb and F-Spot as default photo organizer (2010-05-27 12:04:50)
    Fedora Documentation: "Shotwell is a free and open source photo organizer designed for the GNOME desktop environment and has replaced Gthumb and F-Spot by default in Fedora 13."

  • 8 of the Best Free Linux Video Editors (2010-05-27 10:34:50)
    LinuxLinks: "To provide an insight into the quality of software that is available, we have compiled a list of 8 excellent video editors. Hopefully, there will be something of interest for anyone interested in editing motion video footage."

  • mobile hsdpa/wifi router powered by Linux (2010-05-27 09:04:50)
    Handle with Linux: "If you need wireless internet access on your boat, car, helicopter or while hiking, this may be the solution you are looking for. A Linux powered device sharing mobile broadband EVDO/HSDPA on a wifi router"

  • Firefox, Chrome, Safari have finally killed Internet Explorer (2010-05-27 07:34:50)
    Free Software Magazine: "The war is over: Internet Explorer lost. Everybody else won."

  • Slackware Release Announcement: 13.1 (2010-05-27 06:04:50)
    Slackware: "Yes, it's that time again! After many months of development and careful testing, we are proud to announce the release of Slackware version 13.1!"

  • Fedora 13 Lightscribe labels (2010-05-27 04:34:50)
    Máirín Duffy: "Nelson Marques and James Findley (siXy) have put together a set of LightScribe disc labels for Fedora 13."

  • Top 5 Free Linux Distributions for Desktop Computing in 2010 (2010-05-27 03:04:50)
    Simple Thoughts: "According to Nick Carr, marketing director of Red Hat, Linux desktop has developed very rapidly over the past few years. Even from the technology viewpoint the Linux desktop is well developed, feature rich and mature."

  • Why not try OpenSuSE 11.2 (2010-05-27 01:34:50)
    Ghacks: "OpenSuSE 11.2 has a number of nice features and update, although you may find some of the included applications a bit behind. For example, the included GNOME in 11.2 is 2.28, whereas Ubuntu 10.04 released with GNOME 2.3. Of course OpenSuSE is due for an update itself."

  • Top 10 Android 2.2 Features Developers Can't Wait to Use (2010-05-27 00:04:50)
    Developer.com: "After attending the Google I/O conference and witnessing the Froyo announcement, here are the top ten features (in no particular order) that we think developers cannot wait to get their hands on."